Jenny Slate: Stage Fright-2019
Genre: Comedy
Director: Gillian Robespierre
Writer: Jenny Slate
Stars: Jenny Slate
Countries: United States

Jenny Slate’s debut stand up-comedy special blends with home videos from her childhood and interviews of her with her family.::elledgej

Also Known As: Jenny Slate: Stage Fright

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  • milada-cermakova
    milada cermakova

    It started out okay when you first see her, but what came out of her mouth was full of inferiority complexes and unconscious self destruction. I tried my best and watched the whole thing; but please, spend your hour doing something else. Or give her money for therapy if you’re feeling charitable.

  • prof-berta-steffensen
    prof berta steffensen

    Somebody should tell Ms. Slate, that being self-harm-inducingly annoying does not equal funny in any culture or language. Referring to her as one, is not only an insult to any comedian, but also to the definition of the word itself. Absolute garbage.

  • curtis-ruiz
    curtis ruiz

    Could someone please tell that lady to stay at home? Thanks!

  • bayan-esmanperi-kisakurek-yaman
    bayan esmanperi kisakurek yaman

    Infectiously good-natured character actress and comedienne Jenny Slate makes a formidable dive into stand-up comedy with her first Netflix-produced special. Drawing on potent themes such as the actress’s Jewish identity, autobiographical introspection and the state of modern feminism, Slate transmits a down-to-Earth and unabashed earnestness that is very appealing. The special is intercut with b-roll footage of Slate in various stages of her life in the last few years as she reflects on her movie career in independent films (Obvious Child, Landline) and mainstream blockbusters (Venom) while also interviewing and conversing with the people closest to her such as her supportive parents, relatives, friends and professional colleagues that helped to pave her way.Slate’s whimsical and caffeinated personality are present throughout and her sense of humor is never grating and crude like some of her more widely known comedy peers such as Amy Schumer, Lena Dunham or Lisa Lampanelli, for instance. What’s more, the content of her special is appealingly self-effacing as she pokes fun at herself and her considerable quirks. Of course, no stand-up special would be complete without dishing dirt on her personal life and roller-coaster romantic entanglements as in these portions it finds Slate at her most playful with her guard down and, more or less, fully exposed and vulnerable. This hour is directed by Slate’s frequent collaborator Gillian Robespierre who had a hand in putting her on the map in independent films Obvious Child and Landline. As you might imagine, the pair’s familiarity with one another and working relationship translates superbly to this stand-up format. Lastly, this should prove very watchable to the uninitiated and could serve as a primer, of sorts, to hop aboard the Jenny Slate train. Can’t wait to see what else is up her sleeve and where her career might take her next.

  • julita-maciejuk
    julita maciejuk

    Not one laugh. I’m still waiting for a punchline. Filled with so many little-unexplored missed opportunities (such as Jews Vs Catholics). I find the whole show as gloomy as depicted by Jenny’s haunted house and black outfit. Not even Jenny’s dad thought she was funny I think. A self-indulgent biography without ever putting herself in the audience. Sorry.

  • rhita-ghasabyan
    rhita ghasabyan

    A nice attempt but just not for me. I could get through about 10-15 minutes before I had to bail.

  • pan-kirilo-skiba
    pan kirilo skiba

    Made it to 12 minutes… didn’t even crack a smile. Why are all of these unfunny comics getting specials?!

  • eino-ranta
    eino ranta

    I’m thankful that I was allowed to take a walk through Jenny Slate’s mind. If you want a standup special experience, go support live comedy. This is so much more than I expected and I’m glad that this exists.

  • olavi-toivanen-niskanen
    olavi toivanen niskanen

    Just annoying. Annoying as hell! If I could rate things with a minus, this was going to be it.

  • dustin-anderson
    dustin anderson

    I wish netflix brings real comedians and not bring actors who are very unfunny in the worst way…. i must say annoying too Stick to acting honey

  • filit-sezgin
    filit sezgin

    I love Jenny Slate. Absolutely love her and I love just watching her perform but this sickness of performers that do stand up and speak so much like reality show stars where they say ‘like’ constantly makes it difficult to watch. It’s just too much. And it may seem like a minor gripe but it honestly is challenging. But if you enjoy Chris D’Elia and can take hearing ‘like’ upwards of three times in a single sentence, you might like this a lot.

