Scrat’s epic pursuit of his elusive acorn catapults him outside of Earth, where he accidentally sets off a series of cosmic events that transform and threaten the planet. To save themselves from peril, Manny, Sid, Diego, and the rest of the herd leave their home and embark on a quest full of thrills and spills, highs and lows, laughter and adventure while traveling to exotic new lands and encountering a host of colorful new characters.

Also Known As: L'âge de glace: Les lois de l'univers, Epoka lodowcowa 5: Mocne uderzenie, La era del hielo: Choque de mundos, La era de hielo: Choque de mundos, Ledeno doba: Veliki udar, Istid: På kollisjonskurs, Jégkorszak: A nagy bumm, A Idade do Gelo: O Big Bang, A Era do Gelo: O Big Bang, Ky Bang Hà: Troi Sâp, Epoca de gheata: Ploaie de meteoriti, Ice Age: Scratattack, Epoka e Akullnajave 5: Kursi i Përplasjes, Ice Age: Törmäyskurssilla, L'ère de glace 5: Les lois de l'univers, Ice Age: El gran cataclismo, Buz Devri: Büyük Çarpisma, Ice Age: Den vildeste rejse, Ledena doba: veliki trk, Ice Age 5, Ledynmetis: susidurimas, Idan ha'kerakh: masloul hitnagshout, Ледниковый период: Столкновение неизбежно, A Era do Gelo 5, L'era glaciale - In rotta di collisione, Льодовиковий перiод: Курс на зiткнення, Η εποχή των παγετώνων: Σε τροχιά σύγκρουσης, Doba ľadová: Mamutí tresk, Ice Age - Kollision voraus!, Doba ledová: Mamutí drcnutí Czech, La era de hielo: choque de mundos, Ледена епоха: Големият сблъсък, Ice age 5: El gran cataclismo, Ice Age: Collision Course

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  • kompheakmny

    Love so much

  • anonymous

    The only thing i would change is when they doubt buck, or in instances like where buck says to stay on the path, but then changes his mind and the mammals say “but you said to stay on the path” i wish buck would say “whats rule number 1”

  • damjan-rus
    damjan rus

    Ice Age Collision course was very good, the story about a asteroid who will destroy the earth and Buck the Weasel from Ice Age 3 who help the Herd who meet the Geotopia’s creatures who need them to stop the asteroid. (8/10)The news characters are so cool and relax like Julian, Brooke and Shangri-Llama. The dinos birds family, adorable and nice like roger , funny and a little creepy like Gertie and Gavin. The returning character buck was very good but he must to makes a lots hilarious things in this film. (8/10)The music soundtracks composed by John Debney the jungle book’s composer his work is super not prodigious but super. (7/10).The humor, was good but not enough hilarious like in Ice Age 3 by examples (7/10).anyway it was a very good film animation not super but a very good. ^^ thank you for your work.

  • ineza-gabunia
    ineza gabunia

    “Ice Age: Collision Course” is easily the best of the entire franchise. And that is not only because the technology has gotten much better since the first “Ice Age” movie from 2002, but also because of the storyline and the comedy.I sat down with my seven year old son to watch “Ice Age: Collision Course” and I think we ended up being equally entertained and amused with this 2016 addition to the “Ice Age” franchise. Personally, I sat down to watch this because of Scrat, as he is just hilarious, despite him only being a supporting character.The story in “Ice Age: Collision Course” starts out with Scrat accidentally managing to trigger a cosmic event that comes to threaten Earth in his constant quest to acquire his precious acorn. With doom fast approaching it is up to the ragtag group of friends to come together with a plan how to save everything they love and hold dear.The animation style and art style is just lovable, as it has been in all of the “Ice Age” movies. But of course this becomes improved with each movie as the technology becomes better. And the level of detail and finesse the animators manage to come up with never cease to amaze me. It is visually stunning to sit through “Ice Age: Collision Course”, no doubt about it.And it is also always a treat when they get the same voice actors and actresses to return to revisit their characters, as it gives a good continuation to the characters and you easily reconnect with the characters from that recognition of a familiar voice.As for the voice acting, then they really managed to get an all-star ensemble of voice acting performers together for this movie. And aside from Scrat, whom is relatively unvoiced, then my favorite is Denis Leary as he puts a voice to Diego.”Ice Age: Collision Course” is filled with lots of laughs and really funny situations that are so nicely animated and brought to life on the screen. And it is especially great because they continue on with the type of comedy established in the first movie and seen throughout the entire franchise, but also manages to add something new to each movie.If you enjoyed the previous “Ice Age” movies, then you definitely do not want to miss out on “Ice Age: Collision Course”.

