Metcalfe will play a man who pretends to be crazy in order to save his sister (Sanchez) from being involuntarily hospitalized. Once inside the institute, the siblings discover that a doctor (Stormare) is using his patients like lab rats, forcing them to take a drug that turns them into flesh-eating psychopaths.

Also Known As: Лудоториум, Insanatório: Quem Entra, Não Sai, Szanatórium, Frenokomeio, Manicómio Suspeito, Пожираемые заживо, L'aliéniste, Nakazení smrtí Czech, Manicomio siniestro, Psicópatas, Ospiciul, Insanitarium

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  • alex-lacroix
    alex lacroix

    Trying to reach his sister, a man has himself committed to the same psychiatric ward as her in order to get her out only to find the staff experimented with a drug that turns people into psychotic killers and tries to bring down those responsible before the killers get loose.This was quite the frustrating effort. Among the few qualities that work well here are the rather enjoyable and impressive qualities afforded to the sanitarium. This is easily one of the most undesirable asylums featured as the concept of the location as well as what they’re accomplishing inside makes for a truly disturbing concept through his procedures and treatment of the patients. This one really works nicely with the intensity featured here in these scenes as the scenes of the group tormenting their patients or the outbursts of the turned patients who constantly attack him or his friends as they give this one the kind of expressively chilling setup that goes over into rather chilling territory. Even the action picks up considerably in the final half as the film lets them loose within the confines of the building and forces a massive assault on the uninfected in order to find a way to escape which allows plenty of stellar action here with the crazed cannibalistic staff running wild ripping people to pieces or popping out to swarm the group in massive numbers as there’s plenty to like here. This offers up plenty of brawling, running around and chilling confrontations from the entire ward crumbling down at once to the escape from the main floor featuring plenty of crazed patients running around to the big final race to get to the top of the facility where they started which forces a great manner of battles to get away from them. This action all gives it a fantastic series of gore setups which make this one quite graphic and splattery, yet these here are what all that holds up for this one. One of the few minor flaws is the fact that there’s just such a lame setup to bring him to the asylum that it never really makes sense and doesn’t hold up at all since there are too many red flags about getting through security checks to make his appearance there seem too coincidental. Likewise, the fact that the majority of the first half is content to just walking through the rules of the setup doesn’t make for all that much thrilling content here and just causes this one to feel bland and just running through the motions in regards to how it goes about getting him acclimated. This lowers the action considerably as it’s mainly just their freak-outs without anything else going on for it so that brings it down as well. With a lame finale that just seems stupid in retrospect, these here are the film’s minor problems.Rated R: Extreme Graphic Violence, Graphic Language, Nudity and violence-against-animals.

  • mariano-jacobo-rosales-vergara
    mariano jacobo rosales vergara

    Jack (Jesse Metcalfe) is denied visits to see his sister Lily (Kiele Sanchez) at the Middleton Psychiatric Institute. Jack pretends to be mentally ill to gain entrance so he can rescue his sister. While there he discovers the use of sadistic experiments. He wants to break out with his sister.A fairly good period piece.Guide: F-word, sex, nudity (Lisa Arturo)

  • dr-utkucan-sezer
    dr utkucan sezer

    “Insanitarium” is as bloody as a movie can get. It’s about a man who gets himself committed to a sanitarium run by a mad doctor in order to rescue his sister.Jack (Jesse Metcalfe) is concerned over his suicidal sister Lily (Kiele Sanchez). He prevents her from hanging herself. She is then sent to a sanitarium “for her own protection”. Jack later learns that Lily is in danger in the sanitarium. The institution is run by a fanatical mad Doctor Gianetti (Peter Stormare) who is using his patients as guinea pigs for his experiments with a new drug.Jack feigns madness in order to have himself committed to the sanitarium to rescue his sister. But when he is inside, he discovers the horrors within. Several patients are in isolated cells away from the general population. They have been the subjects of Gianetti’s experiments which turn patients into violent flesh eating monsters. Eventually Jack finds Lily and they plan their escape.The general population is overseen by Nurse Henderson (Molly Bryant) and her assistant Nancy (Olivia Munn). Charles (Evan Parke) is the burly security guard. Vera Downing (Carla Gallo) is Gianetti’s assistant whom he uses for “other matters”. Patient, Heather (Lisa Artur0) has her eyes on Jack. Jack takes Dave (Kevin Sussan) into his confidence.As Jack gets closer to Gianetti, the madman short circuits the electrical system, releasing the violent in mates. All hell breaks loose as the violent patients begin to attack and devour each other. Jack, Lily, Dave and Nancy attempt to escape through the madness. Vera meets a particularly gory end.There’s plenty of blood and gore to satisfy even the most discriminating viewer. The special effects are well done as is the editing of the violent attacks. Surprisingly enough, there is little nudity except for the Heather character. There are a couple of mild sex scenes sprinkled in as well. For what it is, it’s not a bad horror flick.

