In Calgary, a young Indian man attempts to gain citizenship by marrying a woman wanting to be a rock star while harboring feelings for the girl next door.

Also Known As: Jindua

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  • william-ramsey
    william ramsey

    Ultimate Movie…jimmy paaji rocks✨✨✨. I dont remember when I saw such a fantastic love story

  • dr-peterne-farkas-edit-szilvia
    dr peterne farkas edit szilvia

    This movie entertains me by lots of comedy romance and drama Jimmy ls the best as always Neeru was pretty and Sargun was excellent Music was fantastic I can not stop listening to these songs It’s romantic, fun, heart touching don’t miss out My rating would be 9/10 due to efforts of the plot and the direction DO NOT miss this blockbuster

  • nicole-kerr
    nicole kerr

    One of the very few Punjabi movies I have watched and I must say – even though Punjabi is not my language – I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Very realistic plot and excellent acting from everyone. Very honest and sincere story – attempting to entertain and convey a clear message to prospective migrants. 10 out 10 for such wonderful movie which is way better than so many rubbish movies Bollywood churn out every month. However – the most adorable character was the wonderful dog!!