Kabhi Kabhie is the story of a poet Amit (Amitabh Bachchan) and the beautiful Pooja (Rakhee). It is the story of how these two visualize a perfect future together. But destiny has other plans, as Pooja bows to the wishes of her parents and marries Vijay (Shashi Kapoor). Amit drifts away from his poetry in a futile and unsuccessful attempt to forget Pooja he marries Anjali (Waheeda Rehman). But just how picture perfect are Amit and Pooja’s lives? Some 20 years on… spanning over to the next generation, Pooja and Vijay’s son Vicky (Rishi Kapoor) and Anjali’s daughter Pinky (Neetu Singh) from a prior relationship, fall in love. A chain of events brings together old lovers as friends. Kabhi Kabhie is a love story of generations.

Also Known As: Любовь - это жизнь Soviet, Kabhie Kabhie, Kabhi Kabhie: Love Is Life, Sometimes

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  • arne-jens-martinsen
    arne jens martinsen

    Let’s say it this way; in The Guinness Book of World Records, you’ll find (Kabhie Kabhie) at the section of the most idiot, boring, and surreal movies ever made as number one in all of these categories. While viewing it, I went to a spasm where I was laughing hysterically, astonished in a bad sense, and about ripping my clothes off. To all who think that (Geraftaar), (Mrityudaata) or (Sooryavansham) are The Big B’s worst movies; think again, because these are classics compared to the one at hand!I want whoever wrote it to be hanged. What’s this movie?! Honestly! At first, it’s a love story in which a boy and a girl sing in green woods and snowy woods. Then the boy’s heart got broken; you’ll never know why his girl left him?, or married that other guy in specific?!, and how come she’s always happy with him?! Then, it’s another love story in which a boy and a girl sing in green woods and snowy woods, a weak part when the boy’s father (likely a runaway from the nuthouse) wants his son to get marry, useless scenes for the boy and the girl with no singing in green woods or snowy woods, and a scene for the girl combing her hair just to assure that she’s happy (Huh?!). Then, a known matter in every Hindi movie; the girl is a foundling. So the trip to find the real parents. After a while, it becomes about 2 girls fighting over one boy, ..Oh sorry, after that, I immersed in this movie’s loyal absurdness, and surrendered forcibly to lethargy, instead of bursting out of rage, tedium, or not understanding!There is no clear plot. It goes stupidly from theme to another without any focus or ONE POSSIBLE MEANING, being a hellish maze of circle that passes to another circle that passes to another and another pointlessly. The events happen scarcely (so that’s why it’s called “Sometimes”?!). Plus a never-ending dialog; I thought that it was a contest to create the heaviest movie ever; where every scene repeats the other irritatingly, and this one won matchlessly. Or the writer was forced to fill it up with all the unnecessary dialog that he could make up, otherwise someone would kill his wife, children, cat! Whatever, this dialog is sold as hopelessly romantic jewels, while it is – in fact – a great book for all the cheesy, completely juvenile, romantic conversations!Well, the writer was stoned. To prove it: (Bachchan) marries a girl, yet he doesn’t notice that she wasn’t a virgin unless 20 years later! The explosions, in order to pave the way for building around a mountain, are child’s toys that don’t do a thing! (Shashi Kapoor) suddenly appears, at the end, on a motorcycle to chase his son into that chain of explorations; How he knew about it?, from where did he bring that motorcycle?, and while he’s rich, why he doesn’t ride something bigger?!, even my faraway neighbors heard my laughs at that moment! The girl who was about killing herself, because the boy she loved was in love with another girl, retreated weirdly when she knew that they were engaged (?!!). (Bachchan) remembers, out of the blue, that he loves his wife because their daughter was about to die (??!), and so on and on of incredibly lazy writing that could fit a Hindi melodrama’s outrageous parody!With no obvious point, I imagined many theories for its end; 1) (Bachchan) will marry his old love (Rakhee), then the latter’s husband will marry the first’s wife. 2) (Neetu Singh) will be discovered as (Bachchan)’s daughter, so when she’ll marry (Rakhee)’s boy; it will be like the reunion that those old lovers couldn’t have. 3) (Neetu) will be discovered as (Shashi)’s daughter from old mistake with (Bachchan)’s wife, so (Singh) and (Rishi Kapoor) are sister and brother, hence (Rishi) will easily marry (Bachchan)’s daughter (another way to achieve the reunion of the original 2 lovers). 4) (Rishi) will be discovered as (Bachchan)’s son, so (Shashi) will be shocked, and let his wife to her first love. 5) (Rishi) dies, nobody marries, and (Shashi) returns to the nuthouse!The taste of (Shashi)’s villa hurt my eyes more than the 70s flamboyant ties. The direction aimed at breaking the tons of dialogs, however with no avail. (Bachchan) appears with no moustache, then abruptly with one. Basically he wanted to be the opposite of what he was back then; so from comic, violent, rebellious and poor young man, to sedate, poetic, quiet and rich old man. But sure he selected the WRONG script. I kept wishing for (Prem Chopra), (Amrish Puri), or (Amjad Khan) to show up, fighting the leads, killing them, or anything that may spread an atom of heat, attraction, or movement in it!It’s 2, so long, movies in one, with no connection or unified purpose between both. Maybe its writer’s wildest dream was to smash the legend of “the first love”; whereas (Bachchan) chooses lastly his wife, not his first love, (Rakhee) does the same with her husband, and (Bachchan)’s daughter with (Rishi) as her first love who she loses to another girl. But, if that was the hoped-for meaning, then it couldn’t be done more adolescently and horridly!Not that big stars were involved. Not that it alleges being highly romantic. But for being a hit once, and being called a classic that make me finally collapse. Rather, it’s a 3 hours hit to the head, and a classic at being a mammoth nonsense. It makes the news bulletin more fun and less weary to watch!