  • emilly-fernandes
    emilly fernandes

    great animation movie full of comedy and adventure Animation movies revolution is started i don’t know when but now it is also used in real movies to create some special scene who is not possible to done in real life like there is enough scene of captain America: civil war created in animation that’s cool but i don’t know why they are increasing budget to just hire some famous celebrity to give his Voice even they don’t have good voice all famous celebrity don’t have good voice except #Amrish Puri he really have a good voice that’s worth to use as #Ravan voice in Ramayana Movie but now if movie maker want they can hire some comedian who can produce anyones voice mostly i saw another matter is people just go to watch movie to just because his fav. celebrity gives voice on it like in #Jumbo movie #Akshay gives his voice and people got crazy well another matter when they provide a big popular actors voice they don’t need to do advt. anymore that’s the main benefit. well in this movie how some animals try to saving earth to a astronaut and really great adventure and i watched Hindi dubbed version it’s dialogue are too funny.

  • claudia-iborra
    claudia iborra

    This movie really improved on the previous one. It set a great bar for the humour for the foremost, as me and the audience I was with were rolling around in laughter. And that’s what really made the movie for me. It was just hilarious. The characters were still as memorable and funny as ever, the new additions were a delight and the crazy plot made it all the more perfect popcorn flick. I especially think young children ages 5 to 10 will love it, and you’d have to be a complete grump not to get even one laugh from the film when they’re throwing jokes out left, right and center. Truly just a fun film. Left me feeling happy and exhilarated after the watch. I won’t give any spoilers, just know this film had a much more complex plot than all the previous with many different story lines going on at once. I also think each character got the chance to shine in this one, which had been lacking in the previous two installments. But comedy wise, I actually think this could be smarter and funnier in it’s humour to Secret Life Of Pets, which was really funny too- but more sight gags. Take your kids to see it if you want a fun film to pass the time, and remember to make a collision at the cinema!

  • harold-dickerson
    harold dickerson

    Just watched the movie today.The movie is quite emotional at the ending and the jokes are pretty funny that makes me laughed out loud. However, I was shocked by the box office and the critical response of the movie.The movie had already in cinemas for a week but only grossed for 200 million dollars, and the critical response is quite negative, the movie have only scored ‘B+’ from the ‘A+’ to ‘F’ scale, according to Wikipedia. It is proof that the audiences have already get bored from the series as they thought that the movie makers of this series are only wanted to make more money so that they just keep on making more sequels of the movie.Until then, they have been made of total four sequels in fourteen years. I personally not a very big fan of the animation movies, but Ice Age is one of my favorite movie of all time and me childhood for unknown reason. But starting from Ice Age : Continental Drift, I felt that the series is starting to off course that it just like to make a massive money grab, which I am not very appreciate. But however, Ice Age : Collision Course gave the series a come back-to-life chance, the movie is hilarious and have some touching scenes that with a lot of ups and downs in it.This movie would sure make you have a great day at the cinema. But also, I hope that there won’t be more sequels after Ice Age : Collision Course in the future. Otherwise, the critical response would be even more worse.

  • lisa-dunlap
    lisa dunlap

    I am a great fan of Ice Age, however, THIS ONE IS THE WORSE ONE YET! I thought number 4 would be but NOOOOOOOOO, they went on and spoiled it. And what was all that bloody dancing at the end? Is this Hotel Transylvania ?!?NO, NO, NO, NO, NOOOOOOOOO!I hope this is the last movie, because this has become an abomination! They have managed to ruin one the best animated movies out there.Why you not like Shrek and know when to stop? Seriously?These are 2 hours of my life I would never be able to take back! I never comment on such things but Jesus! Are ya mad?And I do love Simon Pegg but he hi-jacked the whole! What the hell! And the moronic mammoth Julian, why did you need to steal the idea from Hotel Transylvania? ARGH!Outraged! Absolutely OUTRAGEDCheers

