Joker centers around an origin of the iconic arch nemesis and is an original, standalone story not seen before on the big screen. Todd Phillips’ exploration of Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix), a man disregarded by society, is not only a gritty character study, but also a broader cautionary tale.

Also Known As: Džoker, Xiao Chou, Джокер, Džokeris, Jokker, Жокера, Joker Czech, Joker, Coringa, Guasón

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    There are a couple of movies that aren’t what it says it is. Like The Mummy 1999. It is The Mummy from the past. Also there are movies that I can’t watch, which is very upsetting to me. I hope you can fix this.

  • k-savis
    K Savis

    What a movie! From the start right through to the end, so well scripted, played out and written. Joaquin Phoenix is absolutely faultless in this, so much so, it is quite disturbing in places. But perhaps what is more disturbing is when art imitates everyday life. I think this movie in a somewhat from the inside looking out kind of way, says a lot about the way in which the world is right now and how the systems and measures that were once put in place to protect people are being slowly being cut back or being deemed entirely unnecessary. The result is; even if shown as an extreme example in this movie, is perhaps more emblematic of so many socio economic, political, and macro sociological as well psychological problems that go ignored. I think this movie explores those.

    It is an uncomfortable watch at times, but you do sympathise with Phoenix, watching his transition and then ultimate demise is somewhat symbolic as it is destructive, Really well captured on screen.

    I think this is the best movie I have personally watched in a long time..

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    this movie doesnt work, it just loading. it takes hour, if i fast forward the under text will function and fast forward but the movie is stuck at the main picture with a loading thing. (Joker-2019)

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    I checked out that site an they want a CC # for a sign up. I never give out that kind of info to watch movies that’s why I use this site. This is a good site it just needs more movies on it. Tyvm for the site info tho. I’ve had a lot of luck recommending movies for ppl to upload here. If you have movies you want uploaded just leave the title an year in the comment section an maybe you’ll get lucky like I have. They’ve put up at least a dozen of my recommended movies so far.

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  • nicholas-shepard
    nicholas shepard

    Joaquin Phoenix transform to the joker Best actor in 2019Amazing ending and no stupid girl clown to ruined the movie hope for joker 2

  • baghram-p-akhch-anyan
    baghram p akhch anyan

    The pool does not need the money. They need the dignity and respect, coz that is what it takes to be a human. If you don’t have that, money will only be a reminder of them being a “good boy”. Like some politicians, they feel so frustrated when people from the lower class does not accept their funding champions. In this movie, through joker’s life, I begin to get it.

  • mrs-marissa-delacruz
    mrs marissa delacruz

    I will stop watching movies if Joaquin Phoenix is not awarded Oscar for his tremendous acting.

  • naglis-sakalauskas
    naglis sakalauskas

    The movie was excellent and amazing, from the beginning that Joaquin’s personality is seen as he evolves in the Joker until the end, Joker is the most difficult character to do and I think Joaquin did it!!

    • anon

      Did you get it in English? It’s really confusing.

  • patricia-smith
    patricia smith

    While the trailers for this movie have may seemed like there was potential for an action packed movie, this movie, clearly before it came to theaters was intended to be a progressive character study. You shouldn’t go into this movie expecting intense action or the joker we know of the past. This is a movie about how Arthur Fleck becomes the Joker.I have seen so many bad reviews about how boring or slow the movie is, but I believe it was utter perfection. The first part of the movie we begin to understand Arthur as a person. All of his interactions with everyone in his life, be it good or bad. The whole point of a character study is evolution. And this is far and away one of the greatest evolutions of a character I have ever seen in a movie.Joaquin Phoenix’s performance is by far the best acting I have seen in a movie possibly in the last few decades. We see a challenged person be challenged by society and it completely breaks him down over time. And Joaquin isn’t acting, he is evolving all throughout the movie. If anyone thinks he doesn’t put on an Oscar winning performance, they’re out of their effing mind. Yes, the movie is slow to start, but it has to be. We couldn’t just jump into the joker and all the chaos. We need to know where it came from to begin with.The whole compilation of the movie is amazing. The complete Oscar deserving performance of Joaquin, the choreography, the cinematography, the score. Everything is in perfect harmony. While there may have been a lot of controversy surrounding this movie, the team put together a perfect movie and I pity those who can’t appreciate the tears and sweat and emotion that went into making this movie.I have always been so one sided in my movie preferences between Marvel and DC. I feel like Marvel is sooo much better overall and most movies DC puts out are trash. But Joker is far and away my favorite comic movie. Even though it takes a completely different spin on comic movies. You have to appreciate the evolution to appreciate this movie. It’s not an action movie, but it’s really rips and tears at all the emotions in one movie while adding a wild suspenseful kick. No other comic book movie has done that before.