  • niels-van-gemert
    niels van gemert

    The summary sums it up all. Imagine a star cast comprising Amitabh Bachchan, Waheeda Rehman, Shashi Kapoor, Raakhee, Neetu Singh, Rishi Kapoor, all larger than life stars, behaving like mock puppets. The film, made on a big big budget, is designed to be a love story !! What we see is people wearing the garb intellectualism and supposedly representing the cream of society behaving his indolent imbeciles, display neither maturity nor calm, or even pretence of intellectualism. An example: Amitbah Bachchan loves and loses Raakhee to Shashi Kapoor, writes poetry in her memory, runs a mine (do not know how, he is never shown to work) , lives in style fit for emperors, and shouts and screams when he learns his wife Waheeda too had a broken love affair. So much for his poetic demeanor. The only silver lining is the dulcet and placid use of raga Pahadi by Khayyam in the background. Sahir’s lyrics / poetry in this film is grossly overrated.

  • anita-krievs
    anita krievs

    OK – this film is worth seeing because indeed, the poetry and music is superb. But puhleez! the acting is below par or perhaps it’s due to the weak script. The story has potential, but its execution is lacking.I did appreciate, and still do, a good love story, and this it has, but it’s an immature story never properly realised on the screen; perhaps the re-make will finally fulfull this potential.I know a number of Indians that adore this film – perhaps, my not liking it is my exposure to other foreign films and India’s limitations on imported cinema in that time period and thus, their exposure to ‘higher-quality’ cinema. I do know that even a lot of the sappy love stories done now in Bollywood I really like… but this… sorry!The individual song, “Kabhi Kabhie” is wonderful esp. the remix done by Bally Sagoo – search the net for it – his mix is excellent.

  • barbara-vardapetyan
    barbara vardapetyan

    I have only recently realized that in fact I don’t really like Yash Chopra’s movies. These were really the first Bollywood films I have seen so I just thought – that’s Bollywood, it’s OK. However, later I thought – hang on a second, how come other movies are so much better than these? Most of Yash Chopra’s movies were fine, you can’t really see any significant flaws in them but they just lack something. I don’t know what it is, it’s just that somehow they don’t make the right use of their potential.However, I did like “Kabhie Kabhie” quite a lot. Out of all the movies by Yash Chopra that I have watched, this is the best one. Actually, at first I thought it was really crap but I changed my mind about it.At first I thought the story was just ridiculous. Now I think it’s actually quite good. A fresh look at the question of whether past is really past and if we are allowed to forget it or not. What I liked in the movie was that the characters weren’t at all perfect – they had a lot of weaknesses. Especially Big B.’s character, of course. And Vicky, played by Rishi, who really annoyed me at first, but now I think it was a pretty interesting character. So was Pinky. Sweety is terribly spoiled and this begs the question how come that such cultured people could raise such an ill-mannered and silly girl. However, apart from Sweety all the other characters are pretty convincing. The happy ending comes somehow too quickly, like in ‘Silsila’. I think that people normally need more time to sort out their problems, but basically I liked the message in this movie.My favourite character was definitely Vijay, played by Shashi Kapoor, who surprisingly turns out to be the most mature character of all and makes Amitabh finally understand his mistake. Basically, I think Shashi and Rakhee rock in this movie. Rakhee may seem too perfect to some people but I also liked her for that reason, Pooja is really a very likable character. Neetu Singh was also very good, I mean: making a person named Pinky a complex character – that is really amazing.