  • helene-lambert-du-raymond
    helene lambert du raymond

    Unique idea. Starts out really good. Tons of potential. I had it at about an 8 or so until about halfway through when things just got ridiculous. It went from smart and interesting to completely absurd..and corny..You know those movies where the good guy will shoot someone or do something cool and make some witty reference that makes you cringe? That happens about 10 times in the last half. It’s almost like the intelligent director handed off the script to his brain-dead little brother and told him to finish it. I will say though, if you like the whole mental hospital setting in horror movies, give it a go. As I said, the first half is really good and if your opinion on the other half is different than mine..you’ll really enjoy it. First half 8 Last half 3 5.5, give it a 6

  • dr-francisco-zambrano
    dr francisco zambrano

    THERE MAY BE SPOILERS? BUT WHO CARES Watch this movie higher than you have ever been in your life. It is hilarious. I hope one day they make a high school musical play about this. I will go across the world to see it. The whole wide world.May it’s director be endowed with many manly gifts so that he may seduce rich women into giving him money so he can make a whole quintuplet of sequels. All of it will contain many clever references to society like all great horror movies.Since seeing this movie, all the unicorns in my yard started singing Hallelujah. PERFECTION!

  • kayla-short
    kayla short

    Written and directed by Jeff Buhler, it stars Jesse Metcalfe, Kiele Sanchez, Kevin Sussman and Peter Stormare.After the untimely death of her mother, Lily attempts suicide and is committed to a mental health institution. Her brother, Jack, gets himself committed so as to break his sister out of the facility, but what he finds within those walls is sheer horrifying carnage.You don’t need me to point up all the films that this uses as influences, this is pure and simple a bloody zombie/infected based movie, with some sturdy young and attractive actors trying to survive as they strive to escape the madness! Cast are fine and full of guts, with Stormare let loose by the director to instill the head doctor with mania/ego unbound.It takes a while to get going, but fans of blood and gore aplenty are well catered for in the second half of film. The setting of an asylum is also a plus (filmed at RFK Memorial Hospital, Hawthorne, California) and with Stormare on mean – mad – overdrive, this is far from bottom of the barrel stuff. 6/10

  • miss-judith-jones
    miss judith jones

    I did not like the corny macho lines from a Scharzenegger movie as the hero kills the crazy cannibals, but this is a small problem because it does everything very well and is much much better than many more expensive horror. The actors look like they had a good time playing the patients in the hospital and they make an excellent job. The bad guys do not try to be too real, but take it seriously enough not to end up a a silly comedy. I like this.I think the director loves horror movies and watches them a lot. I expect he is very happy with this movie, and I like this also. I will watch out for this guy.Many modern ( and old) horror movies have some great scenes but have so many bad ones that the result is not good when you watch it all together. This is not true of Insanitarium, the story an old one but a good one and moves along fast. It is also very bloody with a crazy finale that tells you this is not a Hollywood type movie.In summary, Insanitarium is not original, but it is very entertaining. I give it 8/10.