  • rebecca-neal
    rebecca neal

    With the release of Blue Sky Studios’ “Ice Age: Collision Course” (PG, 1:34), the “Ice Age” series of movies has become the 13th highest grossing film franchise to date and, as IMDb.com tells it, “the first computer animated theatrical franchise to feature five installments.” A closer look reveals some even more interesting facts about the franchise. Each of the previous four films got equal or lower ratings as compared to the previous film (according to Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic and CinemaScore), but each earned MORE money than its predecessor (except for the fourth one, in regards to North America). The films get ideas from each other (with the third and fifth inspired by the museum scene in the first) and also spawn spin-off short films (two of which became Oscar nominees) and television specials.Beyond all that, over the 14 years between the first film (2002’s “Ice Age”) and this fifth installment in 2016, directors have come and gone (with some overlap), with the core voice cast remaining remarkably consistent, while each film also added new characters. The original movie’s four main voice actors (Ray Romano, John Leguizamo, Denis Leary and Chris Wedge) have appeared in all five films, three others (Queen Latifah, Seann William Scott and Josh Peck) have appeared in all but the first film and over 30 voice actors (with many big names in the mix) worked on either one or two of these movies. Putting it another way, “Ice Age: Collision Course” features seven actors who have voiced characters in four or all five of the “Ice Age” movies and four others are back for seconds – and what a talented cast they form! “Ice Age: Collision Course” takes place four years after the action in the previous film – the same amount of time between the release of the films – just like the actual time and story time gaps between all the “Ice Age” films. As the fifth edition opens, the cute, accident-prone, acorn-loving saber tooth squirrel, Scrat (Wedge), finds a flying saucer encased in ice, but accidentally (in pursuit of that acorn, of course), breaks the ship free and flies it into outer space – with disastrous results for our solar system (as you may have seen in the animated short “Cosmic Scrat-tastrophe” which preceded 2015’s theatrical showings of “The Peanuts Movie”). Scrat’s misadventures in space inadvertently send a large asteroid hurtling towards earth, unbeknownst to the relatively carefree prehistoric mammals living below.The Herd (as the main characters in the franchise are called) are, for the moment, all oblivious to their impending doom and doing their best to live their lives as happily as possible. Peaches (Keke Palmer), the daughter of wooly mammoths Manny and Ellie (Romano and Latifah), is making plans for her marriage to fellow mammoth Julian (Adam DeVine). Manny is having a hard time warming up to the eager-to-please Julian (who calls his future father-in-law “Dad Bro”) and both Manny and Ellie are struggling with the idea of “losing” their only child. It also happens to be Manny and Ellie’s anniversary and Manny (who has forgotten) allows Ellie to believe that a well-timed meteor shower is his gift to her.That celestial event, however, turns out to be the opening salvo in what could mean the extinction of all life on earth. The resourceful and smarter-than-he-looks one-eyed weasel named Buck (Simon Pegg) discovers and interprets an ancient prophecy carved in stone which reveals that a huge asteroid is coming – and what previous asteroids have done to the earth. With the help of an even smarter weasel named Neil deBuck Weasel (Neil deGrasse Tyson), Buck hatches a plan that might actually save the world, but he’s going to need the help of the rest of The Herd. Besides Manny and his family, others that get involved include saber tooth tiger couple Diego (Leary) and Shira (Jennifer Lopez), lisping lovelorn ground sloth Sid (Leguizamo) and even the irreverent comical opossums Crash & Eddie (Scott and Peck).As they work to carry out their mission, The Herd makes new friends – and new enemies. Living at the location where Buck says the big asteroid is going to strike is a hippy community that includes a pretty sloth named Brooke (Jesse J), a fearless rabbit called Teddy (Michael Strahan) and a pair of “minicorns” named Bubbles and Misty (Lilly Singh), all of whom are led by a self-centered guru called Shangri Llama (Jesse Tyler Ferguson). Meanwhile, three flying dinosaurs (Nick Offerman, Stephanie Beatriz and Max Greenfield) don’t think it’s such a bad thing for all the mammals to perish (thinking that the dinosaurs will be able to simply soar above the destruction)… and Scrat is still in space… chasing that acorn.”Ice Age: Collision Course” is surprisingly entertaining – especially for the fifth installment in the franchise. The animation takes full advantage of the latest CGI technology and it looks great (although I’m not sure that it’s worth it to pay extra for the 3D glasses). The returning characters feel as fresh as ever and the new characters blend in beautifully with The Herd – not to mention that the voice cast may be one of the best assembled for a single animated feature. What’s more, this movie actually has a plot! The film’s story, themes, script and jokes are likely to entertain kids and adults alike. “Ice Age: Collision Course” is very amusing – and fun for the whole family! “A-“