  • miriam-marchetti
    miriam marchetti

    Kabhi Kabhi – Sometimes life comes in full circle! Amit (Amitabh) loves Pooja (Rakhee) since college days.Pooja gets married to Vijay (Shashi) and conceives Vicky (Rishi).Vicky falls in love with Pinky (Neetu) – an adopted daughter of the Kapoors.Pinky is the illegitimate (pre-marital sex locha) child of Anjali (Waheeda).Anjali is wife of Amit! Anjaili gives birth (legitimate this time)to Sweetie after sleeping with Amit (her husband).Sweetie falls in love with Vicky! Vicky rejects Sweetie – earning the wrath of Amit – for Amit was a failure in love himself and it hurt him to see that Sweetie would have to live-on with unrequited love – more or less like father, like daughter – also like mother – since her mother (Waheeda) too had been in love with someone else and was afraid to confess to Amit about her pre-marital sex, pregnancy and even delivery! Such a huge secret was hidden by Waheeda!! So a sad Amit reluctantly married an even sadder Waheeda (she was a mother after all who had given birth to a ‘nanhi-pari’ but never could shower her love on her – sob-sniff) and they ‘copulated’ lovelessly – thereby giving birth to an entity like Sweetie – whose love for Vicky went unrequited! Like Parent, Like Children – amazing huh!! Mind it – a 1976 film – pre-marital sex and associated lochas are ramphant – why on earth do the oldies scream and shout at the youngsters saying that the current generation has gone to the dogs! Even they were not adhering to chastity or virginity – how come they expect their sons and daughters…kith and kin to behave all nice and decent and chaste!? Pooja’s heart, mind and soul remains with Amit – body with Vijay. Only Vijay is the one who seems to not have had any locha affair – but what does he get as a reward? Pooja’s body – well most Indian husbands will quite agree that it is enough – heart, mind and soul are difficult things to handle – it is better that the female handles it all alone – which maximum wives do by dwelling in their reverie – with some distant (existing or non-existing) dream lover!Life & Compromise – So Pathetic Indeed!

  • tomurcuk-zemzem-sezer-sezgin
    tomurcuk zemzem sezer sezgin

    Skip the movie and buy the soundtrack instead. Great songs but painful sitting through the entire film.

  • gailys-domas
    gailys domas

    Yash Chopra made several good films in 70’s, 80’s till early 90’s IMOAfter the riveting DEEWAAR(1975) he returned with Bachchan and Shashi which was their perhaps 3rd film together after blockbusters like ROTI KAPDA AUR MAKAAN(1974) and DEEWAARThe film starts off well and slowly transforms into a mature love story with lot of complications The story slowly moves ahead 20 yrs and the story gets more complicated but it’s brilliantly handledYash Chopra handles the film very well, he excels in handling relationships Music is goodAmiabh handles his part like a pro, in a role that sheds his angry young man image he does a great job Raakhee is good too Shashi too does a good job Waheeda excels Rishi Kapoor is delightful, Neetu too does a good job Balraj Sahni, Simi Garewal lend adeqaute support

  • linn-ellingsen-pettersen
    linn ellingsen pettersen

    “Kabhi Kabhie Mere Dil Mein” who can forget that song by the late Mukesh and Lata Mangeshkar. I first saw this movie in the mid 1970’s when it was first released. The cinemas were totally packed – “House Full.” The songs were already famous before the release of the movie.Amit Malhotra, recites one of his poems at a college / university where he meets Pooja” and they both fall in love. But parents have other plans and Pooja gets married to an architect, Vijay Khanna while Amit returns home and joins his father’s business – a construction company. As time passes, Pooja and Vijay have a son, Vikram, also known as “Vicky”, who falls in love with Pinky Kapoor while studying and the two plan to get married. The two families meet and realise that Pinky is Doctor R.P Kapoor’s daughter and that Vijay is his patient. In the meantime, Pooja who has her own TV show, interviews Amit Malhotra, who informs her that he has given up writing poetry. In the meantime, Doctor R.P. Kapoor informs his wife that he is worried about what Vijay will think when he finds out about Pinky’s past.”Kabhi Kabhie,” directed by Yash Chopra, stars Amitabh Bachchan, Rakhee Gulzar, Shashi Kapoor, Waheeda Rehman, Rishi Kapoor, Neetu Singh, Parikshit Sahni, Simi Garewall and Nasreen. Ifteqar and Deven Varma make a special appearance.This movie is “poetry in motion” totally and that is not to mention the acting, the story, cinema photography and lastly the songs. This is a typical Yashraj film where the scenery is concerned – mountains and snow.Conclusion: This is a worthwhile to watch whenever you have the chance for “Love Is Life.”

