During one of Oregon’s most violent storms, a young cellist seeks solitude and comfort in the safety of her large apartment, but soon realizes she might not be home alone. With the modern and simple tone of Paranormal Activity paired with the cinematic elegance of Hitchcock’s Rope, INTRUDER is a disturbing psychological thriller that will make you think twice about being home alone. Starring John Robinson (Elephant, Lords of Dogtown) and the rising Scottish actress Louise Linton (Lions for Lambs) in her first US leading role. Written and directed by Travis Zarwiny.

Also Known As: Intruder, Νύχτα θύελλας, Intruso, Посторонний

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  • vera-papava
    vera papava

    The other reviews are right, it is mostly suspenseful music with nothing going on. When the stalker poured a glass of milk, the music was so suspenseful and dramatic you would have thought something super dramatic happened. At the end, I didn’t turn it right off and after the credits, there is an add on that is spooky, but still not very good. I think the actors did a good job with what they had to work with. After all, experience is experience and money is money.

  • aannd-gaangulii
    aannd gaangulii

    The biggest mystery in this thriller is why did the credits start to roll 7 minutes before the end? Did someone say ‘Oh damn, we still have 7 minutes to kill (pun intended), maybe we should add a postscript showing who the killer is.’ That was actually unnecessary as there was no doubt who did the dirty deed. The writers throw in a few threatening characters to throw off the audience, but, sorry, not gonna happen. What would I do to improve the story? Instead of peeing in the sink which she will never notice, have him pee in her orange juice…THAT will get her attention. Instead of just slinking around her apartment, have the killer rearrange her furniture, hang her pictures upside down…THAT will get her attention. Expand the nude scenes as the heroine has a killer bod. Heck, even expand the boyfriend’s nude scene as he has a killer bum…THAT will get our attention. If none of that works, put the closing credits at the beginning of the movie so we don’t have to suffer through 90 minutes of nothing happening.Since not much happens for the majority of the movie, I spent the time wondering what the heroine would look like without collagen injections. What did I learn from this flick? Dogs make much better protectors than cats.

  • carolina-curiel
    carolina curiel

    I enjoyed this movie. Was it clichéd? At times yes. What isn’t these days? Was the music score over-the-top? Yes. However, it was a breath of fresh air to experience a horror movie that featured no blood. In a time when most horror movies amount to nothing but gore fests, exploitation, and stereotypes, this one featured a female lead who actually spoke using a grown up woman’s speech pattern. That is in short supply these days. At least in American movies. I noticed a slight brogue so perhaps that explains it. The important part of this is that the movie freaked me out and kept me in suspense the whole time. It accomplished this with very little depictions of actual violence. Could it have been better? Yes. But it was worth watching. I would watch it again.

  • nikola-blahova
    nikola blahova

    I enjoyed this creepy home invasion thriller. HEY! A SHOUT-OUT TO the FILM-MAKERS OF THIS – I just watched it on Netflix, and I’m not sure if it was intentional or a digital error in the Netflix copy of the video … but some ending credits appear about 8 minutes before the actual ending, and it looks like an abrupt, bad ending, and many people would turn it off in disgust. But then there is about 5 MORE MINUTES OF THE MOVIE. Maybe THAT’S the reason so many people are PANNING this movie in their reviews. That false ending needs to be FIXED – people are missing the real ending! I would be interesting to know if the film makers did this intentionally, or if it’s a glitch in Netflix’s copy of the film??? Whichever – that ending needs to be fixed!

  • priede-adolfs
    priede adolfs

    Worst movie I’ve seen in a long time. Think Open Water, but on land. Lots of pointless lagging for two minutes of resolution (if you can call it that) at the end. I’m going to go pitty myself over the time I’ve lost watching it.

  • matilda-eskola
    matilda eskola

    No character development at all, so you’re waiting for something, anything to happen and nope nothing. So in the last 4 minutes it revealed who the bad guy is, which you already know and then nothing happens! So bad! Complete waste of time and why was Moby in it? His character as the main character’s mean teacher is just some random side that leads nowhere.

  • domagoj-bogovic
    domagoj bogovic

    I’ll be honest and say I’m only 30 minutes into the roughly 90-min movie. But come on. He gets in because she leaves her door open and unlocked?? Dumb bitch deserves anything she gets after that! I used to live in an extremely nice part of town and I still locked my door even if I was only walking to pick up a guest at the elevator around the corner. Having the “heroine” of the movie be a complete idiot just kills the whole thing. Right now, I’m only interested in the cat.