  • g-n-bolshakov-kirill-andreevich
    g n bolshakov kirill andreevich

    Ice age franchise was one of the best animated film there is. I don’t See why some butt-hurts and nit-picks have a problem with it hahaha, ugh i bet These guys have brain issues or something, i mean my son,at 3 can Understand the sense of humor of this movie. Our family loves ice age From the beginning, we watched it all kudos to blue sky. Please make More franchise series of ice age. It is such a great entertainment for The whole family. My baby always loves the part where Scrat messes up, Lol, and my dad,45 finds it funny too. For thirteen years blue sky is Making ice age more and more exciting and we just can’t get enough of It, we want more haha

  • anita-lawson
    anita lawson

    Yesterday I went to see this(the preview) in the cinemas as I have seen all 4 of the previous films,and since I am a huge animated buff I treated my younger brother to it and my mom who likes some animated films. Ice Age: Collision Course is the 5th installment(and maybe the final Ice Age film of the series who knows right)and this time Scratty the squirrel is up in space trying to get the acorn(once again)causing a meteor strike to arrive on Earth,causing mayhem for Mammy and his gang. They later team up with Buck(from Ice Age 3)and they stumble across the meteor which is magnetic,and they meet up with some engaging characters that are centuries old(one voiced by English singer Jessie J)who becomes a so called love interest to Sid. So will Mammy and the gang be able to save their place from destruction.Bottom line this was a pretty decent animated film. I was amazed how far the series has reached as the first two the animated was terrible and then the next few the animation got better. If you ask me I think this was a total cash cow in for Blue Sky Studios,it was unnecessary to release yet another Ice Age movie and who knows there might be another one coming in the next 7 odd years mark my words.Overall I thought it was good and my family all enjoyed it which was the main thing.7/10C+

  • edmunds-dzenis
    edmunds dzenis

    Ice Age: Collision Course continues with the adventures of Manny(Ray Romano), Diego(Denis Leary) & Sid(John Leguizamo). When Earth is about to be bombarded by a meteor shower, it is up to Manny, Diego, Sid & the rest of the herd, to save themselves & prevent the end of the world. They take the help of their old friend, Buck(Simon Pegg). Ice Age: Collision Course is a fun film. Kids will love it. However, adults will only find it mildly entertaining. Personally, I feel that the Ice Age franchise should have ended with the fourth movie. Ice Age(2002), Ice Age: The Meltdown(2006), Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs(2009) & Ice Age: Continental Drift(2012) are all great movies. Ice Age: Continental Drift(2012) has a perfect ending & there was absolutely no need to make further sequels. Blue Sky Studios decided to make one more Ice Age movie. This film is not boring at all. However, I am a fan of the Ice Age movies and, I am slightly disappointed with this film. There is not as much humor in this movie, as there is in previous installments. There are funny scenes but, there are not as many of them, as I would have liked. There are a slew of new characters. Some of them are welcome additions but, some of them are not. Due to the fact that there are too many characters, some of our favorite characters get sidelined. These are the movie’s flaws. The animation is great. The 3D is impressive. The voice acting is amazing. Ray Romano is awesome as Manny. John Leguizamo is outstanding as Sid. Denis Leary is brilliant as Diego. Simon Pegg is spectacular as Buck. Queen Latifah is good as Ellie. Keke Palmer is superb as Peaches. Adam Devine is endearing as Julian. Wanda Sykes is hilarious as Granny. Seann William Scott & Josh Peck are funny as Crash & Eddie, respectively. Nick Offerman, Max Greenfield & Stephanie Beatriz are adequate as Gavin, Roger & Gertie, respectively. Jennifer Lopez is effective as Shira. Jesse Tyler Ferguson & Jessie J are impressive as Shangri Llama & Brooke, respectively. Chris Wedge is hysterical as Scrat. Ice Age: Collision Course is worth a watch. However, watch it with low expectations.