  • amelie-besnard
    amelie besnard

    The last time I watched ‘Kabhi Kabhie’ I was perhaps five years old and, to be honest, I didn’t remember anything about it. So after a rewatch yesterday, I feel that it’s a film that hasn’t particularly ‘aged’ well. It’s entertaining nonetheless but not among Chopra’s best works. There are a few overly sentimental scenes and some overacting.There are several unintentionally funny moments such as the death sequence of Anju’s ex. Most of the songs, especially those visualized on Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh should have been left out, in my opinion. Those were bad songs with poor lyrics. Characterization is also faulty. An example being the character Sweety who’s more of a one-dimensional caricature. The dialogues didn’t live up to standard either like the sexist speech that Amitabh delivers towards the end to Waheeda’s character highlighting how strong men are and how weak women are.The execution is nothing remarkable. Camera-work and sound design appear completely flat. The action sequences although few in number are unnecessarily stretched out. Heavy editing was required. However there are some notable sequences that stand out. For example, Amit and Pooja’s reunion and Anju showing affection for the daughter she had abandoned.Performances are a mixed baggage. Waheeda Rehman is terrific. Shashi Kapoor is quite charming. Amitabh Bachchan and Rakhee are competent. I liked her chemistry with Kapoor and Bachchan. Neetu Singh tends to overact. Rishi Kapoor is quite irritating. Overall, flawed and dated it might be but it can be entertaining when watched with the family (the aforementioned songs and action sequences can be fastforwarded).

  • bethany-whitehouse
    bethany whitehouse

    A year after the classic ‘Deewaar’ (1975), the Yash Chopra-Amitabh-Shashi combination joined forces once again. But unlike the hard-hitting action-drama, this time they teamed up for a simple, poetic romantic drama.I am normally a big fan of multi-starrers and family dramas and this is a big reason for my liking this film. The film has about 9 central characters and all of them manage to leave a mark. Also a film starring Big B and Shashi Kapoor is always a must-watch for me. The crackling chemistry they shared between them was far superior to any of the leading heroines of those times. No wonder they did more films together than with any particular heroine!But in most of these films there is a perennial complaint of Big B tending to overshadow Shashi. But ‘Kabhi Kabhie’ is a heart-warming exception. Not just compared to Bachchan; but out of the entire bouquet of characters, it’s Shashi who creates the biggest impression. His ever- smiling charming persona with a big heart of gold, is a complete delight. My favourite scene was where he went under the table to snoop on his son’s telephonic conversation. Also the confrontation scene between him and Bachchan towards the end was terrific. It’s just for him, that one could see the film time and again!The other attraction of the film is we get to see stars like Big B, Shashi, Rakhee and Waheeda Rehman, who were in their youth; being projected in older roles. If these characters were to be played by actors who matched the age, then the film would lose half the charm.One expects a tight narration in multi-starrers; but here the tone was kept deliberately simple. It’s obvious from the start that it’s gonna be a very poetic film. But unfortunately this makes the film quite boring and monotonous at parts. In fact the original premise of the Amitabh- Rakhi romance ultimately turns out to be a mere subplot. One certainly expected something more here. But just on the verge of the climax where it appeared we were headed for a melodramatic finish, we are treated to a sudden chase-sequence which was a delightful surprise. The sequence is brilliantly shot with horses, jeeps and motorbikes embroiled in a trail with blasts going off on the picturesque Kashmir mountains behind. It’s the ideal finish required for a film like this.Music by Khayyam and lyrics by Sahir Ludhianvi are highlights of the film. But there are just too many songs in the 2nd half which obstructs the pace of the film.This was a terrific example of the versatility of Chopra who could switch effortlessly between two diverse genres. Although, he is mostly remembered as a ‘King of Romance’, personally I find him more capable in the action-ventures like ‘Deewaar’, (1975) ‘Trishul’ (1978) and ‘Kala Patthar’ (1979). As a result, ‘Kabhi Kabhie’ fails to match up to those standards; but is still the best romantic film of Chopra after ‘Chandni’ (1989).Many consider it to be a great romantic film or even a poetic film. But for me, this film is special just because of Shashi, the star-cast and for getting to see a whole bunch of actors playing characters far older than their real age!

