The Stilwins are on vacation to an isolated beach in Mexico. Walking on a deserted jetty, Doug Stilwin gets his leg trapped under one of the logs. All attempts to move the log are futile and Helen Stilwin takes the car to get help. However, an escaped criminal kidnaps her. Will she be able to return to her husband before he drowns?

Also Known As: Sekunden der Angst West, Csapdahelyzet, Vida Contra Vida, Ask Ugruna, Опасность Soviet, Fasans timmar, A Woman in Jeopardy, Опасност, Jeopardy, Astucia de mujer, Het verlaten strand, Risc, La plage déserte, Fare!, Epätoivon hetkiä, Sekunden der Angst, Gevaar, Antallagma apo mia gynaika, La marea della morte

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  • rosie

    Please, fix subtitles again…They disappear, don’t work since days!