Prize-fighter Davy Gordon intervenes when private dancer Gloria Price is being attacked by her employer and lover Vincent Raphello. This brings the two together and they get involved with each other, which displeases Raphello. He sends men out to kill Davy, but they instead kill his friend. Gloria is soon kidnapped by Raphello and his men, and it is up to Davy to save her.

Also Known As: 非情の罠, Le baiser du tueur, Kohtalokas suudelma, Sarutul ucigasului, Целувка на убиец, A gyilkos csókja, Поцелуй убийцы Soviet, Το Φιλί του δολοφόνου, Der Tiger von New York West, Killer's Kiss, Poljubac ubice, To fili tou dolofonou, Stanley Kubrick's Killer's Kiss, Drepende kjærlighet, Pocałunek mordercy, Kiss Me, Kill Me, O Beijo Assassino, A Morte Passou por Perto, Dödande kärlek, Пољубац убице, El beso del asesino, Il bacio dell'assassino, Žudiko bučinys, Tappava suudelma, De kus van de doder, Morderczy cios, Dræberkysset

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  • the-movie-killers-kiss-1955
    the movie killers kiss 1955

    isnt this an english dubb movie???? well then why is it in italian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!can u guys fix it.