  • david-furlan
    david furlan

    First off, after Ice Age:Continental Drift 4 years ago, i thought they would end it there because that by far was the best one. When i discovered they were making a new one, i was unsure about it. How times have changed.Its great to see Manny and Ellie trying to stop Peaches and her new boyfriend from leaving them, whilst Sid tries to find true love after 15 years of trying. Diego and Shira are trying to settle in after thinking how scary they are. And Scrat is just Scrat, doing all sort nonsense like destroying life on Mars, nearly ending the world and a lot more. But I was extremely pleased to hear that Buck, who has not been seen since Dawn of the Dinosaurs, was back and better than ever. Sadly Louis, played by Josh Gad, didn’t return. R.I.P.Still thanks to the new recruits such as Adam Devine as Julian and Jessie J as Sids long-lost love Brooke, I got to see a massive treat. Lots of humour and too good to be real, thank you for ending in style Ice Age producers.

  • alexander-viik
    alexander viik

    Before I begin this review, let me state that I have IBS. For those of you who do not know, IBS stands for Irritable bowel syndrome. This diagnosis causes me to have very impulsive, and often inexcusable bathroom troubles.On to the review. I have to just say, wow. Ice Age: Collision Course, being the 5th installment of this animated franchise, is still as good as it gets while Blue Sky has a say in it. Sure, some people may say that the last thing a franchise does is launch its characters into space before its torn apart, but Blue Sky has once again found a way to picture its beloved Cg characters in a fresh, and beautiful light.The animation was as beautiful as ever, the fur seems to be better facilitated- simulated and cached with each film, and of course, being in space, Blue Sky had the opportunity to take its effect simulations to outside of the planet, itself.The work that Blue Sky put into this film, in my opinion, may have even been too beautiful. I got a bit too excited and had to run to the bathroom about 2/3 into the animation, causing me to miss a pivotal moment. If there was one problem with my experience watching the new Ice Age, its that I had to watch it with Irritable Bowel Syndrome.-Henry

  • felipe-da-paz
    felipe da paz

    Roughly thirteen years on since the first Ice Age was released and the gang are still going strong. Manny, Sid and Diego, this one being the fifth in the feature length series and the longest, by only a few minutes. Supposedly the final in the franchise we see an expected happy ending instead of total extinction. It’s the full film extension of Blue Sky Studio’s short, Cosmic Scrat-tastrophe which was released last year, obviously starring Ice Age favourite Scrat, who intergalactically haphazardly arranges the planets in imaginative fashion whilst inadvertently thrusting an asteroid towards the Earth threatening all of it’s existence, of course, all because of that elusive nut. Simon Pegg’s Buck returns for more of a main role, leading the team to save the planet and is highly entertaining, more so than the rest of the pack. The story sidetracks a little more with Manny than Sid and Diego and there’s quite a lot that goes on with an assortment of fresh characters including dino-birds and a spiritual spitting llama. There’s an underlining message about excepting change and moving on, letting go and growing up which makes way for the subplot of Julian and Francine’s relationship. It’s seems family and marriage plays an important part of the story but not to the level to become boring of bogged down by it. John Debney composes the score this time round taking over from John Powell who has done quite a lot of animated features, like Rio, Happy Feet, Shrek and How To Train Your Dragon. Nothing really stood out from the score but the soundtrack, using Trevor Rabin’s Armageddon theme tune was cheeky and Buck sings a clever twist of what I’m sure is Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro. The animation is far superior than when you look back at the first Ice Age in 2002. It’s come a long way since then and while I was watching Scrat move planets I was thinking this might be worth the extra to see in 3D. Incredible detail and the action flows superbly, especially Buck’s scenes. It’s fast paced I believe in hope to not lose the attention of the kids, it has a surefire script where characters literally bounce off one another creating enough comedy for everyone though it lacks the out loud laughter and some Sid silliness falls flat. It’s above average, light entertainment for the whole family that is, for some part, visual stunning and fans of the series should enjoy it, but I doubt it’ll be a film to end up on my shelf. Running Time: 6 The Cast: 7 Performance: 7 Direction: 7 Story: 5 Script: 6 Creativity: 8 Soundtrack: 6 Job Description: 6 The Extra Bonus Points: 058% 6/10