  • augustas-gailius
    augustas gailius

    A young man pretends to be crazy in order to get himself committed to an asylum where he hopes to locate his mentally ill sister. Once there, however, he discovers that the man in charge of the institution is an even bigger lunatic than the patients in his care: he is using the inmates as guinea pigs in dangerous experiments that ultimately turn the poor crazy blighters into cannibalistic killers.Half an hour into Insanitarium, and I was like…meh!: it had a nice concept; I liked the big-breasted, scar-faced nympho-maniac (always a bonus!); but the film seemed kinda so-so in the actual storytelling department. THEN the nutty scientist tied up his assistant, and slashed her leg with a scalpel before shagging her, and, pretty soon after, a cat got it’s head ripped off. ‘Maybe this is going to be good after all’, I thought to myself! And, thankfully, it was.The film gets progressively more bonkers by the minute, and by the time the end credits were rolling, I was grinning like a madman myself, having witnessed one of the barmiest and bloodiest contemporary horrors I’ve seen in a long time.Whilst the plot might not be perfect, leaving one or two questions unanswered (particularly about the rather ineffective security system in the asylum), Insanitarium succeeds by being plain bonkers and totally unpredictable. I watched this film knowing absolutely nothing about it beforehand, and was totally gob-smacked by the quantity of blood and violence. Who could’ve guessed there would be so much mad-scientist mayhem, loony-bin lunacy, and gratuitous gore? How the hell did this one slip past my radar? With arm-ripping, gut munching, meat cleaver mutilation, stabbing, electrocution, and some juicy scalpel action (including a brilliant ‘up under the chin and into the mouth’ moment), this is one film that no gore-hound should miss out on.If I’d been asked to rate this movie based purely on the first 30 minutes, it would’ve got a 5. However, as events begin to spiral out of control, and the action becomes more and more chaotic, the film just gets better and better, and fully deserves a final rating of 7.5 out of 10 (rounded up to 8 for IMDb).

  • destiny-lopez
    destiny lopez

    A girl goes insane and is institutionalized. Her brother decides to get her out by getting himself committed as well. But strange things happen inside. Some of the patients have changed iris color and are rather violent. One of the nurses sympathizes with the brother, a nympho patient is trying to get him into trouble in more than one ways.As it turns out some of these patient with the gray iris in the maximum security area go completely nuts at the sight of blood. They turn into animals. The good Dr. in charge (Peter Stormare, from…Prison Break) is developing his own compound that he thinks will cure all mental disease. His sidekick, a pretty female Dr., goes along with everything the Dr. does.When the sister is about to injected with the substance, the brother and a fellow institutionalized guy decide it’s time to get her out. But by then all hell breaks loose. The patients turn outright into cannibals and for some silly script-required coincidence, our group of heroes has to continuously run through the dangerous maximum security area. Of course the brother knows everything about electronics, building layout, etc., he can disarm any security device with a kick and playing with wires.Overall, this movie has the right idea, but goes through all the clichés. It looks good although it is evident there wasn’t much of a budget. Perhaps they could have put some money into better use by hiring less extras. There’s some gore but little horror.

  • lawrence-calderon
    lawrence calderon

    OK, forget the realism you are looking for. Its a zombie movie. Ain’t no realism in there. Just like all the other zombie movies.The first 20 mins I really liked. I think it would have been a cool idea to have him committed and then the movie go from the crazy/mad/psyche kind of view, ending up along the lines of… maybe he is really crazy. But no, they went the zombie route, which was fine with me too, just they could have made this into a …really maybe he is crazy kind of movie.Overall, this was a pretty good movie, definitely not for the ones that don’t like blood and guts spraying everywhere, a few scenes of nudity, a corrupt guard, and an even worse doctor running the show, makes for a fairly entertaining movie.Don’t take it too seriously, if you are looking for a regular movie, with a not so Hollywood ending, then this one is for you. This is definitely not a Romantic Comedy that you would want to sit down with your wife/girlfriend/partner/significant other with.

  • ing-jorge-hernandez
    ing jorge hernandez

    Insanitarium is the best b-movie I have seen ever, and I’m dead serious, no pun intended. The film’s strongest point was the storyline. Executed perfectly, not your usual cliché’ “kids break into sanitarium for lol’s.” A young man cons his way into a sanitarium to see his mentally-ill suicidal sister. It is very interesting and grabs you from the start, from here, the movie just roars uphill.Insanitarium’s death scenes will leave gore hounds, like myself, crying in awe. Some of this stuff was really awesome. (Ex: Arm broken and torn off.) This is a very well crafted movie and is worth your money.8/10.

