When a young author returns to her horror roots, terrible things begin to happen around her.::Anonymous

Also Known As: Inspiration

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  • ove-lauritsen-olesen
    ove lauritsen olesen

    There are many kinds of angle and sidekicks in the horrorgenre, and this was quite a side kick , it is well acted, especially by the lead actress Emely Alatalo. it circles around the saying an incident comes usually after an incident.on the emmotional level you get some kind of caring feelings for the main character, because even succesfull,she has a really kick-ass life. on top of all she is accident.proned, very undeserverdly, like not using the rearview mirror etc. so when the really gutwrenching things starts to happen, one really gets scared off this little beauty cuty brunette. its ax, its knife, its scythe or whatever you need to make a break of a living creature… even the dogs cry.but as in the ingress it is a low cost project and bears signs of that, it may be the script,the direction, and the last 20 minutes are a bit blurry to match out . there are also some tech issues with the light setting on some of the take.maybe a bit more flood lights in different angles would have helped curing the shadows . there are no dabbing mikes,or cameramen in the reflexion so there are some experience behind the scenes.what kept me looking till the end was the cool choice of music, heavi it is, and its a good match. i had the guts to see it through,do you??…the grumpy old man asks….

  • mike-hoffman
    mike hoffman

    Nothing standing out, except for the fake upvoting. Everything appeared bland – story, acting, directing, music score, effects… Kinda in a fashion of the All Bran cereal, you are eating it, but you detest every spoonful.