  • samouel-taxiarkhes-perdikes
    samouel taxiarkhes perdikes

    I’m giving this a rating of three because the acting was pretty good; they did good with what they had to work with and there were times I genuinely sat there in shock/fear in what would happen next. But that’s one of the problems with this film; nothing did happen. Also, I loved Oswald. He’s a very handsome cat. The guy is literally in her apartment for DAYS and all we see him do is just walk around and make himself comfortable. He’s even petting the cat when he walks by. It just baffles me that he stays in her house for all of these days and doesn’t kill her in the same fashion he did the first woman. I just don’t understand the point of kidnapping Elizabeth to just kill her? Why didn’t he just do the job when he had every chance in the world to do it? Now let’s move on to Elizabeth. she somehow doesn’t notice things he does. He eats her food, drinks her milk, and URINATES on her dishes in the sink. He even kills her boyfriend and hides him under the bed. HOW does she not smell the dead body? it just doesn’t make sense that she wouldn’t notice any of this…. but then again all she did was drink wine and take showers, so maybe she was so busy that she didn’t have time to notice any of it. And the thing that confused me the most is the fact that the cat let him pet her when he had the hood on and was sneaking through her house, but hissed at him when he came to “give her the lost wallet”. I honestly wouldn’t recommend this movie unless you’ve got nothing better to do. I definitely wouldn’t watch again.

  • katelyn-barker
    katelyn barker

    Honestly the concept as a whole wouldn’t be so bad, except that it drags on forever. It lost its suspense 10 minutes in because they kept showing the same thing over and over again. Seeing the same dead guy under the bed with spooky music loses its effect if its seen every 5 minutes. You have characters that are added in the script but have zero development and are only their to throw you off the scent of the real killer. There are so many plot holes its basically swiss cheese. The killers motive is “let me creep on and then murder my cute new neighbors.” The dude pees in a sink, murders some guy who he hides under the bed and his DNA is all over everything. and yet somehow he hasn’t been caught.This movie should have been a short and it would have been perfect. The suspense would have stayed throughout it and the added characters wouldn’t need much development. This however, was just lazy.

  • zurab-ch-ixlaze
    zurab ch ixlaze

    Intruder is that one movie that you’ve seen a million times before; a woman enthralls a creepy man who then decides to stalk her and mess up her whole life. Not to mention the ending is super stupid; almost laughable if I’m being honest. Save yourself the time because this movie is utterly forgettable.

  • danny-allen
    danny allen

    The intruder just walks around her house for half of the movie. So boring. He attacks the first woman right away but takes forever for the second one. It’s like he’s homeless and trying to find a place to stay. He doesn’t seem like a murderer or anything. Bleh. I had to finish watching it just because there was nothing else to watch. There didn’t seem to be any point of the movie. Then her boyfriend just walks in her apartment. Does she not lock her doors ever? That’s how you die. Then her boyfriend just takes a shower with her not there, mind you, they are fighting so why is he just chilling there. It was a very random and boring movie. Wouldn’t recommend it.

  • lina-van-den-nieuwenhuijsen
    lina van den nieuwenhuijsen

    This is one of those “how did they sell it to the actors” type of films. I mean, what actor / actress would even consider being part of such a disturbingly creepy – not in the good sense – type of film.You have to wonder if the writer, producer, director should actually attend some kind of counselling if they think this kind of trash is actually worth turning into a film.OK, so I’ve only watched about 20 minutes of it, and it’s on cable – so I would never actually pay good money to see this rubbish – so I can be forgiven for wasting only 20 minutes of my life on this. But really, what do the cast actually think while they are making this film? I guess people need to eat.

  • kelly-guzman
    kelly guzman

    I watched the first 10 minutes and the last 20 minutes and I’m positive I didn’t miss a thing. Boooring.