  • sokolov-varlaam-vladlenovich
    sokolov varlaam vladlenovich

    So I got this thinking it was going to be a run of the mill “Disturbing Behavior” I’m crazy but not really film. Part of that is true, its a film. This film is hard to describe. It begins with a very brief introduction to our hero Jack’s plight, in which you find out that Jack’s sister has been put in an asylum for some reason other then the right reason. Jack hatches a zany plan to get himself committed so that he can enter the asylum and rescue his sister. This is a fairly standard b movie plot and how can you blame them for trying to ride the success of Prison Break. The movie pretends to have a plot until the point that Jack enters the Asylum. The audience is quickly introduced to the mad scientist running the facility and its population of nutty inmates. The mad scientist has created a “nano” serum that has a similar effect to “rage” in 28 days later. Like 28 days later, this movie is zombie flick but you’d never know it unless you actually sat through the first half of the film. Unlike 28 days later, this film is not enjoyable to watch. Imagine taking plots from several different awesome films like 28 days later, disturbing behavior, and the Andromeda strain blending it together and then taking out any elements of a plot and you essentially have insanitarium. I gave the film a two because Olivia Munn is in it and if your an AOTS fan then maybe you can fast forward the film to the parts that she is in to get a glimpse of our favorite host stabbing someone in the face. If you’re not an AOTS fan and or don’t know Olivia Munn leave this movie to the the abyss of bad b horror films.

  • enrika-sakalauskas
    enrika sakalauskas

    After his mother died our hero Jack was forced to have his sister Lilly committed to asylum because she began to struggle with suicidal thoughts and became a danger to herself.In order to get close to Lilly,Jack fakes insanity to get committed to the same asylum.Doctor Gianetti,who runs mental ward,created a new drug called Orpheum which turns crazies into cannibalistic killers with the urge to butchery.The plot of “Insanitarium” is routine and silly with tons of corny one-liners,but this has to be one of the goriest horror films I have seen during last few months.The acting is pretty decent and the blood flows in spades with severed limbs,impalements and decapitations painting the screen red.Overall,”Insanitarium” has enough goods to recommend it for fans of blood-drenched horror.

  • ursula-rizzo
    ursula rizzo

    This movie more than lives up to its title — it contains an hour and a half full of insanity. It starts out timidly as the main character Jack performs a desperate act to help his sister — he pretends to be insane so that he can break into a mental facility and rescue his suicidal sister. From the very beginning, you can tell that there is something fishy going on in the sanitarium. This foreshadowing soon materializes into the complete madness this movie is. The thing that separates this movie from other slashers is the atmosphere, which is reminiscent to that of 28 Weeks Later. But don’t expect an elaborate plot or anything deep like the 28 Days/Weeks movies. What you should expect is incredibly gory and intense action scenes. Few movies make me cringe and there were a few instances where I wanted to look away because of the gore. There is an abundance of blood and guts which is pulled off realistically enough to contribute to the overall atmosphere and suspense. Suffice to say, this movie is definitely not for the faint of heart. The acting is not that bad; I am a big Olivia Munn fan and she does a good job in this movie, but don’t expect anything tear-inducing. Overall, this is a decent flick that will keep you on the edge of your seat.There are plot holes but they do not take away too much from the movie because of the intense action, realistic props, and relatively decent acting.

  • mark-reed
    mark reed

    for fans of genre. for the fans of actors. and only for them. because the film gives nothing new, interesting or unpredictable. the good guy victim of dark plan, the fight for survive, the experiment and the end who preserves possibility of the second part. Peter Stormare and Jesse Metcalfe looking transforms the roles in credible ones, a script far to be generous but inspired to use large area of dark hospitals, zombies and mad doctor, blood, metamorphoses, the end of terror who is only first step of the second. nothing original. but not the worst piece of genre. the recipes is the same – well known actors and a poor /conventional script. so, a film for the fans.

  • strazdins-valdis
    strazdins valdis

    The only sister of Jack (Jesse Metcalfe), Lily Romero (Kiele Sanchez), tries to commit suicide after the death of their mother. Jack is in despair since Lily is sent to a mental institution and Jack is not allowed to visit her. Jack pretends to be insane and is arrested and sent to the same asylum with the intention of rescuing Lily from the place.Sooner Jack learns that the administrator, Dr. Gianetti (Peter Stormare), is a deranged scientist that is using the patients like guinea pigs, forcing them to use the experimental drug Orpheus. Further, the side effect is turning patients and staff into flesh-eating zombies. But Lily and Jack are trapped in the mental institution and there is no way out for them.”Insanitarium” has the absurd premise of a sane man that pretends to be lunatic to meet his sister that is institutionalized in an asylum. Jack does not seek the justice, but acts like a crazy man instead. Out of the blue, the plot turns into a gory and funny dementia, splashing blood everywhere like in the trash “Braindead” and other zombie films. In the end, despite the stupid story, I found it funny and entertaining for fans of the genre. My vote is four. Title (Brazil): “Insanatório – Quem Entra, Não Sai” (“Insanitarium – Who Gets In, does not Get Out”)

