British intelligence-employed mnemonic champion Iain Smythe apparently has been kidnapped at an elevator during the planned handover to CSA agents of a list of data on British secret agents in the Middle East. In fact the briefcase was just a diversion, it’s all in his head, and a $5,000,000 ransom is demanded for his release. Frank calls in Jane, who isn’t pleased with a surprise visit from her self-invited mother, Polly Jameson. However the British agent on the case, Simon Custer, turns out to be on old professional and intimate friend of hers. The fiends seem to get killed off faster then the CSA can find them.

Also Known As: Jane Doe: Pamietam dobrze, Jane Doe: Escrito en la memoria, Thanasima mystika, Jane Doe: Igen, jól emlékszem, Jane Doe, miss détective: La mémoire envolée, Jane Doe: Yes, I Remember It Well

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