IMITATION GIRL is the lyrical telling of a mysterious being who arrives on Earth in the shape of a young woman. Taken in by Iranian immigrants, a brother and sister living in the American Southwest, Imitation forms an understanding of the strange species around her, and as she learns more about her new body and her companions, she comes to appreciate the beauty and the sadness of her new world. At the same time, Julianna, Imitation’s world-wise, world-weary earthly double, knows both glitz and grit working as an entertainer in New York City, where her fraying life and relationships now threaten her preparations for the dream audition that might finally set her on a happier path. On learning of Julianna’s existence, Imitation heads to New York, where only by sacrificing themselves to each other can the cosmic twins complete their portrait of a woman and find fulfillment.

Also Known As: Imitation Girl, Stargirl

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  • friedhelm-henck-mba
    friedhelm henck mba

    An interesting plot idea. Alien entity comes to earth and becomes a human girl from a magazine cover photo. Learns English and parsi, music and life on Earth. The only thing I didn’t like about this movie was the foreshortened ending. The story could have been developed with another twenty minutes to show what happens after imitation Girl means her identical Earth girl twin. Each curious about the others’ existence.

  • michelle-o-connor
    michelle o connor

    Natasha Kermani is of interest to me because there are very few women directing sci-fi flicks (Mimi Leder’s DEEP IMPACT might be the only female-headed sci-fi household name, though many more women are producing successful horror films these days). Women are often expected to make projects about relationships, cutesy rom-coms, or intimate dramas – but Kermani clearly wants to craft bigger, more imaginative epics. IMITATION GIRL had elements of Tarkovsky, Kubrick, Ridley Scott, and Wong Kar Wai. Loved it.

  • potapov-vasilii-kharitonovich
    potapov vasilii kharitonovich

    This is a very sublime mystery scifi that leans toward potential sociopolitical commentary through the juxtaposition of the character doubles. Definitely influenced by Kieslowski’s The Double Life of Véronique. Very glad to have found this gem.Also, surprised Lewis Black appears in a brief non comedy cameo role.

  • don-lindsey
    don lindsey

    I’m all for female directed sci-fi but I’d like for it to also make sense. The story was dull and unoriginal and the acting was stiff and unbelievable.

  • angel-del-bertran
    angel del bertran

    The other reviews here are praising the director since it is written by a woman and has a female lead. Ignoring this, I would say that it was an interesting movie. Slow-paced drama of what it would be like if an outside being tried to be human. The movie was building up to the ending but ended up being to abstract.

  • david-andersen
    david andersen

    This film seems to be a cross between Starman (1984) and The Double Life of Veronique (1991) with an emphasis on clashing cultures. An alien imitation, born with an assist from a magazine cover, takes human form and absorbs the Farsi language and gentle culture of two Iranian characters living in the rural southwestern United States: her human porn star counterpart (and look-alike) lives an urban lifestyle of sex, drugs and clubbing and she misses an opportunity to leave her chosen work in the sex trade. The duo meet and the open ended finale works for this short mysterious film.

  • jekaterina-sergejev
    jekaterina sergejev

    Boring, pretentious, and banal picture made by an untalented group. Nothing of this production has any merit or quality. The narrative (there is no story) is poorly constructed and offers nothing of interest. Seems to me that someone watched Under the Skin and thought they could do better – they thought wrong. Nothing happens!

  • alexandria-barre
    alexandria barre

    Struggling artists and broken down characters … it will not be easy to completely sympathize with the main character (one of them that is) and it has not so much to do with the profession she “chose” for herself, but rather the way she aims to reach her goals. But then again, if you don’t have a flawed protagonist, where would the friction be? In this case, we get an added bonus of a different path … The main actress has quite some baggage to carry.Strong female characters (with as mentioned before flaws, but nevertheless) are not that common in film, so it is refreshing to see this. And while the script may feel unfocused at points, the story is so weird and out there … no pun intended. But it does make up for it for sure. If you like slow pacing drama, with small Science Fiction and social issues fragments woven into it … this is for you