His wife dead from poisoning and his chief warrior, Kurbsky, defected to the Poles, Ivan is lonely as he pursues a unified Russia with no foreign occupiers. Needing friendship, he brings to court Kolychev, now Philip the monk, and makes him metropolitan bishop of Moscow. Philip, however, takes his cues from the boyars and tries to bend Ivan to the will of the church. Ivan faces down Philip and lets loose his private force, the Oprichniks, on the boyars. Led by the Tsar’s aunt, Euphrosyne, the boyers plot to assassinate Ivan and enthrone her son, Vladimir. At a banquet, Ivan mockingly crowns Vladimir and sends him in royal robes into the cathedral where the assassin awaits.

Also Known As: La congiura dei boiardi, Иван Грозный. Сказ второй: Боярский заговор Soviet, Iivana Julma II, Ivan, o Terrível: Parte II, Ivan the Terrible, Part Two, Boyarsky zagovor Soviet, Ivan the Terrible. Part 2, 'The Boyars' Plot', Ivan o Tromeros, meros B', Iwan Grozny: Spisek bojarów, The Boyars' Plot, Rettegett Iván 2., Iván el Terrible, segunda parte: la conjura de los boyardos, Iván el terrible, parte 2: La conspiración de los boyardos, Ivan Groznyy. Skaz vtoroy: Boyarskiy zagovor, Ivan the Terrible, Part II: The Boyars' Plot, Ivan the Terrible, Part II, Iwan, der Schreckliche II West, Ivane Mriskhane, natsili meore Soviet, Ivan den förskräcklige II, Korkunç Ivan II, Iivana Julma, osa 2/2, Ivan le terrible 2, Ивaн Гpoзни - Зaвepa пpoтив цapa, Иван Грозный. Сказ Второй: Боярский Заговор, Ivan den Grymme II, Ivan, o Terrível - Parte II, Иван Грозни 2: Боярският заговор, Ivan den grusomme - del II, Iván el terrible, parte 2

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