  • isabella-da-cunha
    isabella da cunha

    The music. The intense. The realism. The performance. The story. Such a perfect combination of everything. I never felt that a character like joker could be real until I saw this. Phoenix shows us what a joker is in our society and shows us how power can be obtained. Philips on the other hand had the perfect choice of music, camera angles, lighting and every important factor. Overall, I did not expect the story to be this perfect. Too many shocking turns happened and it really does represent today’s society. If I was in the first screening, I would have applauded for 80 min not 8.

  • ovsanna-elch-ibekyan
    ovsanna elch ibekyan

    Need I say more? Everything about this Movie is Masterful in every single way! Joker isn’t just an awesome comic book movie, it’s an awesome movie, period. It offers no easy answers to the unsettling questions it raises about a cruel society in decline. Joaquin Phoenix’s fully committed performance and Todd Phillips’ masterful albeit loose reinvention of the DC source material make Joker a film that should leave comic book fans and non-fans alike disturbed and moved in all the right ways.

  • antoni-wosiek
    antoni wosiek

    I quit relying on critic reviews years ago… I noticed for this movie that the critics ratings were low but viewer ratings were high. That being said, what is the point of a critic when for this movie, they are oh so wrong. I went and saw this tonite with my mom. I went in skeptical and w some what low expectations. I knew not to expect your typical super hero movie. What we got was a masterpiece. I went in expecting sheer boredom and I was instead on the edge of my seat the whole time. Not action edge of your seat, it was a fear of what he may do or say next edge of your seat. To see this character evolve into what we all know as the #1 villain of Batman was beyond genius and Joaquin Phoenix is a true master at perfecting the art of consuming himself into this character. I may be all over the place with this but I don’t care. This movie, the story, the acting, directing, effects, everyone brought their A game and JP definitely deserves a nod and win for this role. And no, there is no comparison here to Jack Nicholson or Heath Ledger. Each actor took on this character and different levels, different story points and different points in time, so any comparison would just not be feasible or fair to any of the actors as they embraced him and made him come to life in their own genius way!

  • alek-sandre-garibashvili
    alek sandre garibashvili

    Joaquin Phoenix gives Heath Ledger a run for his money, true story. This is not a popcorn fluff comic book flick. DO NOT TAKE YOUR KIDS TO SEE THIS MOVIE. Shut down all ballots for the Oscar, Joaquin is taking that one home hands down. One of the best origin stories EVER put out. The only downside to this movie, is that it is a stand alone film that will have no sequels or ties to the DC Universe. Todd Philips take on the Joker is one of pure brilliance and Joaquin Phoenix was the Joker we deserved. He didn’t steal from Jack or Heath but yet you got a taste of both.

  • emilie-svobodova
    emilie svobodova

    I am not a Batman fan nor am I particularly fond of Joaquin Phoenix, but this movie was truly exceptional. It started slow but built to a viscerally satisfying crescendo. I never thought I would be rooting for the Joker, but found that I did so throughout the movie. The Joker’s pain was so palpable. I am filling out my Oscar pool card right now.PS This movie is dark and violent and decidedly not a super hero movie. Leave the kids at home.

  • prof-mik-mogensen
    prof mik mogensen

    This movie causes the audience to consider many topics on morality, particularly the poor choices made by the Joker. The Joker is more relatable in this movie than antagonists usually are. I think this gives a more realistic view of “bad” people, who are not usually 100% bad in all ways as society often judges. It is important to know when to sympathize with the Joker (towards the beginning of the movie), and when he needs to be identified as a threat (when he begins making certain bad choices). This movie is only suitable for adults who are willing to pick it apart and think critically about it. It isn’t for light amusement. That substance is what makes it so good.If you aren’t able to ponder underlying themes on your own, and you have to be handed all your thoughts to you, then this isn’t the best movie for you.