  • mihaela-sitar
    mihaela sitar

    This movie is a riff on genre flicks like Shock Corridor and Dawn of the Dead. The lead character’s name is Jack (Cuckoo’s Nest anyone?). Also, anyone who casts Peter Stormare as a “mad scientist” obviously gets the genre… from “Fargo” to “Constantine” to “Insanitarium”. Awesome.So there’s an awful lot of blood. That didn’t bother me so much and I had to block out some of the really nasty bits but there seems to be a sense of humor running through the film that some of those bitchy critical movie nerds seem to be missing. This is a movie that relishes the genre. The guy’s last name is Romero (as in George A.) for God’s sake. And the crazy guy is called Loomis (the doc from Halloween), plus a Hannibal Lecter guy and a Nurse Rachet guy…If you don’t know classic b-movies you might miss the point but if you do you’re gonna have a blast.

  • sarita-barbieri
    sarita barbieri

    After a young man, Jack (Jesse Metcalfe of Desperate Housewives), loses his sister to a mental asylum due to her illness after their parents’ death, he turns himself ‘crazy’ to be able to enter the hospital himself and protect her. However, once he enters, he and his new friend (Kevin Sussman) discover that there is something much more sinister going on. . . the doctor (Peter Stormare) has been using his patients as guinea pigs by turning them into vicious cannibalistic murderers. Now, it’s up to Jack to rescue his sister and escape from the Hell that is the asylum.Asylums & hospitals have always been my favourite settings for horror films above anywhere else. There’s something about psychiatric hospitals that can be simply terrifying. Even in real life. The madness within can really get to the sane. So, needless to say, this film had at least a few points going for it before it even started. And, luckily, it wasn’t just the idea and the setting that was good: the film wasn’t too bad either. Utilizing a few good actors (Metcalfe, Stormare, Kevin Sussman), some very good gore, a hell of a lot of violence, a little bit of a nudity, and a whole lot of crazy people, writer/director Jeff Buhler (Buhler… Buhler… Buhler…) delivers to us an above-average infected horror with enough blood and severed limbs to keep gorehounds satisfied, at least for a short while. The direction was fairly good, although the writing did hurt the film a bit. Between one too many ‘action hero’ lines (“You’re a knock-out!” / “You deserve this!” / etc.), more than a few out-of-place scenes (random ‘sex’ scene with Peter Stormare?), and a few glaring plot holes, it’s quite apparent the script could’ve used a bit of a shine up before production. But, some awkward writing aside, Insanitarium ends up being an interesting, entertaining, and occasionally scary horror film that is well worth checking out.Final verdict: 5.5/10.

  • nancy-franco
    nancy franco

    ~Spoiler~ When I first saw the trailer for Insanitarium I had no desire to see it. Then I caught Midnight Meat Train and really liked it. I found out that the writer of MMT made his directorial debut with Insanitarium and decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. I now regret that act. Insanitarium is just not a good movie. It’s about a guy who pretends to be crazy so he will be committed because that’s the only way he can see his crazy sister. And wouldn’t you know it there is a mad scientist who is experimenting on his patients turning them into brain dead zombies. How many times have we seen this scenario? Nothing new is added and it’s not nearly as much fun as the 80’s flick Dead Pit (which is a very similar flick that I recommend over this one). Let’s face it, when an over-the-top Peter Stormare can’t save your movie, you are in a world of trouble.

