A group of environmentalists arrives at a faraway tropical delta where toxic waste is being dumped. However the water also hides a giant crocodile. The corrupt local officials don’t help much either.::Anonymous

Also Known As: Dolofonos krokodeilos, Δολοφόνος κροκόδειλος, Der Alligator West, Killer Crocodile, Крокодил-убийца Soviet, Murder Alligator, Cocodrilo asesino, Tappaja Krokotiili, Krokodyl zabójca, Der Mörder-Alligator West, Khooni Magarmach, Killer Crocodile - Tappaja krokotiili

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  • blake-long
    blake long

    This a horror movie but I’ve never seen a movie so funny. People fall in the water but there is no reason to fall, heroes don’t make the difference between a tree and the crocodile. The most wonderful stuff is the internal view of the crocodile. You MUST see it to believe it.10/10

  • marusa-lesjak
    marusa lesjak

    The cast is unknown the director is unknown and the movie is unknown, but that dont keep it from being funny. I found this movie a couple of years ago in a shop with strange movies and other stuff in Sweden.The cover of the movie warned about strong scenes and much gore,so I bought it. I sat down to watch it,only to find out that this movie was so badly made that it was funny. Hahahahah

  • vasare-pocius
    vasare pocius

    Killer Crocodile is set in Santo Domingo & starts as several American ecologists sail through a swamp there, they are looking for proof that big business is dumping it’s toxic waste into the swamp & causing an environmental disaster. Pollution levels in the water are extremely high & when they discover a pile of toxic waste barrels dumped in the swamp they intend to blow the whistle & put an end to the illegal dumping. However after setting up camp for the night Conchita goes missing, the other’s fear for her safety & when her dead, mutilated body turns up the local medical examiner claims that she was killed by some animal. Local big game hunter Joe (Ennio Girolami) fears that a killer Crocodile may be on the loose & he is proved right when a huge twenty foot Crocodile attacks a small village killing a couple of people, the town Judge (Van Johnson) doesn’t want to know so Joe & the remaining environmentalists set out to kill the Crocodile first before it kills anyone else…This Italian production was co-written, produced & directed by Fabrizio De Angelis & is a straight forward Jaws (1975) rip-off that is pretty awful, as a huge fan of the Italian exploitation genre it’s safe to say that it’s better days were well behind it when Killer Crocodile was made. The Jaws similarities are there for all to see, the water based menace that eats people, the fact that it lurks just under the surface with only part of it visible above the water, the craggy old hunter who sets out to kill the monster, the music is a virtual note for note reworking of the classic Jaws theme, the local businessman & town officials who want to keep the killer animal secret for fear of bad publicity & just the way the script is written screams of Jaws. As you might expect Killer Crocodile has none of Jaws effectiveness, it is really dull & boring with long stretches where nothing happens, the attack scenes are so poor & unimaginative that any self respecting creature feature fan will want their money back once the end credits begin to roll. The character’s are awful, they are all bland & stupid who aren’t helped by an awful script that contains some terrible dialogue. With a film such as Killer Crocidile it’s easier & quicker to list the things that are good about it, well it has one or two mildly gory moments & that’s about it. Listing all the things wrong with Killer Crocodile would take a lot longer. At 90 odd minutes long Killer Crocodile drags & crawls along, you get the occasional really bad attack scene, a few shots of the Crocodile in the water & those throughly dull humans who are hunting it down. This is bad, very bad.Reasonably well on location Killer Crocodile was made before CGI became commonplace & therefore we have a big rubber Crocodile that barely moves as it’s floats in the swamp, it’s never really seen eating anyone although it does bite someones arm off whose stump then spurts a lot of blood. There’s also a couple of dead bodies seen & that’s about it. Most of the victims are killed off screen. There’s no nudity or sex either & overall Killer Crocodile is fairly tame & forgettable. There’s no tension, suspense or scares in this annoyingly drab film. Filmed at the same time as it’s sequel Killer Crocodile II (1990) which uses many of the same cast & crew.The acting is bad, well at least the dubbing is bad. In fact it’s hilariously bad with seemingly no attempt to match the dialogue with the on screen actor’s mouth movements. The special effects are average at best & don’t convince but they aren’t as bad as some that I have seen although that’s not saying much.Killer Crocodile is a really dull & boring film that is your basic common or garden variety Jaws rip-off, the effects are dated & the whole film is forgettable. There are better creature features out there, don’t bother with this one even if you can find a copy.

