An outbreak of dog flu has spread through the city of Megasaki, Japan, and Mayor Kobayashi has demanded all dogs to be sent to Trash Island. On the island, a young boy named Atari sets out to find his lost dog, Spots, with the help of five other dogs… with many obstacles along the way.

Also Known As: Sunu sala, L'isola dei cani, Wyspa psów, Dao cua nhung chu cho, Isla de Perros, Jazirey-e sagha, Ataris Reise, Το νησί των σκύλων, Kutyák szigete, Koerte saar, Ilha dos Cães, Isla de perros, Ostrvo pasa, Köpek Adasi, Pseci otok, Островът на кучетата, L'île aux chiens, Insula câinilor, Ilha dos Cachorros, Inugashima, Isle of Dogs - Ataris Reise, Остров собак, Острiв собак, Quan zhi dao, Ee ha'klavim, Isle of Dogs, Psí ostrov Czech

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