Race, love, and war. The Allies have landed in France, set up in a coastal town, where Lt. Sam Loggins, a serious guy from Manhattan’s west side, falls hard for Monique Blair, an American raised in France. Loggins’ sergeant, Britt Harris, a playboy from Jersey, also finds Monique attractive. She chooses one to love and the other to befriend after disclosing her parents’ history and why she lives in France. The men say it makes no difference, a wedding is announced, and the soldiers face a dangerous mission behind enemy lines. But is everyone being truthful?

Also Known As: Diables au soleil, Cenere sotto il sole, Rivalen, Kings Go Forth, Oi gennaioi travoun brosta, Wojenna milosc, Cenizas bajo el sol, Los reyes van al frente, Regii avanseaza, Indulnak a királyok, Rivalerna, Короли отправляются в путь Soviet, I krig og kjærlighet, Rencor implacable, Kiirastulessa, Krallar önde gider, Rivalen zien niet om, Rivalen West, Só Ficou a Saudade, Kammerater, krig og kærlighed

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