When a covert desert base is forced to divert World War III against a formidable adversary, a group of commandos and weaponized dinosaurs are hired to get the job done.::Milko Davis

Also Known As: Jurassic Thunder, Гром юрского периода

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  • artur-domingues
    artur domingues

    First time on set, and a lot of practical effects. When working with the Director Milko Davis, he takes you on a journey that blows your mind based on the shoe string budget that this film was done on. Definitely can see this movie having sequels.

  • gerald-bishop-begum
    gerald bishop begum

    A covert desert base manned by an elite group of commandos and weaponized dinosaurs are all that stand between us and World War III. You have no idea how much I loved every single second of this ridiculous movie. If I was 7, I would be driving my family insane talking about it incessantly. As it is, I’m 47 and plan on doing the same.This movie comes from Milko Davis and Thomas Martwick, who were also behind the films The Jurassic Dead, Curse of the Black Lagoon and Tsunambee.Between an opening joke that refers to their audio as ZHX – Zombie instead of the T in THX – and a comic book opening that makes fun od probably everyone that’s watching this movie, this is a down and dirty blast of fun.

  • ing-lucia-perales
    ing lucia perales

    Stupid funny crazy movie enjoyed it my kids as well. What sci-fi movie supposed to be about.

  • dragan-dolenc
    dragan dolenc

    Milko Davis gives us an outstanding literary masterpiece in Jurassic Thunder. Following thru on his dream by directing, his thrilling story gives us plenty of reasons to buy beer. Tell all your friends to join you for a special screening and make sure they bring plenty of Steel Reserve. Post it on Facebook. Heath C. Heine nails Trump to a tee. Any idiot drunk enough can not help but to cheer for the weaponized dinosaurs! You should certainly watch this film and contemplate the toilet paper rush due to the Coronavirus. You will need it after watching. We all need to support these companies that believe in giving us these masterworks because they think so much of us. I mean, dinosaurs are people too! Just remember people, when talking about the movies that really matter, Jurassic Thunder is one to be proud of seeing. Tell all your friends. I mean think about it, if you are able to watch this past 5 minutes, you are my hero. Idiots are people too. As evidenced by the cast and the sponsors and the great minds who greenlighted this. We should feel ‘special’ that the producers and studios think so highly of us. No matter how much beer you drank, drink all you want, we’ll make more. This review is sponsored by the world brewing federation.

  • hanna-engen
    hanna engen

    ….but then again, did you expect an award winner here? Your better off staring at the sun rather than watching this. Your eyes will thank you.