  • mihhail-filatov
    mihhail filatov

    I wasn’t too impressed by the trailer, but I’m a sucker for 3D animation, so I went anyway. I’m glad I did because this is a fun, funny movie which had the audience laughing out loud in places. The plot is exciting as our gang makes its way towards the place where the asteroid is to strike, in a bid to ward it off. Simon Pegg playing the weasel, who leads the pack, is really good. His British accent somehow suited the character! The sloth has a major role this time and is totally engaging. The animation is excellent, making full use of the 3D effects, which is nice, since that’s the reason I went to the cinema to see it in the first place.

  • sergei-afanasjev
    sergei afanasjev

    The fifth Ice Age installment to come out in theatres, Blue Sky Studios has once again made me love this franchise. After the cute yet sometimes cringe-worthy Secret Life Of Pets and the good yet slightly overrated Finding Dory, I was expecting another typical average everyday kids movie, but what I got was a really funny family flick full of laughs for all ages. The whole theater was in stitches from how much they were laughing and giggling! The animation is amazing, from the photorealistic textures of the animals to the colorful backgrounds full of purplish vibe, and it makes great use of 3D effects, with countless gimmicks being thrown towards the audience and a fantastic sense of space in almost every shot of the movie. The voice actors are all energetic and they fit their characters perfectly, with Simon Pegg and Chris Wedge’s priceless comedic performances. Overall, Ice Age: Collision Course is the only animated film worth seeing this year other than Zootopia, with everything you could possibly want from an animated family comedy. And by the way- Scrat is again the most hilarious portion of an already hilarious film!

  • tiffany-moore-md
    tiffany moore md

    Oh that was a surprise. I’m a fan of ice age movie series. Honestly i didn’t like the previous ice age at all. The old granny is so cool. And the other kids. This movie! Oh man this is so good to be happy and laugh like a baby. Story wasn’t so bigger or complex but it’s OK. To bad that stupid adults giving awful reviews. It’s a kid movie. So don’t listen to old people. I really liked this.Oh come on people, why giving 1 star? You grumpy old donkeys stop this nonsense. Don’t try to give your rude opinion on internet.And the soundtrack that Jessie J made. This was awesome. I’m thinking to watch this again and i will .

  • pavel-romanov
    pavel romanov

    I’ve seen all the “Ice Age” films in the cinema.. Except for this one. And I’m glad I didn’t. It fascinating to see how weirdly this series evolved over time.I remember going to see “Ice Age” in cinemas in 2002 and having a great experience. The first movie really hit the mark for me when I was young. I thought it was good how grounded it was, yes it had jokes, but it was all grounded in the era the film took place in. A kid could enjoy all of the humor, but at the same time learn a little bit of prehistoric animals. It had its serious moments too. Like for example, it showed the humans hunting mammoths and the saber-tooth tigers hunting as well.Now this series has gone overboard and exaggerated everything. It opens with Scrat the squirrel basically destroying the solar system with a space ship. I mean, what happened? How did we end up here? The movies just got more and more ridiculous every time. I liked it when the threats and settings felt real, because I could fear for what could happen to the characters. And sad thing is, they had a chance of a having a threat like that with the meteor. But guess why the meteor is gonna hit the Earth? It’s because Scrat smashed into it with the space ship. Look, I can suspend my disbelief and believe that Scrat can survive a few falls from a cliff and land in the snow, but surviving in space in nothing but a helmet?I know these are for kids and you should have fun, but at least have it grounded like the first two movies. As a kid I liked that these films weren’t just sitcoms with immortal characters, I liked that they could dare to be serious and even be emotional sometimes (like Pixar you could argue). I praised Blue Sky studios for balancing the serious scenes with comedic ones. One of their first short films is called “Bunny” and I watched it on the Ice Age VHS tape as one of the bonus features. It’s a short that has a lot of heart to it and it had an impact on me.I’m sorry if I’m sounding way too negative here. These are my opinions and I gave the movie a chance, but it lost me as soon as Scrat went to space. I for one don’t like how the series has gotten more exaggerated and less true to what the first one did so well. The best thing about it is hearing the original voice actors reprise their roles. The overall animation is pretty nice too.