  • jokubas-kazlauskas
    jokubas kazlauskas

    Let me just say that the reviewer from Filmschool dropouts got everything right — including the comparison to the much better _Intruders_, except that he really wasn’t harsh enough. This is a godawful, stupid, predictable movie with a fake ending that tries to echo _Saw_’s twist, except that in _Saw_ we actually are given a new perspective through which to see everything and make sense of it all while here we are given exactly what we already knew with a lot of pointless montage and hyped up music. (After the fake ending, there’s a real one which isn’t any better or more thrilling.) If you can’t tell who the killer is the first time you see him, then you’re just the sort of clueless idiot the director is hoping will watch this film, because it couldn’t possibly interest anyone with half a brain. Why did anyone green light this project and give this kind the money to make a film with pretty decent production values — whose bud, son in law, or nephew is this guy? But I really do blame myself; I should have known from the opening scene how bad this flick is — a woman is murdered with a plastic bag and though she is still alive and kicking for several minutes, it doesn’t occur to her to just tear a hole in the plastic right where it is stretched across her gaping mouth. Like I said, stupid. It’s too bad because there are some great shots of the incessant Portland rain–nice atmosphere but zero suspense, and zero for original plotting.

  • juhasz-markne-horvath-rozalia
    juhasz markne horvath rozalia

    boring on top of boring with a side of boring. this “killer” just walks around the room doing nothing but raiding her fridge. waste of time. nothing happens in this movie. I watched him pour himself a glass of milk and said nope, I’m done. how did this pile of garbage even get funded? who knows

  • abhilaassaa-duube
    abhilaassaa duube

    OK, so there’s an intruder in her house. He’s doing little things to mess with her mind, like taking a bite from an apple and putting in back in the fruit bowl. Eating cottage cheese with his fingers straight from the container,peeing on her dirty dishes and rearranging a couple little figurines. Now that should be creepy and unsettling for her, except she never notices any of that,so it was all pointless to the movie. Let’s see,what other fails are there? OK,so her boyfriend was stabbed to death with no blood spilled. Not a drop. That happened in the morning. When late night arrived and he still hadn’t shown up at her house she called him, only to discovered his phone still in her house. So no one else called him even once that whole day? Actually if you’re the type who likes to pick apart stupid movies,like I am, this is a great one! If you’re looking to be scared ,don’t bother. If you want to nit pick,jackpot!

  • dr-emine-sevginur-demir-manco
    dr emine sevginur demir manco

    Bad guy kills victim. OR Victim turns tables and gets revenge on bad guy. Those are the two acceptable plots in a stalker/killer/home invasion movie. But Intruder does it different. The stalker breaks in, and doesn’t do anything. He arranges flowers when the lady isn’t looking. He orders lunch across the street. He pets the cat. And the worst part is that the audience is subjected to this nonsense over the course of several days, not just one scary night. That part is bad enough, but now we get to the victim herself. She starts off dumping her boyfriend and won’t take his phone calls. Good! She has courage and conviction and won’t be gullible. Then the bf shows up, sneaks in, appears naked before her, and she willingly sleeps with him. That’s the way to show him you’re serious about dumping him! Next day, they have the stereotypical fight about he wants to do some agriculture project and she wants to go to London…which one is going to give up their ambition for the other? Neither. Then she invites him over for more sex that night. Then she speaks to her boss about possibly not going to London. (Yes, after promising herself that she won’t take her boyfriend back and promising herself that she’d go to London, she then sleeps with the guy, invites him back for more, and then doesn’t care about London anymore). Way to stick to your plans!

  • bay-sabettin-tarhan
    bay sabettin tarhan

    Have you ever watched an intruder thriller and thought, “Boy, I hope the main character never even sees the killer?” Then this is the film for you!It has all of the great clichés of the genre: lack of peripheral vision on the part of the heroine, hiding in closets, unnecessary nudity, dead bodies under the bed, and, of course, “the call was coming from inside the house!” Then, instead of following through with these clichés, we’re left with buildups that lead to an unsatisfying end. Every. Time.The creators of the film were utterly confused about the point of this type of movie. It’s to inch our suspense forward for the final confrontation between the killer and the victim. In this film, they tease you with the idea and then leave you unsatisfied.The lead character is searching for her friend’s cat and begins looking under the bed where her dead boyfriend is? Nope! She goes outside and finds some creepy dude who has no bearing on the story. She tries calling her boyfriend and his phone starts ringing in the house? NOPE! She finds the phone and then decides it’s the perfect time to go to sleep. The corpse is left entirely undiscovered for what I assume is three days. I don’t think she has a sense of smell considering she also missed the fact that the killer urinated in her dishes. Yes, this happened.Really. Don’t waste your time. This movie plays like someone took deleted scenes from ten different thriller flicks, threw in awkward and unrealistic dialogue (“You work for the Philharmonic? That’s interesting.” “How so?” UGH I AM GLAD YOU DIED!), and called it good. The only time I screamed was when the final credits started rolling, and that was only out of the sheer horror that I’d wasted over an hour of my life watching this.

