The petite waitress Johnny works and lives in a truck-stop, where she’s lonely and longs for love. She develops a crush on the garbage truck driver Krassky, although her sleazy boss Boris warns her that he’s gay. Maybe because of her boyish looks, Krassky likes her too. Both don’t notice the growing jealousy of Krassky’s boyfriend Padovan – until an escalation.

Also Known As: I Love You, I Don't, Yo te amo, yo tampoco, ジュ・テーム…, Te amo... pero yo no, Paixão Selvagem, Kocha, nie kocha, Amor Marginal, Rakastan, en rakasta, Je t'aime moi non plus, Erotiko trio, Elsk mig som du vil, Я тебя люблю, я тоже не люблю Soviet, Szeretlek, én se téged, Ego den s'agapo, Обичам те, а аз не, Je t'aime West

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