Animals are strictly forbidden at Andi and her little brother Bruce’s foster home. But for Friday, the adorable dog they secretly care for, they’re ready to risk everything. They finally find him an ideal shelter, a huge abandoned hotel that Bruce transforms thanks to his engineering genius. In what has become an incredible paradise for dogs, Friday is soon joined by all kinds of furry friends, so many in fact that their barks alert the neighbors…and the local pound, who can’t understand the disappearance of all the stray dogs. Andi and Bruce will have to call on all their friends and all their imagination to stop the hotel’s secret from being discovered.

Also Known As: Hotel za pse, Kutyaszálló, Beyt malon lihlavim, Отель для собак, Готель для собак, Hotel para Cães, Hotel Bau, Das Hundehotel, Hotel para perros, Хотел за кучета, Hundehotellet, Xenodoheio gia skylous, Šunu viešbutis, Um Hotel Bom pra Cachorro, Koirahotelli, Köpek oteli, HondenHotel, Hundpensionatet, Koerte hotell, Hotel pro psy Czech, Hotel dla psów, Hotel pentru catei, Hotel for Dogs, Palace pour chiens

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