  • robert-strong
    robert strong

    Joaquin Phoenix IS the joker. Phoenix gave a performance that felt like a mixture of Heath Ledger’s joker, Jack Nicholson’s joker, and Alex in A Clockwork Orange:Overall, this movie was a trip to say the least. Cinematography was very good, and the soundtrack set the perfect mood for the film for the most part. The acting and plot are what sold it though. Phoenix made me forget that the character was one I had seen before in other movies. His performance mixed with the overall feel and plot of the movie made me leave the theater feeling like I too had just taken a descent into madness.I’ve never been a very big fan of superhero movies so I was a little weary going into the movie, but this had absolutely nothing to do with anything superhero related other than the characters. I loved this movie and will definitely see it again. It was just what I hoped it would be.

  • victoria-rodgers
    victoria rodgers

    The movie affects you in a way that makes it physically painful to experience, but in a good way.

  • diachkova-iraida-valentinovna
    diachkova iraida valentinovna

    I have just watched the Joker in Venice and I will say if Joaquin doesn’t get an Oscar this year then something is wrong with this world. This perfomance is just jaw-dropping, it glues you to the screen and doesn’t let go till the end. Story is very good and has some interesting connections with Batman lore(especially one you can’t guess from trailers). There are some scenes that are so tense ,well-acted and imaginative that push this movie to 10. Cinematography and direction are great, Todd has proven himself as a director. Robert is also good in his “small” role. Will definitely see it again as soon as it out in October.

  • adriano-mancini
    adriano mancini

    This is a movie that only those who have felt alone and isolated can truly relate to it. You understand the motive and you feel sorry for the character. A lot of people will see this movie and think that it encourages violence. But truly, this movie should encourage each and every one of us to become a better person, treat everyone with respect and make each other feel like they belong in this world, instead of making them feel isolated.

    • k-savis
      K Savis

      Yes, very well written.

      I would like to add that it also teaches us to take responsibility for our own lives, even if it does not entirely show us how, even if your not solely responsible for messing it up; you ultimately have to be the one that has to continue to live life and make it comfortable enough and pleasant enough for you. The means which you use to do that can not make sense to some, but I think we are all living in a not so black and white world anymore..

  • heidi-hubel-wirth
    heidi hubel wirth

    The acting, cinematography, sound design, and the script itself is phenomenal. This movie is a triumph. Joaquin Pheonix deserves an Oscar win for this tbh.

  • dagmar-benesova
    dagmar benesova

    It’s sad that Joaquin missed Oscar for ‘The gladiator’ as he was very compelling Villain. But I am quite confident he will win it for the ‘Joker’. Damn what a movie !!! Keeps u on the toes all the time. Unpredictable storyline and really a deep interesting plot. Did I forget to mention acting ? Damn Do niro and Joaquin teach u what really is 5 star acting. To enjoy this movie, get a wine in your hand, close the curtains, turn of ur cellphones and put do not disturb sign on ur door. Best Dark thriller suspense movie you will get to experience.

  • shari-ibarra
    shari ibarra

    I have seen Joker yesterday at Venice an early ill-fated screening. We had some trouble with audio that lead to a near-hour delay, but it definitely was worth it.Joker deserved to be presented at Venice Film Festival, an event that regards cinema as a form of art, because this film is far from a blockbuster or a mere entertainer movie, as most films in the genre are.It focuses on the psyche of the main character, as it slowly crumbles under the pressure of society. And thus, Joaquin Phoenix does a wonderful performance, earning almost surely a nomination at the oscars at least. It’s a take on the Joker that differs from Ledger’s, but I’d say that both are equally as good. The main difference might be that Ledger’s joker is a rational that acts insane, while Phoenix’s is insane to the root.Despite being a movie about a superhero villain, Joker is much superior to most of the movies of the genre (I’d exclude the Dark Knight Trilogy only, but Joker is easily as good as Nolan’s movies, or at least very close). It is a small-scaled film, with a distinct style and cinematography (that cannot but be appreciated) and a set of very cinephile references that however do not feel too forced or overly opressive. (most notable are the similarities to Scorsese’s ‘Taxi Driver’ and his ‘The King of Comedy’, but also Chaplin’s ‘Modern Times’ is somewhat referenced).I am eager to see more non-comedic efforts by Todd Phillips. This movie was so far probably the best of 2019 (at worst contested so far only by Dolor Y Gloria or Once Upon a Time in Hollywood), and that should be very convincing.