  • pani-tetiana-chalenko
    pani tetiana chalenko

    This “movie”, if you can even call it that, follows the recent trend of bad wannabe horror or suspense flicks written and made by people who clearly know nothing about the genres. The premise is tired and ridiculous. Some stalker is in her house through the whole thing, but she never has a clue that he’s there somehow…really?? Implausible and lame. This is a clear money grab that once again let’s down the people who actually dig these kinds of movies. Please stop making this trash! Life is too short and life too precious to be spent on this tripe. All that being said, I did give it 2 stars because the acting was decent and Louise Linton is an absolutely stunning babe…and she’s naked. If this entices you to watch this heap of fly riddled manure, do yourself a favor and fast forward to the shower scene. It’s about a third of the way in. Better yet, just Google it. Your welcome for the hour and half of life I just gifted you. Aloha:)

  • vilho-korhonen
    vilho korhonen

    I don’t understand the killer’s motive. The killer stalks the girl throughout the runtime, with exception to that cliché intro kill. He stalks her, then at the end, abducts her, then he just kills her. He stalks her for DAYS! He lives in her house without her knowledge! He pees in her sink just to mess with her. Then, he just kills her at the end. I don’t understand why he didn’t just kill her from the start if that was his goal. He had a S&M dungeon all set up. It makes no sense!

  • isabelly-cardoso
    isabelly cardoso

    Elizabeth (Louise Linton) plays the cello and showers in Portland. She is on her way to London. There is someone hiding in her small one bedroom apartment. Could it be her creepy conductor? the creepy neighbor? the other creepy neighbor, her boyfriend?, and will Elizabeth take another shower before the end of the film? We spent most of the film with some guy in her apartment spying on her and moving things around. It proved to be boring. Two stars for the body double shower.Guide: F-word, sex, nudity. Watch “The Seduction” (1982) instead.

  • nelu-nistor
    nelu nistor

    Intruder is a film that succeeds with the psychological fear that someone could be sneaking around in your house, right under your nose. Stalking you, and overall watching you. Anything else, however? No. We follow our character Elizabeth who is an up, and coming orchestra musician. Her life is then provoked as an intruder makes his way into her home, watching her when she isn’t looking. The plot of this film, for starters was utterly cliché. There have been countless films that use the following gimmick – Girl / guys’ life is becoming a dream, they plan everything they want to do – but in the process of doing so, their life is suddenly turned, and provoked. And it all comes crashing down before them. We’ve seen this gimmick countless times before, and this film literally just throws the cliché right at our faces. To add onto the cliché plot, the execution of said cliché in this film was actually quite bad. The delivery of the clichéd plot felt flawed, and overall came across the line as completely boring, uneventful, and even tedious. Through this entire film the occurrences displayed felt boring, lifeless, and even cardboard – like. Nothing really felt as if it was coming through in a way that would phase. We literally sit for about 30 – to even 50 minutes of the film listening to convocations that end up being completely pointless, and feeling as if it was there to serve as run – time. Throughout the film, this “intruder” doesn’t make a single move. Only once does he make a move that negatively affects the main character’s life. One. Other than that, we’re patiently awaiting for the alleged intruder to strike, but in the end he never does. This film’s pacing was agonizingly long, it felt. Something that’s quite bad, obviously for a horror movie. The pacing just felt atrocious in the sense this is a home invasion film, it deeply lacks any action, or anything that poses the killer as menacing, scary, or terrifying. The film throws probably one of the most obvious “twists” at the viewer as well, a twist that can be easily, easily seen, and when finally is shown is utterly disappointing, and fails to add any shock value, or thrill. This movie in its entirety lacks thrills, and overall entertaining aspects. Something that should be taken advantage of ( I’d assume ) in a home invasion film. The only thing positively I can really say is that the film somewhat managed to touchdown on the psychological fear of someone lurking in the darkness of your house. I can also say the acting was some-what decent, but in all honesty I feel as if the film threw characters in that we really don’t end up, in the end, caring about. Again, the films execution, even with the characters, is boring. To wrap things up, this was an atrociously disappointing film. It seems to try quite hard to add thrills, or to even phase the audience, but when reaching the end of the film it ends up failing in the much needed aspect. This film deeply lacked needed elements for a successful home invasion flick, let alone horror flick. The film drags excruciatingly long, having absolutely no pay off. The film attempts to add a twist, but said twist is extremely obvious, and blatant halfway through the film if you’re one to make theories. The ending to the film paid off in no way, shape, or form, in fact actually set this film to an all time low, I feel. To top it all off, there were also some pointless add- on’s to this film as well. For example a character that randomly spooks Elizabeth, then disappears. Never to be seen again. And finally, this entire film never explains itself, and just falls flat on its face entirely. By no means to I recommend this film. I can even, honestly go as far as to say this was one, if not THE disappointing “horror” film of the entire 2016 year. I understand all, in all it was an attempt. But this was a cliché from the start, and as a whole just seemed pointless.

