An unhinged social media super fan frames her best friend for murder.

Also Known As: InstaPsycho, InstaFame

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  • sig-ra-giulio-conte
    sig ra giulio conte

    Honestly, I didn’t know what to title this review because the movie was so bad. Yeah it’s a lifetime movie so I already expected the usual format, but this was pretty terrible. As the previous review said, the characters are idiots who do unrealistic things. Everything they did made no sense.And like many lifetime movies, the antagonist Additionally, this movie highlights one of the reasons why I hate many Lifetime movies. Characters who have/had a bad life, mental illness, or are/were being bullied are always demonized.The antagonist (who I’ll just refer to as V because I don’t remember her name) has supposedly been friends with the two girls for a long time. There was no real reason for V to drop her friend other than for “she was bullied and has a bad life, therefore she’s bad.” She didn’t even go to the cops for molestation against her foster mom’s boyfriend, since she has to have the worst life possible to make up for her actions in the movie.As for Sasha, the actual bully in the story, she saw no consequences. Even when she tripped and made fun of V right in front of the teacher….in FRONT of the open door that leads straight to the teacher’s desk, that the teacher was sitting at. It’s like he watched the whole thing go down before deciding to step in. Even after Sasha posted the clip of V tripping and made fun of her, Sasha so no consequence for online bullying, yet V and her friend are the ones who got in trouble for doing it. The teacher admitted to knowing something going on between Sasha and V, and rather than just calling in both their parents or something to talk about it he just let it slide.

  • mr-peter-cook-phd
    mr peter cook phd

    This movie is terrible. It makes no sense and the acting is so bad and so unrealistic, it’s infuriating and makes you want to jump off of a cliff. The characters are plain idiots and do things no normal person would do. This was one of the worst lifetime movies I’ve ever seen. Also, whoever got the rating to 6/10 is obviously involved with the film because this was pure garbage.