  • albina-fartushniak
    albina fartushniak

    I can’t believe this was actually intended to be a serious horror movie. This came out after the bombing of JAWS IV : The Revenge. By the late 80’s nobody was interested in killer animals.I had a difficult and terrible time watching it. It’s a really boring movie. There’s no action, gore, or even good looking women (that’s the least you can ask for in a movie like this!).The only thing the audience gets is a laughable cartoonish crocodile and cheesy death scenes. The atmosphere is not nearly scary and the movie is very slow…Please don’t watch this one. Skip it at all costs. 1/10.

  • patrick-moon
    patrick moon

    A film crew documenting the tributaries of a Central American river system is decimated following an encounter with an enormous, aggressive crocodile. Nature photographer Crenna (Richard’s son) combines with the feared and revered local hunter (Girolami) to hunt and kill the giant perpetrator. But corrupt official (former screen legend Johnson) is not so keen on them discovering other activities in the swamp, and sends in the heavies to thwart their attempts. Gianetto De Rossi’s special effects aren’t especially authentic, but certainly add colour (mainly crimson) and excitement to this otherwise turgid action caper, which suffers from some woeful performances and lazy construction. As is often the case in Italian horror movies, though less acceptable in the West, kids are prolific on “Killer Crocodile”‘s menu; in one memorable scene, the croc devours several of them when a pier collapses.It’s a travesty of a “Jaws” rip-off, made remotely watchable by the unusual cast that includes a bloated and almost unrecognisable Van Johnson as crooked local law enforcement figure, known as “the Judge”. Johnson looks disorientated at times, and seems to be simply delivering his lines on cue, with little to no interaction with the Italian-speaking cast’s dialogue.The scenery is sometimes pleasant, and the score is functional, but the acting is at times, abysmal, and nothing short of embarrassing. Conceptually weak with little consideration for plot development or narrative construction, the filmmakers seem to rely on the subject matter and gory special effects to earn the film some kind of cult status, and therefore become commercially successful. In reality, the film remains obscure with good reason. Followed by “Killer Crocodile 2”.

