Lottie Mason is a police vice cop who has just the right looks to be a decoy for the whore-mungers on the streets of Los Angeles. She seems to always be where the action is whether it be vice or drugs. While she is attempting to help Stan, the District Attorney, set-up a drug buy with a witness he needs for another case, they seem to have mutual attraction in each other. Lt. Joe Morgan has the hots for her, but she cant stand him.

Also Known As: Impulso, Impulse, Παρόρμηση, Pelottava houkutus, Impulso para Matar, Импульс Soviet, Tentação Perigosa, Odruch, Impulse - Von gefährlichen Gefühlen getrieben West, Doppia identità, Double jeu, A bűn vonzásában, Reactii necontrolate, Parormisi

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