Terry works for a bank, and uses computers to communicate with clients all over the world. One day she gets a coded message from an unknown source. After decoding the message, Terry becomes embroiled in an espionage ring. People are killed, and Terry is chased. Throughout she remains in contact with this unknown person, who needs Terry to help save his life.

Also Known As: Blysk pajaca, Salve-me Quem Puder, Sálvese quien pueda, Jumpin' Jack Flash West, Шпионски номера, Spiclik, sipirc, Knock, Knock, Spion fara voie, Jumpin' Jack, Jumpin' Jack Flash, Jack Flash Ha-Mekapetz, Ο κατάσκοπος που βγήκε από το computer, Kaifuojantis Džekas Flešas, Sálvese quién pueda, Uma Mulher dos Diabos, Jack el saltarín, ジャンピン・ジャック・フラッシュ, Джек-попрыгунчик Soviet, O kataskopos pou vgike apo to computer, Spionen der kom ind på skærmen

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