  • morozova-kira-georgievna
    morozova kira georgievna

    For an Italian film about a killer crocodile, KILLER CROCODILE is about as much fun as you could want it to be. Sure, all of the clichés are there and its as indebted to JAWS as one might expect, but a fun cast, good effects, and not-bad direction from prolific Italian producer and former Fulci cohort Fabrizio De Angelis make for one enjoyable viewing experience. The only downside I can see to this film – aside from the unoriginality of the plot, which in turn appears to have been swiped by Hollywood for ANACONDA – is that some scenes involving people journeying to and fro on a boat seem to have been included merely as padding, and thus do drag a little.The film begins in classic fashion with two old guys in a boat at night being attacked by a sudden cheesy crocodile head. The film begins for real with a point-of-view shot of SOMETHING swimming through the Amazonian rivers on the look out for prey, whilst music which sounds VERY similar to the suspenseful music in JAWS plays in the background. Hilariously, the crocodile is played as a slasher in this movie, a Michael Myers imitation with lots of P.O.V. shots, appearances of claws, and heavy BREATHING sounding when its around! How can a crocodile be heard to breathe in air when it’s underwater? I guess nobody thought of that.A typical bunch of attractive but bland Italian teenagers/twentysomethings are investigating somebody dumping radioactive waste into the river which leads to a conspiracy angle in the film, as the only authority in charge (played by Van Johnson of all people) is in on the scheme and wants everything hushed up. When one of the party goes missing, one guy says “This swamp’s no amusement park”. From this point on, extras get killed in gory fashions, people hunt the crocodile, attempt to kill it and fail, and finally there’s a big battle between man and beast which ends as one might expect. The B-movie casting is adequate, with a majority of unknown faces with one or two older, familiar faces in supporting roles, in this case they are Van Johnson (one time Hollywood star relegated to supporting roles in Italian B-movies like so many) and Thomas Moore, aka Ennio Girolami, or Enzo G. Castellari’s brother. Moore has a fun part as an old-fashioned game hunter and genuinely seems to be enjoying himself in the role, so the viewer can too.KILLER CROCODILE doesn’t skimp on the gore effects either, thanks to the presence of ZOMBIE FLESH EATERS veteran Giannetto De Rossi in the crew. Highlights include a mouldering corpse popping out of the water and later being examined in detail, a man chewed in the jaws of the croc, another man being torn through a pier and a graphic arm-ripping which will delight gorehounds everywhere. De Rossi also created the cumbersome crocodile itself; it may not be much of an improvement on the dragons in peplum epics like THE LOVES OF HERCULES made thirty years earlier, but ignore the lack of realism and instead admire the artistry gone into creating the menace.Being a cheap Italian production made in the late ’80s, when the industry had pretty much disappeared, there is certain unintentional humour to be had from the film. One such scene has Moore “riding” the back of the crocodile, only to disappear presumed dead as blood bubbles up in the water! Later on, a slow-mo flying hat signals that Moore has returned, covered in blood, to watch the finale and lend support from the sideline! Speaking of which, the cheesily over-the-top death for the crocodile involves a boat’s propeller being thrown into its mouth, which causes it to explode (?), but not after spraying tons of blood everywhere very graphically! You’ll also get leech attacks, explosions, and a twist ending which rips off CONTAMINATION for your money’s worth. KILLER CROCODILE: only a moderately successful horror film, but one with a high entertainment value.

  • sirio-giuliani
    sirio giuliani

    Well, this 1989 creature feature was by no means an outstanding or particularly memorable movie. It was, at best, mediocre, and that might even be stretching it.The movie is set to take place in some jungle, although I can’t really figure out where, but I am guessing the Amazones somewhere, not that it really mattered, as the jungle was a mere backdrop to the movie. Here a massive man-eating crocodile is dominating the rivers, and someone have dumped radioactive waste in the river. Wasn’t much of any connection to the things, and it seemed more like director and writer Fabrizio De Angelis was just randomly putting things into the movie because he could.The crocodile might have passes as being pseudo-passable back in 1989, but when you see it today, nah, not so much. It was just way too inanimate and rigid, and the eyes didn’t blink or move, and the way that the crocodile was swimming – actually, gliding through the water to be correct – just didn’t feel realistic at all. And best of all, there was a heap of inconsistencies as to the size of the crocodile in various shots, which just seemed amateurish at best.The acting in the movie was as to be expected from a movie such as this. People were doing fair enough jobs with the limitations imposed on them in terms of bad script, improper character construction and the like. This is by no means a Shakespearian experience.There are far better creature features available. And while I did sit through all of “Killer Crocodile”, I was only moderately entertained, because the movie was mundane, generic and, well, mediocre. As such, my rating of the 1989 movie “Killer Crocodile” is five out of ten stars. Hardly a movie that I will be sitting down to watch a second time around.

