Joker centers around an origin of the iconic arch nemesis and is an original, standalone story not seen before on the big screen. Todd Phillips’ exploration of Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix), a man disregarded by society, is not only a gritty character study, but also a broader cautionary tale.

Also Known As: Džoker, Xiao Chou, Джокер, Džokeris, Jokker, Жокера, Joker Czech, Joker, Coringa, Guasón

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  • anonymous

    Who the subtitles did on this movie? Yoda?

  • americanprez

    kinda boring movie, has its moments. thanks for the movie!

    • avori

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  • shawn

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  • a-real-person
    a Real Person

    Long, slow, boring. Slight echoes of ‘the king of comedy’ in which DeNiro played the wacked out comedian wan-a-be to Jerry Lewis’s late night talk show host.
    Not worth the 2 hours, & adds nothing to the Batman saga.
    Can not be considered a ‘prequel,’ and is just a terrible movie.

  • anonymous

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  • pitkini

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  • danny

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  • del-toro
    del toro

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  • karen

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  • president-scrump
    President Scrump

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  • eidan-calleja
    eidan calleja

    best movie

  • suzie

    Fix this site please I cannot watch new movies I keep getting abort messages and server messages when I try to play a new movie

  • anonymous

    Can this be downloaded?

  • sandy

    There are a couple of movies that aren’t what it says it is. Like The Mummy 1999. It is The Mummy from the past. Also there are movies that I can’t watch, which is very upsetting to me. I hope you can fix this.

  • k-savis
    K Savis

    What a movie! From the start right through to the end, so well scripted, played out and written. Joaquin Phoenix is absolutely faultless in this, so much so, it is quite disturbing in places. But perhaps what is more disturbing is when art imitates everyday life. I think this movie in a somewhat from the inside looking out kind of way, says a lot about the way in which the world is right now and how the systems and measures that were once put in place to protect people are being slowly being cut back or being deemed entirely unnecessary. The result is; even if shown as an extreme example in this movie, is perhaps more emblematic of so many socio economic, political, and macro sociological as well psychological problems that go ignored. I think this movie explores those.

    It is an uncomfortable watch at times, but you do sympathise with Phoenix, watching his transition and then ultimate demise is somewhat symbolic as it is destructive, Really well captured on screen.

    I think this is the best movie I have personally watched in a long time..

  • rocky

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      Hi Suzie. Yes I do experience that as well. I thought my phone was not updated for its software or browser. So I did reset it and it’s still the same. I wonder what happened to this site. I was quite upset abour it..

      • suzie

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  • shaukat-ansari
    Shaukat Ansari

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  • fortnite-pro
    fortnite pro

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    • bah

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