When two teenagers make prank phone calls to strangers, they become the target for terror when they whisper “I Saw What You Did, And I Know Who You Are!” to psychopath Steve Marek who has just murdered his wife. But somebody else knows of the terrible crime that was committed that night, the killer’s desperately amorous neighbor Amy Nelson.

Also Known As: O Telefone Fatal, Gli occhi degli altri, Le tueur est parmi nous, Я видел, что ты делал Soviet, Láttam, mit tettél és tudom, ki vagy!, Tuer n'est pas jouer, Se eida pou tin skotoses, I Saw What You Did, Morderen tager telefonen, Broma Macabra, Es geschah um 8 Uhr 30, Jugando con la muerte, Eu Vi que Foi Você, Broma macabra Costa, Signal till mördaren, Näin mitä teit, I Saw What You Did and I Know Who You Are!, Es geschah um 8 Uhr 30 West, Broma macabra, Ne Yaptigini Gördüm

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