  • boris-gaida
    boris gaida

    After sitting through not one, but TWO crappy recent killer-crocodile flicks (“Crocodile” and “Blood Surf”), where the digitized croc looked like a four-year-old kid had painted him onto the film, I was hoping that “Killer Crocodile” would be a refreshingly old-school monster pic, with a refreshingly old-school, well-made mechanical monster. Alas, the croc in this movie may be mechanical, but it’s not well-made. It’s lifeless and stodgy. And it growls. “Killer Crocodile” would like to be an Italian “Jaws” (there is even a character here who’s a BLATANT knock-off of the Robert Shaw character), but there’s none of that film’s artistry on display here. The other characters are a bunch of nobodies, and it takes them about half the movie to decide that, yes, although this croc may be a rare species, they do have to kill it before they become its next meal. I mean, ecological conscience is a fine thing, but it has its limits. (*1/2)

  • darja-kramar
    darja kramar

    When a team of environmentalists go to a remote swamp somewhere in Central America they find that it has been polluted with radioactive chemicals. They also discover a huge crocodile which has been exposed to it as well as a corrupt politician who has allowed this pollution to happen. Anyway, so much for the plot which, while certainly not Academy Award winning material, has a couple of good things going for it all the same. First, it has some nice scenery—for a swamp at least. Likewise, I thought Sherrie Rose (as “Pamela”) didn’t hurt the scenery much either. To a lesser degree it featured an interesting crocodile which nobody would mistake for the real thing. On that note, although some might find this to be a liability I believe that if a person uses their imagination and has a sense of humor then they might actually appreciate the time and effort that went into it. Of course, that may be more difficult for some and I certainly wouldn’t blame anybody who couldn’t make allowances. Even so, to me the worst part of this movie was the clumsy dialogue. While I realize that it was filmed in Italian and dubbed in English it was still pretty awful all the same. And it really affected the overall quality of this movie. Anyway, to sum it all up this was clearly a grade-B movie which probably won’t appeal to anybody other than those who enjoy cheesy rip-offs of films in this particular genre. That said, I rate it as slightly below average.

  • kristina-lindstrom
    kristina lindstrom

    The Great Alligator (1979) was already done so Italy decided to give us Killer Crocodile. A massive crocodile is munching on everybody in the swamp that has been used to dump radioactive waste.They rearrange a few notes to the Jaw’s theme for the opening credits and then use the exact music later on. They duplicate a few classic scenes as well. Campy as hell. The crocodile they use looks alright until the mouth moves and the back of his mouth looks like its made of paper. Not very gory as the crocodile use takes his food to go.Over acting is prominent in this one but stick it out for the end. The way they kill the creature is priceless. I’m not really giving away the ending because their is Killer Crocodile 2 which now I have watch. On a side note the guy who directs this was a producer for most of Fulci’s films. I still have to see his Breakfast With Dracula (1993).

  • jitendr-maan
    jitendr maan

    From the first start of the music, to what ever happens you can clearly see they copied Jaws, a part from the very bad acting, the very bad special effects, and everything else, the movie is a disaster.The crocodile looks so fake, it looks like one of those giant inflated dolls you put into your swimming pool during summer time.The kills are almost all off screen too which make it even worst and they make sure to blow the monster right off the bat in the opening scene.I would love to recommend this type of so bad its good movie but sadly its not….. there is so much going on that you want to stop the movie and pop in the Jaws to see what a real monster movie looks like.Does not even deserve an A for effort.