  • pan-kazimierz-obuchowicz
    pan kazimierz obuchowicz

    Kabhi Kabhie is what I’d like to call a complete movie- it has all the fine elements. Good story, great dialogues, great direction- and great acting. Amitabh Bachan, Raakhee, Shashi and Rishi Kapoor, Waheeda Rehman and Neetu Singh gave a convincing and touching performance. I enjoyed Mukesh’s songs. The poetry was simply breathtaking! The scene between Amitabh and Raakhee meeting 20 years later was very touching. It was a very beautiful love story, woven through several generations, and it felt as though it was a journey through several emotions and moments of recollection, remorse, repentance, etc. There was an atmosphere of unspoken love and care in the story. Many untold things took physical shape and meaning only in the hearts of the audience. It was great! All-in-all a 9/10 movie!

  • kian-hexspoor-bijlsma
    kian hexspoor bijlsma

    After directing action movies Joshila and Deewaar, Yash Chopra made Kabhie Kabhie with a theme that he is good at i.e. Love. The movie starts with the song “Main Pal Do Pal Ka Shaayar Hoon” and, ends with the song “Main Har Ek Pal Ka Shaayar Hoon”. What lies between the two songs of the poet is a well told love story spanning two generations that shows the transformation of the poet from “Pal Do Pal Ka Shaayar” to “Har Ek Pal Ka Shaayar”.I have watched Kabhie Kabhie several times and, yet I have not got tired of this movie. The main reason for this is that as an audience I can associate to Kabhi Kabhie in different ways, to the characters, to the story, to the music or simply to the musings of the poet.There are seven main characters and, all of these characters are natural and realistic that audience can feel each of the characters emotion and associate to them. Amitabh, Rakhee, Shashi Kapoor, Waheeda Rehman, Rishi Kapoor, Neetu Singh, Naseem, all of them have acted very well; but it is Amitabh who steals the show. Parikshit Sahni and Simi Grewal have supported well as the foster parents of Neetu Singh and, Deven Verma provides the comical relief (given a few scenes he leaves a good impression).Yash Chopra has handled the theme of the movie very well and, has directed superbly. He keeps the story telling simple and linear, develops each character very well, and never goes far from the crux of the story even when touching issues like premarital relationship. Though brief, he also captures the capital Delhi nicely. I regard Kabhie Kabhie as Yash Chopra’s best movie until now. He did break the grounds with “Lamhe” in terms of story but he is yet to surpass Kabhie Kabhie as director.Music and songs have always been the strong point of Yash Chopra’s movie. Kabhie Kabhie is among the top ones in that list. The credit goes to both Khayyam and Sahir. One may have to watch Kabhie Kabhie second time just to enjoy the music and songs. The songs melodiously rendered by Mukesh, Lata, Kishore and Pamela to date are chart busters. At the time when Kishore’s voice was getting associated with Amitabh, Khayyam broke the trend by using Mukesh’s voice to capture the soul and the depth in the poet’s (or Sahir’s) lyrics (note that in Trishul he did it again using Yesudas’s voice for Amitabh).Khayyam not only composed delightful music for beautiful songs written by Sahir, but also scored one of the best background music in Hindi cinema. The background music is very rich, consistent, pleasant and captures the mood of the characters so as to relate them to the audience. Khayyam has done it mainly by efficiently fiddling with two instruments, such as, two guitars (when Sweety introduces Vicky to Preeti and, when Amit, Anjali, Vicky, Sweety and Preeti are eating dinner), guitar and sitar (Amit and Anjali discussing in the bedroom while they are thinking about two different things and, the change when they talk about themselves; Preeti and Vicky arguing in the garden after Preeti comes to know about her mother), banjo and violin (when Anjali finds out about Preeti and Vicky’s love) to describe a few.It isn’t that there are no weak moments in the movie. The story line does has some weakness; but the different strengths of the movie does not lets the audience feel or see them, or lets the audience to ignore them.As a whole Kabhie Kabhie is one of the best movie that has graced the screens of Hindi cinema.