Alice Paul and the women of the 1917 Women’s Suffrage movement fight for future generations right to vote and run for office. Sacrificing their health, marriages and the limited amount of freedom they had, women were imprisoned and force fed after picketing and hunger-striking against war-time president, Woodrow Wilson; but survived to see the results of their efforts.

Also Known As: Volonté de fer, Anjos Rebeldes, Angeli d'acciaio, Odrjesiti andjeli, Alice Paul - Der Weg ins Licht, Iron Jawed Angels, Vasakaratú angyalok, Demir Çeneli Melekler, Me tis soufrazetes, Ángeles de hierro, Ангелы с железными зубами, Angelu stiprybe, Pulsos de Ferro

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