  • esther-barbosa
    esther barbosa

    Heading out to an abandoned marsh, a group of ecology students studying the dangerous effects of toxic waste in the area find it home to a ravenous, monstrous crocodile attacking the locals and must join up with a hunter to try to stop it before it eats through the group.This is quite a fun and highly enjoyable cheesy creature feature. One of the more impressive elements here is the fact that there’s quite a large number of creature attacks throughout that manage to work out an incredibly fun pace for this one. Starting immediately with the initial attack on the couple in the lake before turning to the surprise launch out of the water to startle the fishermen later on, there’s a lot of great short attacks here with the croc launching itself out of the water to go for the attack. The first attack on the member in the woods searching for their dog, a rather tense scene in the swamp where they have to free their boat from being tangled in the weeds of the surrounding water being shot from the croc’s eye-view surrounding them and the absolutely stellar encounter at the local pier where it attacks the villagers attempting to rescue the girl from the creatures’ clutches and avoid the rampaging creature which is some thrilling moments of the croc head poking out of the water preparing to snap at the rescuers all manage to help aide the action of this one along. With that letting the locals know of the creature, this turns the film into a great series of hunting-style action scenes where the local hunter joins them in their quest and the resulting scenes of the two different groups encountering the creature in the wilderness results in some fine scenes of the creature splitting up the group setting the boat adrift and crashing into the boat picking them off one-by-one or the chilling attack on the campsite as it comes out with them in their tents and head off into the jungle at night. As well, that leads into the finale which is a rather rousing and high-energy action- packed affair with a great plan to stop the creature and results in some fun moments with the group on the boat and the creature in the water bringing about some great gory deaths along the way. The last plus here is the croc prop featured throughout here, which is always a plus due to the physical on-screen presence it generates. While these here make the film work, there’s still a few minor elements at work against this one. The main thing with this one is the fact that there’s just not a whole lot of interest derived in the film’s clichéd political cover-up angle, being a part of just about every single one of these types of creature features where the locals are involved in the creation of the monster but keep their involvement hidden in the interest of their political careers that would end up preventing lots of chaos and anguish if it came out earlier. It’s obvious what’s going on, but instead following through on this and doing something interesting it relies on the clichés which is distressing and leads to some downtime in these sections spilling it out even further. Likewise, the creature looks good in most scenes but it’s still obviously a prop throughout here and doesn’t really change that fact too often. Otherwise, this one was quite a fun and enjoyable effort.Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Violence, Language, Brief Nudity and children-in-jeopardy.

  • randi-ellingsen
    randi ellingsen

    80s Italian horror knock-offs can usually be relied upon to provide a decent amount of gore and a fair smattering of gratuitous nudity in an effort to draw in the crowds, but Fabrizio De Angelis’s Killer Crocodile, yet another belated Jaws rip-off, fails on both counts. Perhaps the effects budget didn’t stretch far enough for both Gianetto Di Rossi’s giant fibreglass croc AND bucket-loads of juicy splatter, but surely some aspiring starlets desperate for some screen-time could have been talked into getting their tops off for next to nothing…Without much in the way of exploitative goodness on display, the gore limited to one mutilated corpse, a chewed off arm, and clouds of blood in the water whenever someone gets chomped, and the nudity non-existent, there’s very little worthy of praise in this highly unoriginal and totally inept film. Bee Gee-alike Richard Anthony Crenna (son of Rambo’s Col. Trautman) heads a miserable cast of virtual unknowns whose acting skill are so bad that they can’t even fall in the water convincingly. Even Riz Ortalani, an accomplished composer usually capable of a decent tune, fails to impress, his score being a pale imitation of John Williams’ theme from Jaws.I rate Killer Crocodile 3.5 out of 10, rounded up to 4 for the croc’s impressive demise: swallowing an outboard motor that liquefies its throat and causes its head to explode.

  • miguel-herrera
    miguel herrera

    This Italian “Jaws” knock-off really only has one redeeming feature, so I might as well open with it: the croc is real! Well, not real real, but I mean that it isn’t a cheap CGI effect like in “Blood Surf” or God forbid “Crocodile”. The puppet they use can’t really move well, but at least it’s actually freakin’ there. It even looks pretty scary from time to time, they really did an excellent job with such a limited budget. It’s just too bad they couldn’t use the model in a better movie, because all other aspects of “Killer Crocodile” are well below average. The characters are annoying, the dialogues are uninspired and the story developments are all lifted directly from “Jaws”. They even bring in a blatant Quint rip-off just for those who don’t catch on quickly. Hell, even the music is just John Williams’ theme with one or two different notes to avoid a lawsuit. In the end there are no scares, no real memorable scenes and a pretty boring finale but like I said, the puppet’s damn cool. It might be worth a watch just because of that, and also for the rare “so bad it’s good” moment.

