Riddled with secret but horrid suspicion, the young American poet, Rose Elliot, writes to her brother and musicology student in Rome, Mark, about the startling findings in the dark and dank basement of her New York Art Deco apartment building. Pivoting around the cryptic knowledge hidden in the leather-bound book entitled “The Three Mothers”, Rose is convinced that her aristocratic but damned abode is, in fact, an ancient coven for Mater Tenebrarum, the malevolent Mother of Darkness. Little by little, as the siblings delve deeper and deeper into the occult, a mysterious disappearance and an endless string of gruesome killings will bring Mark closer and closer to a surreal nightmare. Where do the long and shadowy corridors of Rose’s building lead?

Also Known As: Xiong wu meng gui Hong, Hung nguk mon gwai Hong, Inferno '80, Cehennem, Rædslernes inferno, Ад, Trojice smrti, Οι 3 πύλες της κολάσεως, Infierno, Inferno, A Mansão do Inferno, Inferno 80, Oi 3 pyles tis kolaseos, Pakao, Преисподняя Soviet, Horror Infernal - Feuertanz der Zombies West, Inferuno, Horror Infernal West, Dario Argento's Inferno, Pokol

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