In 1419 Sitamgarh, 3 couples are parted away due to an evil conspiracy. 600 hundred years later in 2019 in London, the couples’s reincarnations meet again but this time each one of them is marrying the wrong person. How they come to realize about their true love is what forms the crux of the story.

Also Known As: Housefull 4

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  • india-nilesh
    India nilesh

    Good movie and best but how foreign ll understand the jokes because jokes always like in Hindi not in dubbed english

  • lucas-chambers
    lucas chambers

    Housfull 4 is torture in the name of comedy Directions dull Screenplay dull Acting dull Only Ritesh performance was good Akshay Kumar did irritating overacting If you want headache than watch this, and if you don’t want better to skip… And watch rather than Saand ki Aankh

  • yangjihye

    I got nothing new from this movie. Same old kind of bad jokes and all…Really don’t want to talk about this movie cause it’s bad.😑

  • catherine-summers
    catherine summers

    It’s doesn’t touch height of Comedy, a commenn comedy that we already watch in old films ,that VFX shown in trailer , not available in movie… Akshay made patriotism movie good.. Happy diwali to all

  • zachary-walker
    zachary walker

    Totally waste of time. Previous all 3 movies were much better than this latest version. No fresh punchline. Pathetic screenplay and dailogue.

  • evan-norman
    evan norman

    Really to be honest, This movie is tortured and waste of money and time. Just you have vacation and you are thinking to go to watch movie. I suggest you better go somewhere else wastage of completely 3hrs.

  • maria-vitoria-aragao
    maria vitoria aragao

    This wii happen when two directors direct the movie. This time Akshay choose bad script. Only Diwali can save this movie

  • paul-andrews
    paul andrews

    It’s the worst movie of India cinema both in terms of content and acting. That’s what happens when several C grade actors act in a movie. Don’t ever dare to watch this crap

  • anneli-takala
    anneli takala

    When we sat down entire theatre was shouting at nonsense jokes, cringy dialogues, it kinda feels like we are going back into the 90’s era. The film itself doesn’t offer you anything new, trailer does show that it has that medieval touch which was unique and turned out that the creators fail to execute it properly. Songs and music was rubbish. Don’t go, it was a peer pressure that brought me to the theatre. Save your money. Or donate it to the poors and make their diwali.

  • tove-aasen
    tove aasen

    Housefull 4 is is a full of rubbish. The movie has a nothing new to offer to audience. I felt cheated after watching this. I am sorry for Akshay Kumar. Please watch some other movie as it will ruin your Diwali in this festive season.

  • koroleva-uliana-eldarovna
    koroleva uliana eldarovna

    Humshakals 2 in the name of housefull4 Don’t waste your money and time,save your time and Money to celebrate Diwali festival with family…

  • sindre-haug
    sindre haug

    Worst movie of the year. Forceful comedy , acting of akshay kumar is still good but others are totally crap. Don’t waste ur money and time on this movie . I suggest u don’t watch this movie, if u want some relaxing time and some sleep then u can go and sleep in theatre.

  • jon-thomas
    jon thomas

    They have tried to everything to make this film funny, but the sad reality is they failed totally.. It is an terrible and totally waste of money Watch it at your own risk

  • katie-sanders
    katie sanders

    Nothing new rubich comedy the first one was good but this one no

  • suze-van-der-spaendonc
    suze van der spaendonc

    Perfect example of how to waste time and money… A typical Akshay Kumar movie with his overacting..

  • valentina-erchenko
    valentina erchenko

    I always love akki as a comedy actor but this is a crap , it’s another Teesmarkhan or joker.

  • earl-washington
    earl washington

    Don’t even watch it for free you will go in depression by watching it.

  • aurelia-nita
    aurelia nita

    Watched Housefull 4 with lots of expectations from this franchise but it’s let down my hope. Total overacting by starcast, idiotic dialogues and mismatching of storyline, maybe because of two directors film. It’s headache to watch out.

  • mihhail-sidorov
    mihhail sidorov

    Faisaco movie total disappointment no story forcefully comedy not comedy punchlines at all not at all entertaining totally waste of time even housefull 1 & 2 were better then these

  • prnnv-arodddhaa
    prnnv arodddhaa

    Worst movie ever I have seen!! Total Time waste!! Money waste!! Tatti!! No laughter!!

  • dr-engin-mende-mba
    dr engin mende mba

    Akshay Is Doing So Hard Itself , But All The Co Stars Is Doing Their ;P , Director Sajid Again Gives A Biggest Disaster Of The Decade , Then Hamshakal , Himmatwalan, Now Houseful 4 😂😂

  • stine-svendsen
    stine svendsen

    Total Garbage No Story No Fun No Laughter Nothing 2 nd a half of Hours of pure Crap I want my Money Back now

  • saso-sustar
    saso sustar

    Nothing new old story Housfull 1 was epic second was very good and third part was not that good as the previous and now this is going to be epic disaster because of grand budget , bad story and specially becasue of Bobby

  • esperanza-pascual-sales
    esperanza pascual sales

    The movie is consistent throughout the runtime, consistently boring!! All those predictable and unfunny jokes with female cast being there just for glamour sake. Same old thing that has been there in this sort of senseless bollywood movies. Even if we consider the fact that this sort of movies have no room for logic and common sense, it should at least for a reasonable amount of runtime make people laugh. Dialogues like “Tatti chatle” and “mere upar hagdo” are used with the intent to make audience laugh. It’s really ridiculous seeing these sort of movies are made wasting huge amount of budget. It’s really time the audience boycott this sort of senseless movies in order to better the level of bollywood movies in future.

  • roan-de-wit
    roan de wit

    Housefull 4 is a UNBEARABLE and TORTURE experience..Time Money and ofcourse Diwali festival ruined.. Nothing is worth appreciating.. Skip this movie even If someone offers for free.

  • baios-todores
    baios todores

    Beware of fake reviews. Beware of fake one sentence reviews.I don’t care how much money they make, or how many cameos they have, these sorry ass excuses for films are taking away jobs from actors, writers, and directors that truly deserve the attention. These movies r a bad influence on our young generation. Such kinda pathetic films n shameless actors once and for all proves that personal, creative, financial and moral integrity are nonexistent within today’s Bollywood studio system. There simply is no other valid explanation for its (such deplorable films) existence, or the continued hiring of talentless fellas.The plot is basically a recycling of stale elements which serves merely as an excuse to propel cartoonish leads through unbearable scenes.