  • elguja-ch-xeize
    elguja ch xeize

    Like silly films about giant animals? Then Killer Crocodile is probably for you, it may not be a good film but it does better than it should. Environmentalists head into the swamp to investigate toxic waste dumping, but as well as waste they find a big green killing machine and he (or maybe she, its never specified) means business. A sizable chunk of the budget appears to have gone into the croc, which is a big, gnarly creation with massive jaws full of sharp teeth, its impressive enough that it almost excuses its overuse during earlier scenes. Suspense is sadly sapped in the first half by the fact that the croc rears its ugly head a bunch of times so it never accrues much sense of fear, but at least it looks cool. Still, we got great settings and committed acting to mull over as the film moves up through the gears, one great scene in the first half and a second half of solidly bumptious if occasionally inept cheeseball entertainment, with a few moments sure to give joy to daft movie lovers. As well as our environmentalist heroes, we have a shifty corporate waste dumper, a judge with something to hide and best of all, a Quint clone geared up to take down the nefarious beast. Also, the Riz Ortolani score is an amusingly blatant rip of the Jaws theme tune, never a bad thing in my book. Fabrizio de Angelis directs without much flair and there’s at least one notable continuity screw up as well as the expected illogicality, but he at least handles some decent dashes of suspense and fun and nothing about the film takes itself too seriously. Anthony Crenna has the right kind of slightly naive youthful authority as the leader of the environmentalists, Wohrman Williams is slimy enough as the token evil corporate guy, while Van Johnson brings a dignified authenticity to the conflicted judge. Italian cult regular Ennio Girolami does best as Quint clone Joe though, a wryly amused, knowing sort of performance that comes off both hard-ass and self aware. Gianetto di Rossi’s special effects work is less gory than his outings with Fulci and others, but there are one or two grisly bits and as mentioned, the croc is grand (and gets an awesome send off). There’s not much more to say about this one really, its not great but has ample potential to amuse the more forgiving of dopey trash enthusiasts, and when it shines, it really shines. Taken for giggles, this is fairly worthwhile, but only if you groove to this sort of thing.

  • petra-da-andrade
    petra da andrade

    Inspired by movies like Jaws an Italian postman named Fabrizio de Angelis changed his name to Larry Ludman. De Angelis (or Ludman if you prefer) directed no less than 20 movies, including “Thunder I”, “Thunder II”, “Thunder III” and “Karate Warrior” (parts 1 to 5). “Killer Crocodile” is clearly inspired by “Jaws” and perhaps even (the slightly underrated) “Alligator”, but shows you need more than being inspired to deliver a valid end product. “Killer Crocodile” jumped straight into my top 100 Worst Movies ever. Let’s examine the evidence:* According to the credits the crocodile was made and built by Giannetto di Rossi, the man who was responsible for the make up for certain Fulci movies (e.g. “Zombi 2”), for the mask for Di Caprio’s “Man in the Iron Mask” and for the sound and effects for “Emanuelle in America” (effects?). He also directed no less than 2 films. The second being “Killer Crocodile 2”. Di Rossi’s crocodile looks like a big handbag floating on the water, about as scary as a tree branch. After seeing the movie, I’m convinced that a croc’s mouth can be either wide open or closed, but nothing in between.* Dubbing Italian films never really worked, but here the differences between Italian and English become painfully clear. To follow the movement of the actors’ lips the dubbers need to utter sentences like “I don’t believe that … it is a good idea, … yeah.” Interesting way to … speak,… eh?* So why is there a killer crocodile? Well, you see, some “bad guy” dumped some waste near the water and hey presto, you have a giant crocodile. When a team of ecologists comes to check out the water samples, they see the barrels and one of them dares to investigate. He puts on a big white suit and goggles (thus giving us a chance to enjoy Gogglevision) and swims to the barrels. The man looks at his geigerteller and informs the rest of the crew that the waste is indeed radioactive. Something we couldn’t have guessed by the big stickers with the word “RADIOACTIVE” on the barrels. The rest of the team tell him “not to stay there any longer”. (They are bright, aren’t they?) Yet somehow this brightness doesn’t stop them from constantly falling in the water.* Look out for the scene where a girl is attacked on the pier. She is clutching the wood not to fall in the water, but don’t worry as a man comes to rescue her. Does he pull her up? No, he comes and hangs next to her and pushes her up. Not that clever after all as the crocodile comes by and devours him. Scary? Thanks to the budget, no. It looks like someone’s pushing a big fake crocodile up and down as a third-rate actor falls in the water, after which spectacular event we see him floating in the water with croc jaws around his middle. After this snack the crocodile manages to speed to a different location in almost two seconds (one of the few times in the movie the beast is fast, it’s ultrafast) and bites another man in the leg. For some reason, that explains the blood coming from the man’s elbow. Or doesn’t it?I could go on with more evidence, but I don’t want to spoil the plot or, more likely, your fun watching it. Go and see it, I know you want to…