  • luis-aragones-mendoza
    luis aragones mendoza

    I’ll preface this by saying I think Jenny Slate is a talented actor and and incredible voice-over actor. I have followed her career and enjoy just about all she does.That being said, I found this difficult to watch. I wanted to like it, but it felt amateurish and awkward. And not particularly funny at all. I know this wasn’t billed as pure stand up per se, but for me (as all reviews are just opinions) this isn’t her realm. Stand up takes years to master, and putting together a “set” takes lots of work and re-work, trying out material on audiences and making adjustments and timing is key. This felt more like stream of consciousness with a few pre-planned anecdotes. It felt clear these were unchartered waters.I see that some people vibed with it. She is intriguing (i’d love to have a beer and conversation with her) and and her quirkiness, along with some home footage and interviews were enough to be entertained.I did note at least one person thinking the negative feedback thus far is based on taking a jab at the patriarchy and government. Yeah, someone is always offended by something, but I’m a white dude and thought they were cool sentiments. Just didn’t work for me overall.I’ll keep watching and rooting for Jenny, but my guess is, the consensus will be that this experiment won’t be considered one of her successes; in a career filled with them.

  • kalvelis-karolis
    kalvelis karolis

    This is not a stand up special. This is an actress experimenting with doing standup. And she did not succeed. She definitely needs to be written for because this was horrid.

  • dina-adyan
    dina adyan

    The comedy parts could not be less funny if she tried and then it has a creepy home movie interwoven with it that is also a documentary on hauntings. I don’t even think there was one structured “joke” in the entirety of the show. Nothing is even mildly comedic and borders on cringeworthy. Absolute garbage!

  • arja-jokela-kuronen
    arja jokela kuronen

    I like Jenny Slate.That being said, she should never be given a standup platform like this one ever again.I say this in the spirit of public service.This “comedy” special was beyond cringeworthy; it was physically and psychologically painful to endure.Her maniacal screaming, cackling, meandering and meaningless riffs (that she continually laughs at herself), combined with uninspired and banal video clips made this patently unwatchable.I tried to plow through this, but I had to stop. It was literally migraine- inducing. Seriously, I had to medicate.The screaming…so much screaming.Hopefully she can put this debacle behind her and get back to what she does best: stellar voice work, and niche roles that showcase her extreme neuroticism in a comedic manner.Do yourself a favor and don’t even turn this on out of curiosity. It could seriously sour your opinion of her going forward and induce PTSD from her hair-raising vocalizations.And if you disregard this cautionary advice, proactively turn the volume down before you start, and have two Advils at the ready.You’ve been warned.

  • judy-house
    judy house

    I thoroughly enjoyed this special, and as far as Netflix specials go, it’s one of my favorites so far. As for the other reviews, did the same incel write most of them? Jenny takes a few digs at the patriarchy, so I could see some other guys being threatened by it. Anyway, it’s a shame this is being review bombed, because it really is a good special. I hope people will give it a chance.

  • stepan-zhuk
    stepan zhuk

    This was difficult and awkward to watch from the outset. If you manage to persevere through the opening 5 or 19 minutes there is very little reward for your time. I have only seen Jenny Slate in small bit parts here and there and this is the first I have seen of her in a stand up setting but it was a stuggle to sit through. Given the opportunity again I would perhaps watch some paint dry.

  • eirik-hanssen
    eirik hanssen

    I tried to watch this comedy special, but for me, it mostly fell flat and I had to bail after about 15 minutes. I barely cracked a smile at her jokes, but SHE seemed enormously amused by them and giggled throughout. Maybe she’s actually funny (the audience seemed to like her) but I’m just missing the Jenny gene.