  • genaro-longoria
    genaro longoria

    Let me start off by saying if Joaquin Phoneix doesn’t get his Oscar for this movie. Then the Oscars should be cancelled. Phoneix is amazing as you might’ve heard from every review ever! But Todd Phillips. Is at his best here. The story lines he takes and visuals are just breathtaking. The score!! Omg the Score! Every time that score came on, I felt very uncomfortable, like something horrible was about to happen. It was GREAT. The Inspirations from Taxi Driver and King of Comedy are there, and add so much for the movie. And I got to be honest. There are scenes that are very violent. And its disturbing. But I honestly expected it to be WAYYYY more violent from all the controversy going on. Overall this movie was GREAT. Come Oscar season, it needs to be nominated for Best Picture, ScreenPlay, Cinematography, Actor, Score and Director

  • constanca-faria
    constanca faria

    I get why some people hate this . It’s because of the political message and how some people think that you need get empathy for Arthur’s madness. But come on that is not the point and it will never be. Enjoy this masterpiece because Joaquin Phoenix and Todd Phillips overdid themselves with this movie . The acting,music and cinematography are just amazing ! Please enjoy the movie without overthinking it.

  • kathleen-davis
    kathleen davis

    Joaquin Phoenix gives a tour de force performance, fearless and stunning in its emotional depth and physicality. It’s impossible to talk about this without referencing Heath Ledger’s Oscar-winning performance from The Dark Knight, widely considered the definitive live-action portrayal of the Joker, so let’s talk about it. The fact is, everyone is going to be stunned by what Phoenix accomplishes, because it’s what many thought impossible – a portrayal that matches and potentially exceeds that of The Dark Knight’s Clown Prince of Crime

  • dace-lusis
    dace lusis

    Truly a masterpiece, The Best film of 2019, one of the Best films of the decade… And TRULY the Best film to bring a comic book so chillingly and realistically to real ife. Remarkable Direction, Cinematography, Music and the Acting. I don’t understand why critics are surprised to find it DISTURBING and VIOLENT, when the title character is infamous for it and fans were already rooting for this. OSCARS are on their way!

  • marija-marolt
    marija marolt

    Most of the time movies are anticipated like this they end up falling short, way short. Joker is the first time I was more than happy with the hype. Please ignore the complaints of “pernicious violence” as they are embarrassing to say the least. If we ever “deserved” a better class of criminal – Phillips and Phoenix have delivered. This is dark, Joker IS dark and you will fall in love with the villain as you should. The bad guys are always more romantic anyway.

  • mitrut-pop
    mitrut pop

    Every once in a while a movie comes, that truly makes an impact. Joaquin’s performance and scenography in all it’s brilliance. Grotesque, haunting and cringy. Hard to watch at times,… but so mesmerizing, you won’t blink an eye watching it. Tragic, but with seriously funny moments. Emotional rollercoaster – sometimes, with multiple emotions popping-up at the same time.this is far from a typical action-riddled predictable super-hero movie – it’s a proper psychological thriller/drama, with the single best character development I have ever seen.

  • simona-horakova
    simona horakova

    I was a person that saw all the hype and claims of masterpiece as overreacting and overblown excitement for another Joker based film. I thought this looked solid at best and even a bit too pretentious in the trailer, but in here to say I was incredibly wrong. This is a massive achievement of cinema that’s extremely rare in a day and age of cgi nonsense and reboots. While this is somewhat of a reboot of sorts, the standalone origin tale is impeccable from start to finish and echoes resemblance to the best joker origin comics from the past. Joaquin bleeds, sweats, and cries his every drop into this magnificently dedicated performance. Heath Ledger would be proud. This is undoubtedly the greatest acting performance since Heath’s joker. The directing and writing is slickly brilliant and the bleak settings and tones are palpable throughout. When this film was over the place was blown away and every audience member was awestruck that they witnessed a film that could still transport them into a character’s world and very existence. Believe the hype. This is going to be revered as a transcending masterpiece of cinema.