  • sendogan-nursan-arslan-ulker
    sendogan nursan arslan ulker

    While its not the greatest creature feature out there Killer Crocodile. It has the makings of decent Italian B-Movie however it fails for a few reasons. First the characters are extremely flat and feel forced when near the end. Plus most of them don’t have a clear personality. The second reason it feels is due to the complete disregard for certain plot elements. The radioactive material is just skipped over from time to time. It wouldn’t be so bad but they reference the stuff a few times. Finally the crocodile while it looks decent is by far the weakest part of the film. It’s mouth just seems to open its mouth wide every time it eats. However it makes up for these things with the dubs very cheesy lines and over-the-top death for the crocodile.

  • ms-carolyn-salazar
    ms carolyn salazar

    Rented this film for being a horror-moviefan and got me one of the most amusing comedies I’ve seen. It’s very hard to give this film any horror categorizing, did they ever (the film-makers) thougt this would scare anybody? After one minute or so the croc appears and I realized that this can be 90 terrible minutes of my life, but ooh, one needs to laugh sometimes.With the special effects, that already by others been clearified, which are stiffy to say the least, the musical score that is ripped from John Williams jaws (in particular the second track of the “jaws”-soundtrack) – it’s already then amusing. Then comes the characters, boy o boy, the teenagers behaviour in Fr:13:s movies are deep thougt genious moves. The dialogue for ex: ….yeah…..maybe you’re right about that…..(dramatic thinkingpause) ..or maybe you’re wrong…. (and the camera starts pulling back after this refreshing turn of event). Interesting how this monstrous beast loses a big tooth on a very thin wall that just about stands for itself and how a propellermachine can explode – once, twice, three…four…I lost count of the explosions. Finally, for now, the experienced hunter that shoots the hero (the croc) with a elephant-rifle time after time with no effect to the beast whatsoever jumps overboard onto the crocs back and starts poking it with a boathook (yeah, THAT will do a wonders).Tons of stuff like this and I can only recommend this for those who want to laugh at a bad (but amusing) movie, a little gore, but that is NOT what you remember after seeing “Killer Krokodile” (the spelling on the swedish cover).(Got to see the sequel)

