Having flunked graduation for a second time and needing cash to support his crabby (and thus unemployed) father, Danny Fisher takes a job as a singer in the King Creole nightclub – about the only joint around not run by smarmy crook Maxie Fields who wants him for his own place. He gets on pretty well with Fields’ floozy though, and all this plus his involvement with Fields’ hoods and with innocent five-and-dime store assistant Nellie means Danny finds his world closing in on him all ways round.

Also Known As: O vasilefs tou rock, Mein Leben ist der Rhythmus West, Ο Βασιλιάς του Ροκ, 闇に響く声, Sing, You Sinners, Bagarres au King Creole, Bagarres au King Créole, Gangsterlerin pençesinde, Kralj Kreol, King Creole, Danny, La via del male, Kitara kainalossa, Melodía siniestra, El barrio contra mí, Balada Sangrenta, Król Kreol, Кинг Креол Soviet, King Creole - hård ungdom

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