Hot on the trail of the Eastern-European criminal kingpin, Zogu, unexpectedly, the old-school F.B.I. Agent, Reed, finds himself at a well-organised elementary school. Knowing that Zogu is after a tiny flash drive containing highly sensitive information, Reed has to pose as a substitute kindergarten teacher to stand a chance of retrieving the precious item that is hidden somewhere in the classroom of a mysteriously deceased instructor. Now, like a fish out of water, Reed needs to take control of the class without blowing his cover; however, this is easier said than done. Can tough officer Reed gain the classroom’s confidence before it’s too late?

Also Known As: Gliniarz w przedszkolu 2, Kindergarten Cop 2, Ovizsaru 2, Un poliziotto all'asilo, Politist de gradinita 2, Детсадовский полицейский 2, Un flic à la maternelle 2, Policajac u vrtiću 2, Poli de guardería 2, Strømer i børnehaveklassen 2, Kindergarten Cop: A New Day, Ο Μπάτσος του Θηριοτροφείου 2, Um Tira no Jardim de Infância 2, Ченге в детската градина 2, Policajt ze skolky 2 Czech, Um Polícia No Jardim-Escola 2

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