L.A. soft-porn writer Carter Webb is frustrated enough, after his actress girlfriend dumps him, to need a serious break. He decides to spend it with his grandmother, who can’t really take care of herself and her Detroit suburb house anyway. Helpful Carter soon overcomes mishaps to bond with the foxy neighbor across the street and her daughters. Helping them actually helps him regain perspective and self-confidence.

Also Known As: Na uzemi zen Czech, На женска територия, A nők hálójában, In the Land of Women, Au pays des femmes, Entre mujeres, No Mundo das Mulheres, Skrivnosti mojih zensk, Nu Hôn Ngot Ngào, В стране женщин, aşk diyarında, ランド・オブ・ウーマン 優しい雨の降る街で, Il bacio che aspettavo, W swiecie kobiet, Anamesa se treis gynaikes, В територията на жената, Leh ta'vin nashim, Eu e as Mulheres, Im Land der Frauen

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