Inspired by the viral New York Magazine article, Hustlers follows a crew of savvy former strip club employees who band together to turn the tables on their Wall Street clients.::STXfilms

Also Known As: Prevarantkinje sa Vol Strita, Prevarantke, Estafadoras de Wall Street, Hustlers, Zlatokopky Czech, As Golpistas, Arnaque en talons, Да свалиш Уолстрийт, Queens, Slicznotki, Стриптизёрши, Ousadas e Golpistas, Prevarantke na Wall Streetu, Шахрайки з Волл-стрiт, The Hustlers at Scores, Nokhlot bli Kheshbon, A Wall Street pillangói

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  • kaiii

    I really Love this movie

  • hi

    i can’t see the movie

  • jdg

    yaall somee major haters!!!!!!!! bc if you dont like it then it dont mean everybody eles has to like it.

  • conci

    great movie!!

  • hi

    i doesnt work its stuck on loading

    • reagan-hoe
      Reagan hoe.

      Ong !!! Y’all needa fix this cause I’m dying to watch it 😌💗

  • mel

    How do I change the random photo it posts? Bc that’s not my pic

  • mel

    Great movie!

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  • anonymous

    this aint it

  • maddison1092948758375938

    Ya’ll are fucking stupid. This movie is the shit!

    • cherif

      Hi Maddison, can I recommend other movies for you?

  • susie

    Why isn’t it loading every movie is loading except this one

    • jerri

      Thanks I’m not the only one📢📢📢

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        It works now!!

    • anonymous

      I’m having the same problem. Anyone else know why??

  • barry-simmons
    barry simmons

    Utterly trash. It’s sad what film has come to these days.

  • cecco-de-luca
    cecco de luca

    Surely some of these comments are paid for comments.No way anyone found this good. JLo is a fraud on the musical circuit and just as bad in movies. Why, or how, she still gets roles is beyond me. She just can’t act. But the world gives everything to people who have nothing (no talent, no gifts, no creativity), who leech off people with actual talent.

    • mel

      Look at you being so salty for no reason!

  • zacarias-dario-mayorga
    zacarias dario mayorga

    Watched until the end, but it was absolutely stupid. The whole focus was on Wall Street like tech guys and other professionals don’t have money either. Thankfully, at least they didn’t try to make the girls seem like they were smarter than they had any right to be. Many of the arguments and rationalizations were absolutely eye-rolling stuff. It’s depressing to see characters walk out with handfuls of cash and then have to work at Old Navy. Like, what did you do with your money? Stuff doesn’t add up. If I made money like that, I could retire!If a high school degree was an accomplishment for you to earn, this movie will be right up your alley. Otherwise, skip!

  • floarea-ionescu
    floarea ionescu

    Surprised that the theater wasn’t filled with teenage boys…i guess even they thought it was too sophomoric.

  • mikolaj-pal
    mikolaj pal

    Once again rotten tomatoes is full of sucktards who call themselves movie critics but it is painfully obvious that they themselves have no idea what they’re watching. This movie was trash.

  • ellen-evensen
    ellen evensen

    Man. I went into this movie thinking that it was gonna be a heaping pile. I was wrong. This is the story about a group of strippers who don’t agree with the work that Wall Street is doing and that there stealing peoples money, so they take it into there own hands by “Hustling” people and stealing there money by drugging them. This movie explains how hard it really is to get a job out in the world, they show the characters trying to find work but fails and then goes back to stripping for a living. This was a sad movie, and it was just heart breaking at some parts. Just like. Think of your worst day ever. And then just keep adding worst things to it. That’s what these people feel. Heart break is the key aspect of this movie. And also stripping. The one thing I didn’t like about it was that they put Cardi B in it. The only reason I could see them doing that is because she used to be a stripper before she became a rapper. I just thought her acting was bland. Good for Cardi but bad for acting. Over all this movie was honestly really good, I had a blast watching it with my friend.

  • alexander-ruus
    alexander ruus

    Where are all the actors that they used to sell tickets?? Basically it’s just jLo and Wu, the rest (cardio B, Lizzo, Lili Rinhart) are just glorified extras. Total manipulation. Also, movie goes NOWHERE!!! WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT

  • filipe-reis
    filipe reis

    I saw the trailer online and i was so excited to watch, i even offered my friends tickets to come watch it with me. It was freaking awful. A waste of time and money. save your money guys.

  • nancy-williams
    nancy williams

    Review is in the title. Trash trash trash, Jlo needs to stay in her music lane, her acting is like a parody of someone being bad at acting, that’s how bad.

