While playing outside one day, nine-year-old Michele discovers Filippo, who is chained to the ground at the bottom of a hole. Michele witnesses town baddie Felice nearby and suspects something bad is happening. Michele is unsure whom he should tell about his discovery, eventually spilling the beans to his closest friend.

Also Known As: Minä en pelkää, El pozo, Nie boję się, L'été où j'ai grandi, Io non ho paura, Je n'ai pas peur, Не ме е страх, Hiç korkmuyorum, Jeg er ikke bange, Я не боюсь, Jag är inte rädd, Man Nemitarsam, No tengo miedo, ぼくは怖くない, I'm Not Scared, Eu Não Tenho Medo, Ich habe keine Angst, Ego the fovamai, El secreto, Я не боюся, Ništa se ne bojim, Nem félek, Não Tenho Medo, Εγώ Δε Φοβάμαι, Jeg er ikke redd

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