  • dawn-zuniga
    dawn zuniga

    OK, I can admit that this film tried to be good, but it failed on so many levels. While watching it, I felt like it was ripping off a whole grip of other movies, including Silence of the Lambs (there’s even a Hannibal Lecter wannabe!), 28 Days Later (noticeably the camera-work and soundtrack), and a little bit from Boogeyman 2 (which was also a crap fest). There are a lot of other familiar scenes too which I know were jacked, but I don’t have time to recall. Throw in a generic smart and nerdy sidekick, a crazy woman who gets naked, and the mad scientist, and there you have the whole movie. The gore scenes were stupid, not even tastefully done. And as soon as the secret is out that people are eating each other, the script goes completely to poop. The actors literally go crazy and try so hard to be bloodthirsty zombies that it just adds up to a gigantic mess on the screen, border-lining on hilarious. There are also a lot of cliché one-liners, such as sticking a knife in someone’s face and saying “Here’s your present!” with attitude. Corny as hell, right? Overall, this movie does nothing original and is a giant yawn-fest with gore and boobs. Rent at your own risk.

  • nurettin-hermann
    nurettin hermann

    I don’t understand why the leading actor think like … I must get into the institute to “save” my sister? I don’t get why on earth suddenly he got the keys to open the doors of highly secured level? The few seconds that I am most “UNCONVINCED” is when “the man contained inside the cage break the arm of the girl”??? How easy an arm to be broken??? I understand the flow of the plot needs to be bloody RED, but I think it can be shown in some other ways convincing. If you take it easy to it, it is quite entertaining because we (with my friends) really laugh about some scenes, and to us, it became a kind of comedian soap opera kind as the film run through the end, then we looked at each other with laughters. Conclusion : many spaces for improving in “directing & producing”.

  • melissa-benton
    melissa benton

    Movie is bad, the direction was poor, the plot was uninteresting.Initially it seems those who turn to zombie like are slow moving and by end they seem to turn fast. The movie is a copy of other many projects like 28 days later etc but was poorly made. It gets real boring and unwatchable after sometime. Those who don’t watch much of horror movies might find it okay but the usual horror buffs wont like this sort of crap. Overall the acting was just okay, nothing more than that.The movie is over hyped. A disappointment.I wont recommend it, don’t watch. I would give it a generous 3.

  • eric-alves-le-pasquier
    eric alves le pasquier

    I thought this movie would be average .. maybe good .. because of Peter Stormare. But it was extremely disappointing. The plot is very awkward and many parts are missing logic.The first 20mins are promising because of the creepy atmosphere. Good music and quiet believable characters. But then the story turns from “that could be interesting” to “please not the flesh-eating-zombies again”. After the first half it is getting worse. We all know the music from 28 weeks later. You have seen stuff like this a thousand times before and this one isn’t very original.4/10 because they tried it.

  • blases-dermitzakes
    blases dermitzakes

    I watched this last night with some friends, who all appreciate gore-fest style films. I thought it was a watchable film that does show some potential at the start, but about halfway through does unfortunately descend into standard slasher/horror cliché territory…One of the redeeming qualities of this title was the gore, it has plenty to keep even the most ardent crimson fan happy. The make up is quite well done, considering that most of the meagre budget was probably spent on the two main stars. There are the usual huge plot holes; such as people who are supposedly insane, suddenly becoming lucid and capable of defending themselves, perfecting motor functions and having sensible conversations (keep the bullets, we’ll need them!).The main features include: a doctor having her arm torn off, scalpel to the chin, cleaver to the face, metal spike through the head/mouth, a fair amount of topless female nudity & a couple of cheesy one liners! It won’t rock your world by any means, but if you are a fan of this kind of film and you need a bit of escapism (no pun intended), you may find this appealing. I would recommend watching this after going down the pub/bar for a couple of drinks, then back to a mate’s place to watch this at the weekend.I give it 5 out of 10; not Oscar material by a long shot, but not such a terrible way to spend 80 minutes of your life, especially with some friends…

  • adrian-smart
    adrian smart

    The premise of this movie is that a man gets himself committed to an insane asylum to rescue his suicidal sister. What he finds is that a mad doctor is injecting his patients with a new nano-tech drug that turns patients into cannibal vampire killers. This is the setup that allows about two hours of unremitting gore.The saddest thing about this is the participation of Armin Shimmerman of Star Trek. He’s actually a good actor, and he spends all of his four scenes on the same set. They probably only had him for a day, and had to work him into the otherwise meaningless plot.It’s not a great movie, it’s typical of its genre. It has some interesting performances and some good production values, but honestly, I didn’t really care about the characters and don’t see a reason for you to.