  • miguel-alves
    miguel alves

    I can’t get over the fact that this is based on a true story. Like this is not how people should act. You shouldn’t play fire with fire. More violence with more violence. How are we going to get ahead in society if we just make the same damn mistakes as the past. Nice to see Julia Stiles in a theatrical movie though! Only reason why I gave it a 2! I wish Julia was in more stuff other than this trash!

  • andrew-harvey
    andrew harvey

    Isn’t weird whenever there is such a large discrepancy between the critics who give high praise and the audience gives low praise??? Almost as if the critics are simply watching based on an agenda instead of actually watching the movie for itself.

  • antonin-novak
    antonin novak

    How can people say that J-lo deserves an Oscar for her performance in this? A film about strippers manipulating men into giving them more money, I mean when we have actors such as RDJ and his exceptional performance in the MCU and never been nominated for an Oscar for his role as iron man and brad Pitt and Leo dicaprio masterpiece performances in once upon a time in Hollywood and that hasn’t even been recognised, this film is awful.

  • raimo-saari
    raimo saari

    We went to this movie with another couple and they are huge jlo fans. Half way thru a handful of people walked out and I wish I could have gone with them but stayed with our company. Even from a guys perspective the move was no good. The movie had its ups but way more downs. The main characters did do a good job but overall they could have hacked off an half hour

  • richard-marechal
    richard marechal

    This movie was once again proof that JLO should stick to music. Nothing about it was entertaining and the characters were shallow. They really hyped it up beforehand to make it seem really exciting. It wasn’t. Anyone on here say her acting was “10/10”, has to be from her team. Acting has yet to be a skill for her. She tries too hard.

  • turins-mikelis
    turins mikelis

    The best part are the previews. People were walking out of the theatre.

  • nikiforov-ernest-feoktistovich
    nikiforov ernest feoktistovich

    Tired boring tropes we’ve seen in every “all female cast” film since the 70’s. Men bad, women strong… seriously man… booooring! These man hating thots are so invested in a divided society it’s laughable. They truly think they are still relevant. This might have been cool and different in the 90’s, now it’s just pathetic. Get over yourselves Hollywood. We don’t care about you, you are dancing clowns meant to entertain us.

    • jdg

      i see that you a womanzier. and that not a good look. they are exotic dancers NOT THOTS

  • janina-celms
    janina celms

    This movie straight up hates men but portrays it as a good thing. There’s not a single remotely sympathetic man in the movie and they are portrayed as exclusively negative and deserving of whatever happens to them and any horrible thing a woman does is totally justified if it’s only a man who suffers for it.Movies made for men always portray women as attractive and desirable and positive forces in the story but movies made ‘by women, for women’ always have to have all the men negatively.

  • aramazd-nersesyan
    aramazd nersesyan

    This “F” flick is not a way to empower urban women. This poorly-made cultural horror is basically a bunch of criminals trying to achieve not equality – but childish superiority over the men they feel have oppressed them. The women are not actresses, but child-clowns, who purport to rule the world criminally just because they can afford implants with prostitution money. This is sad. Women should not be empowered by becoming better *criminals* than the men they loathe. Plenty of other classy women out there, liberal and conservative, who can empower urban youth. This purported movie fails in every respect, a resounding “F” from me. J Lo should become a grandma and stop entertaining.QED.

  • nicoline-mathiasen-norgaard
    nicoline mathiasen norgaard

    Given that I read the article written by Jessica Pressler and seen the 20/20 The Hustler documentary, the movie left me unfilled. By any means not saying what these women did was right but three women hustling rich Wall Street men out of their money was fascinating but the way this movie was told was too hollywood. Here’s what I thought was missing and didn’t make sense. The 20/20 documentary gave me more insight than the movie. I had more respect for these women. They were like the wolf on Wall Street, three women hustling Wall Street men out of their credit cards. But watching the movie I didn’t see that. There were good laughs here and there but I walked away without a complete story. This movie had too many big names and wasn’t focusing on the storytelling. If this film had did more research and took more time, this could have been bigger than wolf on Wall Street. Their story was in a continuous loop of the crime rather than getting to the root of why it really started in the first place. Working at gentleman’s club is not all glamours and these women don’t go after their money because of the stock market crash. This film did not have a lot substance for me to want to see again. Second movie JLo has produce that I was disappointed.