  • nathalie-capucine-bernier
    nathalie capucine bernier

    My youngest would watch a movie so many times you would start to quote it in your sleep. But when the film is as great at the Ice Age movies, you don’t mind. I was concerned that this one could not be as hilarious as the others and I am so glad I was worried for nothing. Until now “Dawn of the Dinosaurs” was our family’s go to Ice Age movie, but this one is even better… and I didn’t think that was possible. In addition to having lots of silly laughs for the kids, there is a ton of great humor – great clean humor – just for adult belly laughs. And an actual plot, which some kids movies tend to forget. It has such a strong, positive, family message. Every member of our family agrees that this is one to own, each of us for different reasons. So here is a huge thumbs up from our gang, ages 7 to 42.

  • ann-carlsson
    ann carlsson

    this movie is total bad movie. The movie does not contain any depth in the story. Really no story at all. total time waste for me, there was a few time where I laughed, but it is merely enough. I am really disappointed the way the series is headed. Ice age 1 was the best and so is Ice age 3. Ice age 2 was OK. I laughed many times for the 4th title that is continental drift but Number 5 i.e. collision course was not met my expectation. The movie is worse than other four movies in the series. I lost my valuable one and a half hour behind this. The production makes this movie as they have to make another sequel. No real sympathy moment in the movie as well. But one thing was good about this movie was Simon peg who voiced buck, I liked buck character from previous movies as well. Overall the movie is flop to me.

  • john-west
    john west

    People need to chill about this movie! Like, seriously, based on all the negative comments I’ve seen, I’ve come to the conclusion that people have a tremendous lack of sense of humor! This movie is not to be taken seriously, to be analyzed, or to be hated upon – it is to be ENJOYED! I laughed my a** off 😀 The characters are absolutely adorable, as usual,the voicing is brilliant! I loved everything about it (obviously) and I don’t know why I felt the need to come here and read the comments…I always seem to make that mistake. All in all, I had a great time, planning to watch it at least another 3 times 😀 *need to have 10 lines of text*

  • juliette-schipper
    juliette schipper

    Original is not a word that comes to mind when watching the fifth (yes FIFTH) entry in this tired, worn, quite frankly burned out franchise.What does come to mind however is the fact this franchise has gone on for far too long.If you can’t come up with any original ideas and you have to scrap the deepest barrel for the most unoriginal idea as possible, it’s time to go.If you can’t keep your characters fresh and funny and make them more boring, dull and annoying to watch, it’s time to go.If you’re out of jokes to use and you pull some random rabbit out of a hat and it’s a rabbit that says “Think of some really bad jokes mate.”, it’s time to go.If you have 4 (yes, I do mean 4) writers and not one of them can give any good dialogue out, it’s time to go.And when a franchise that is constantly dead in the water is still going like THIS, it’s time to go.I don’t care if these films still make money, Fox, it’s time to put this franchise on ice forever!

  • aleksander-koort
    aleksander koort

    OK, ice age 1 was hilarious and a new standard for animation humor; together with Shrek, that came a year earlier. But where Shrek kept pretty consistent through the sequels (the attack of the princesses in part 3 was a absolute high in animation comedy), Ice Age dropped away further each sequel. Shrek stopped in time, Ice age should have stopped after 3. Continental drift was already hardly worth watching.This latest sequel is maybe one of the worst animation movies ever. The story-line is horrible and it is simply not funny. The writers are clearly struggling to make up a story the use all clichés they can find. Even Scrat is not funny most of the time, although he lifts the rest of the movie up.Will kids like this movie? Probably, but it lacks the wonder and quality of the first Ice Age. An Ice Age fan better avoids this movie

  • susan-myers
    susan myers

    You gotta know when to stop. This franchise has run a couple of movies too long. Now concentrating on this movie only, not the franchise, plainly put, it is a bad movie. If you are a die hard fan and want to pick positives and try desperately enough, you can do so. I am not that desperate and I take my movie watching pretty seriously and there is nothing good I can say about this movie. There is no point in going into the plot and dissecting it. Scrat used to be funny, but that seems to be a lifetime back. Sid used to be lovable, but I can’t even remember the last time I felt so. There is no life in this cow, let alone milk.