  • guptaa-vikrm
    guptaa vikrm

    When I saw “silly” I thought, yes, one of the few modern comedians who are putting the fun back in funny. But then she kept laughing at her own jokes and it all became a bit too much.I think for the most part she should do her, keep that spark alive, but I would suggest she tone it down just a hair. I think then she could be a breath of fresh air in stand up.Wishing her the best.

  • natalia-kotov
    natalia kotov

    There is no one who would find any of this nearly as funny as she does. Glad she was enjoying herself?

  • brandon-crawford
    brandon crawford

    First off I’d like to say that I think Jenny Slate is one of the most talented voice over artists working today. She brings characters to life and pretty much stole every scene in Secret Life of Pets. So when I heard she had a stand up show coming out I was very excited…however this could of been so much better than it was. I realise It’s probably the hardest medium to work in so anyone who even attempts has my utmost respect but with that being said this is a missed opportunity.I could literally go through this whole set up and break down which bits to expand, which parts to drop, which parts need tightening up, so why didn’t anyone else do this with her?My frustration is that Jenny is funny and this could of been so much better with just a little more work and refinement. I’m not a critic, but as someone who loves standup and appreciates it as an artform I can’t help but express a certain level of disappointment with certain specials of late which just aren’t up to par when you have the status and resources that someone like Jenny has.Why doesn’t she have a mate saying “hang on, you need to work on this bit” or “that’s not needed. And Jenny if you read this I genuinely think you’re incredible and would gladly put my money where my mouth is. And as far as your question about romance goes…I think its pretty obvious that your dad isn’t someone who opens up about his emotions freely and you probably didn’t feel enough of that as a child. Not his fault of course, and its made you into the person you are today but I think thats a more honest answer than “romance being built in” not that you were avoiding it.I love the concept of threading a mini doc about who you are and your family thoughout the show, but you could of delved deeper. You’re family are clearly very interesting successful people. Hearing that your sisters are happy in love and why you’re not is such a great theme to explore considering how “successful” you’ve become in the public eye…a discussion about you’re achievements and how its affected the family would be great…that might seem a little personal but then you were open enough in other areas. One of the cornerstones of great comedy is uncomfortable truths and suffering. So next time play to your strengths. And if you’re not sure what they are then get someone who loves you and wont sugar coat it to tell you and I’ll go through the whole show. At the end of the day you still did it, so fair play and congratulations, but you have it in you to be truly awesome, and you damn well know it.

  • sondre-ahmed
    sondre ahmed

    Stand up not so much. I stopped after 20 minutes. Just saying things randomly is not funny. The act was old quick.

  • zvonka-skok
    zvonka skok

    When taken for what it is worth and what it is meant to be, this is a pretty enjoyable show. There are indeed a few kind of blah moments. It is one part storytelling and one part comedy show. It is not meant to be just another standup comedy special. (Even the description of the show provided by Netflix that one can read before choosing to play it states as much.) The story told is personal and interesting and there are a few (and I do mean a few) touching moments that some of us can identify with (examples of unconditional love from a member of her family, stuff that might keep us from being as confident as we would like to be when doing what we do for a living, etc.). The comedy bits are also at times personal and often funny. I enjoyed this and it is worth giving it a watch if you want to enjoy something a bit deeper than the typical comedy special (not that I don’t like the typical standup comedy specials performed by proper comedians, this just isn’t one of them).

  • nigel-hopkins
    nigel hopkins

    I felt this was it’s own form of art. Silly and awkward, with highs and lows, it felt like a wonderful exploration of a chaotic mind. While it’s not laugh-out-loud the whole time, it’s authentic and I really left feeling like I would look forward to seeing what she does next.

  • ana-sophia-oliveira
    ana sophia oliveira

    I like Jenny Slate, and I think this special perfectly captures her as a person. She is unpredictable and Silly, and I think that’s what people love about her.I think you can tell that she isn’t a regular in stand up comedy, and a lot of the jokes were hit or miss for me. But I think the handful of things that made me laugh really hard made it worth watching.If you like her, then watch it, and if you don’t like her, give it a go anyway.