  • dr-nagy-marta-rozalia
    dr nagy marta rozalia

    A friend and I got free tix to this and thought it would be good for a hate watch. It wasn’t. Too boring for that. And how much is Lopez paying her PR team to float the Oscar rumor? She can’t even act in the trailer! Trashy movie and not in a “Showgirls” fun to make fun of kinda way. Just trash. Save your time and money.

  • anthony-dickson-stace
    anthony dickson stace

    I feel as though I’m in an alternate Universe, reading some of these positive reviews 😳 To begin with, this film is BORING!!!! The story has zero arc, or dramatic conflict! J-Lo is ok, but has so little to work with as far as script, in trying to create a character with any depth. Constance Wu (who was great in “Crazy Rich Asians”) is absolutely dreadful here! (Seems like she never acted before) 😔 I almost fell asleep, but unfortunately wasn’t tired enough. 😫 I kept waiting for a point to emerge, but it never came! Was with my wife, which precluded my walking out of the theatre, so I sat it out to the end. Afterwards, I felt violated, as I couldn’t believe that someone thought this was a story worth telling! Don’t get me wrong, I think in more able hands, a good film could be made of this source material, but this ladies and gentleman…..ain’t it! 🤕 Seriously Awful, and to anyone employing one of these “critics” who have put a positive spin on this garbage, I say…I believe a drug test is definitely in order!

    • jdg

      yaall somee major haters!!!!!!!! bc if you dont like it then it dont mean everybody eles has to like it.

  • brooke-martin
    brooke martin

    If you are a big Jennifer Lopez fan who sees every movie she’s in, this is a movie that you’ll want to see. If you like movies in which the majority of the scenes are set in strip clubs, this is your kind of movie. If you like movies about shallow, unlikable characters who spend most of their time at work suggestively posing and dancing for customers and most of their time away from work drinking, partying, and laughing about the money they’ve stolen, by all means go see this movie. Otherwise, don’t waste your time.

  • nagy-meszaros-gyongyi
    nagy meszaros gyongyi

    Where was the part where they gave the money to the poor?Imagine a movie about a ring of ugly men who drugged older women, stole their credit cards and then blackmailed them into keeping quiet. But these criminals were women so it’s a Girlpower movie, right? Oh, and don’t call them strippers, they’re “exotic dancers” because pretending to have sex while music plays is a rare and refined talent. Let’s call drug dealers “pharmaceutical reps,” too.What’s sad is that the professional critics are praising this to the skies while on the same opening day, panning a beautiful movie about friendship, grief and guilt, “The Goldfinch,” based on a Pulitzer novel. This movie is based on a newspaper article about a seedy group of prostitutes and they just love it.

  • nicholas-maldonado
    nicholas maldonado

    The only Hustle is that of the critic’s reviews persuading audiences this is a film worth watching. Very poor, disjointed. JLo’s performance was ok. I feel this is a case of critics feeling unable to criticise this post Harvey Weinstein female ensemble. Do yourself a favour and watch Ocean’s 8 instead.

  • rocio-matias
    rocio matias

    My primary thought is that I’m happy someone made a film that shines a spotlight on a very serious problem currently becoming more common amongst sex workers. As a sex worker myself, I am exposed to the perspectives and activities of a wide array of sex workers on a daily basis. I have observed an increasing amount of sex workers who feel validated in their decisions to become con-artists, bragging proudly about robbing their own clients. While I’m happy that this is starting to be discussed in the mainstream media, that doesn’t mean it’s a pleasant thing to observe. It’s tragic that in an era when sex work does seem to be getting to a place where it’s more openly accepted, we have unabashed behavior like this which is going to make people second guess any progress we may have established thus far – it’s heavily counterproductive. Overall, the movie mostly just made me feel frustrated, sad, and worried for the future – but it was the correlation to reality that I couldn’t get off of my mind. I wasn’t very enveloped in the world of the film itself – mostly just reminded of my worries regarding the industry and the way it’s pupils and society will carry on being effected by on another from here on out.As a film alone, it was okay. The performances were sufficient but nothing that stood out, which is more a result of the writing. Uninteresting characters caught up in uninteresting events. Overall, the plot FEELS like it should be entertaining, but the movie is a bit redundant – once you get into the thick of it, you’re basically watching a repetitive cycle with not much movement to it. And as it goes on, you kind of like the characters less and less, with no real conflicting energies – so it kind of just gets worse as it goes. The movie could have use some cutting – there’s not enough depth or complexity to it to validate a nearly 2 hour run time, unfortunately.The movie did have a handful of very amusing moments, but it was not enough to redeem the thing as a whole. It’s not a bad movie, but it’s also not a good movie…