  • gail-summers-simpson
    gail summers simpson

    While trying to bury his acorn, Scrat accidentally activates an abandoned alien ship that takes him into deep space, where he unwittingly sends several asteroids en route to a collision with Earth.Meanwhile, Manny is worried about the upcoming marriage between Peaches and her fiancé, Julian, while Diego and his wife Shira want to start a family but their fierce appearance tend to scare kids, and Sid is dumped by his girlfriend, Francine, just as he is about to propose to her. During Manny and Ellie’s wedding anniversary party, some of the asteroids strike the place and the herd barely escape with their lives. Meanwhile, at the underground cavern, Buck returns a dinosaur egg back to its rightful owner after it was stolen from a trio of Dromaeosaurs led by their father Gavin, only to discover an ancient stone pillar, which he takes to the surface, where he meets Manny and the others.Buck explains to the herd that according to the pillar, the asteroids had caused several extinctions in the past and with a massive one still incoming, he claims that the only place they could find a clue to stop it is on the site of the impact of the previous ones, as according to its engravings, they always fall at the same place. However, the three Dromaeosaurs, having listened their conversation, decide to stop them, believing that they could be safe from the impact, as they can fly, thus not only getting their revenge on Buck, but also killing all mammals and securing domination over Earth for their species.As the herd travels to the crash site, they discover that the asteroids have electro-magnetic properties, thus if a huge quantity of smaller asteroids should be gathered and launched into orbit, they could attract the main asteroid as well and prevent it from falling on Earth. After facing several obstacles and the interference of the Dromaeosaurs, the herd arrives at “Geotopia”, a community of animals formed inside one of the asteroids that have fallen long ago, where Sid meets Brooke, a female ground sloth who falls in love with him. However, Shangri Llama, the leader of Geotopia, refuses to cooperate with Buck’s plan to send the city’s crystals into space in order to prevent the imminent impact, as they are the key to the residents’ longevity, until Sid unwillingly destroys the entire city when he attempts to remove one of the stones to present Brooke with, making all the Geotopians grow old up to their real ages, including Brooke herself.Once Brooke convinces the Geotopians that preventing the asteroid’s fall is more important than their lost youth, they and the herd help with Buck’s plan, which is to fill up a geyser with the crystals so that the pressure launches them into space to draw the asteroid away, but the Dromaeosaurs attempt to intervene, until one of them, realizing that they will not survive as well if the asteroid falls, convinces the others to also help. The plan works, and the asteroid is pulled back into space. The herd then departs back home, including Sid, who parts ways from Brooke, but just after they leave, an asteroid piece falls inside a hot spring, giving it rejuvenating properties and making the Geotopians and Sid’s granny, who stayed behind with them regain their youth. After the herd returns, Peaches and Julian celebrate their wedding, Diego and Shira become heroes to the kids who were scared of them before, and a rejuvenated Brooke appears during the ceremony to reunite with Sid.In the film’s epilogue, Scrat keeps struggling to control the alien ship until it crashes on Mars, destroying all life on the planet.

  • edita-vitruk
    edita vitruk

    From the first minute, it’s clear that the writers are really desperate to bring out fresh ideas, but it just comes across as purely that; desperation. It borders on the ludicrous. My kid watched on silently, but I never heard her laugh once. Not good for a comedy. It’s dull. It’s ridiculous. It’s way over the top, even for a animated kids film with talking mammoths. It’s just plain stupid. This series has reached its end. I really hope it’s over but I hear there’s another in the works. While there’s still a modicum of profit, the machine keeps churning. It’s really sad, and an insult to the first few films, which were fun and fresh. Let it die. It’s begging to be put down.

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