  • barbara-lynch
    barbara lynch

    Well, this wasn’t nearly as bad as I initially feared it would be, and that’s pretty much the best compliment you can give to a cheap and anonymous Italian-produced creature feature rip-off. “Killer Crocodile” is actually a rather funny movie if you analyze it a little bit… Even though it was made more than 14 years and numerous amounts of other B-movie rip-offs later, Fabrizio De Angelis still pretends his film is the first imitation of Jaws ever accomplished! The premise is very similar, and especially the POV-shots and use of music are shamelessly stolen from Steven Spielberg’s groundbreaking monster-movie, like no other movie tried to do that before. But hey, nonetheless the movie is very entertaining, rather fast-paced and at least the vast majority of the small budget went to special effects department. The giant croc, albeit not very menacing, is a fairly impressive mechanical creation that is proudly shown several times throughout the entire movie, so at least you don’t have to fear that all the action and death-sequences take place off-screen. The plot is standard monster-movie guff, with a group of over-ambitious and spineless environmentalists cruising down the Santa Domingo River and discovering that these swamps are used as a dumping place for industrial radioactive waste barrels. Months, maybe even years of dumping waste in the water is unquestionably also the reason why the crocodile mutated into a gigantically angry and insatiable killing machine that devours everyone who sets foot in his swamp territory. The activists get assistance from an ultimately stereotypical macho-hunter (Italian exploitation-regular Thomas Moore), while the mean guys who’re polluting the swamps desperately attempt to get rid of them. De Angelis cheerfully serves one cliché after the other and the screenplay is entirely tension-free, yet you forgive him because it’s such cheesy fun! The acting (and mainly the dubbing) is horrid and most of the dialogs are completely misplaced, but thank God for good old-fashioned gratuitous gore. Call me biased, but this type of horror-cinema is certainly a lot more enjoyable than the nowadays monster-movies with hideous CGI effects, like “Blood Surf” and Tobe Hooper’s disastrous “Crocodile”.

  • henrik-mustonen
    henrik mustonen

    A group of environmentalists discover that barrels of radioactive waste have been dumped along a Santo Domingo river.This causes a giant crocodile to emerge and start devouring the local villagers.”Killer Crocodile” by Fabrizio De Angelis is an extraordinarily poor horror film that provides tons of cheese and amusing moments.The film rips-off “Jaws” and is filled with bad acting and idiotic scenes.The main star of it is of course the killer crocodile,who devours its victims incredibly fast.The existence of this bloodthirsty beast is never fully explained.Give this one a look,only if you enjoy trashy Italian horror films.6 out of 10.

  • aylil-camurcuoglu
    aylil camurcuoglu

    This movie has the charm of the old and cheap monster movies. Well, not that old (since it was filmed in 1989), but it definitely has a 80’s feeling to it. Let’s start with the good points of this movie : “Killer crocodile” (and its sequel, filmed at the same time) is cheap, but most part of the budget went into the crocodile itself. No CGI, but a full (plastic) giant crocodile, which is a good starting point. There is a certain amount of gruesome deaths (with limbs cut off and everything), and, since there is an attack about every 10 minutes, you don’t get bored watching the movie. Also, the music was made by the famous Riz Ortolani, who was already familiar with horror movies set in beautiful locations of south American forests, as he is also the composer of the theme for the infamous “Cannibal Holocaust”.But the gruesome deaths don’t really make up for many other problems in the movie. The acting is definitely the worst part of it : it’s just ridiculous (except for the late Ennio Girolami, playing the character of the mysterious Joe, a boor and lonely hunter out to kill the beast). The dialogues try to underline plot elements that don’t really lead anywhere, when not being completely over-the-top.And the crocodile might be giant, but still : its big yellow eyes and deep growls make him seem actually cute at times.In conclusion? Don’t watch it if you’re looking for a masterpiece. But it definitely is pretty entertaining… Although not for the reasons the director wanted it to be.

  • yinthe-persijn
    yinthe persijn

    This film is the definition of comic badness. The croc changes sizes seemingly at random. In one scene it even looks about 20 feet tall. People fall in to the water for no particular reason and it’s not even clear what country this is supposed to take place in. Fortunately the film is fun and fast paced so you can ignore some of the faults. The gore is plentiful and the animatronic crocodile by Gianetto De Rossi is pretty amazing for a movie with such a low budget (well at least we know where the money went). Thomas Moore’s (Ennio Girolami) performance as Joe the grizzled croc hunter adds alot to the film also. Some imaginitive camerawork and a decent jaws ripoff score by Ortolani doesn’t hurt things either.Overall a decent fun flick, just don’t expect JAWS.Shot back-to-back with Killer Crocodile II