While test flying a stealth-fighter with a new Virtual-Reality control system somewhere over Turkey, Capt. Christopher Winfield encounters problems and must eject from the plane, which subsequently crashes. Capt. Winfield must follow two remaining stealth fighters home to the US in the cargo-bay of a transport-plane flown by Maj. Janet Morgan. There he expects to be court-martialed. A group of terrorists led by a man called Phillips try to high-jack the planes in mid-air, forcing Capt. Winfield to go into action.

Also Known As: Hemligt vapen, Interceptor, Interceptor - musta kuolema, O Caça Invisível, F-117 - A Stealth-War, Interceptor: Epiheirisi Stealth Fighter, Aoratos kindynos, Прехващачът, Interceptor - Agguato nel cielo, Interceptor - O Caça Invisível, Intercepteur

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