Huge advancements in scientific technology have enabled a mogul to create an island full of living dinosaurs. John Hammond has invited four individuals, along with his two grandchildren, to join him at Jurassic Park. But will everything go according to plan? A park employee attempts to steal dinosaur embryos, critical security systems are shut down and it now becomes a race for survival with dinosaurs roaming freely over the island.

Also Known As: Джурасик парк, Jurassic Park: O Parque dos Dinossauros, Jurski park, Парк юрского периода, Jurassic Park: Parque dos Dinossauros, Jurassic Park, Juros periodo parkas, Park jurajski, Парк Юрського перiоду, Jurský park Czech, Parc Juràssic, Jyulogei gungyun Hong, Jurassic Park 3D, Park Ha-Yura, Τζουράσικ Παρκ, Parcul Jurasic, Le parc jurassique, Parque jurásico, Jyuragi gongwon South, Park iz doba jure, Zhuluoji gongyuan Hong, Công Viên Ky Jura, Jurský park, Park jurajski 3D, O Parque dos Dinossauros, Jurassic Park - Collector's Edition, Cong Vien Ky Jura, Parque Jurássico, Jurashikku pâku, JP, Zhuluoji gongyuan

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