  • pavel-kopecky
    pavel kopecky

    Ooof, this movie. Where do I begin? I love home invasion movies. It’s one of my greatest real life fears (though it’d be nearly impossible for someone to be chillin’ in my house without me knowing because a) I have a dog who would rip their face off, and b) my house is tiny as hell). This means it’s generally pretty easy for a home invasion movie to creep me out. So when there’s one that fails at even that basic criteria, there’s a problem.I feel like it’s just such a group of stereotypes all packed into one movie. The eerie music, the super shallow shots with a man lurking in the background, the pretty blonde, the dark and stormy night (and then next day… and then next night… and it continues on…), the introduction of multiple men who could ALL be the intruder in question. It’s tired.But ultimately, hardly anything really HAPPENS. There’s a dramatic introduction that tells us, in no uncertain terms, that a murdering intruder is on the loose… but then it’s pretty much nothing but tense moments of watching the intruder skulking throughout her home. For DAYS, Y’ALL. Like this guy is downright COMFORTABLE in her home, and I’m getting comfortable WATCHING him in her home, because nothing is happening except him creeping around. Boring. Plus Moby makes a few appearances as the main character, Elizabeth’s, sketchy tutor or teacher or whatever he is (and yo, dude, acting isn’t your forte).A boring script, overdone clichés, and plot hole after plot hole made this a dud for me.

  • gogita-kikvaze
    gogita kikvaze

    That should be an enormous red flag. When you have to hit up everyone you know to twist their arm to get them to kick in for your movie you should listen to them and think ‘maybe this is a bad plan. Moreover, when the lead actress is married to the CEO of a production company that’s not involved in the movie just maybe it’s a radioactive slag heap.It’s not all bad. She’s pretty to look at in a cold Gillian Anderson kind of way. Or if Tori Spelling were good looking. The housecat is also very soothing. What’s not good is her on again off again American accent that lapses into Scottish.Some weird things in the movie are, does she live in a house or an apt? Either way it’s 3x.the size of my home. But I have a washer dryer and she doesn’t. Why are the people taking so many showers? Seems that normal is taking 3 showers a day. Why do Portland thunderstorms go on for 3 or 4 days? Wouldn’t that be some kind of state of emergency? How does a home with no direct access to the outdoors be something a cat repeatedly escapes from? Don’t dead bodies start to smell? How do you take 3 showers a day AND wander around in an endless hurricane and your hair is never wet and your makeup is always perfect? When did changing a lightbulb become fearsome? Why does it take 12 hrs to call someone who’s missing? How do hot women live on nothing but two sips wine every 4 days, even if, like her sleeps 20 hrs a day?

  • reinhilde-karz-b-sc
    reinhilde karz b sc

    This movie is basically what a film student would make right after graduation when they are putting a ton of value into the cinematography and score instead of the actual plot. The main character looks like Heidi Montag from the Hills, but the way too skinny version. She also has the most boring life I could possibly imagine, and her apartment is way too big considering she does nothing but drink wine, shower and be the most oblivious person ever for the whole movie. There are several scenes with absolutely NO payoff so basically a waste of time. The film ends in the LAMEST way possible and yes I watched the stupid middle credits ending scene. (btw if you are getting murdered with a plastic bag over your head, don’t be an idiot.. just rip a hole in the bag where your mouth is). Her cat was the star of this movie and honestly, I’d rather listen to lil yatchy’s entire discography than watch this movie again.