When renowned crime novelist Harlan Thrombey (Christopher Plummer) is found dead at his estate just after his 85th birthday, the inquisitive and debonair Detective Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) is mysteriously enlisted to investigate. From Harlan’s dysfunctional family to his devoted staff, Blanc sifts through a web of red herrings and self-serving lies to uncover the truth behind Harlan’s untimely death.

Also Known As: Entre navajas y secretos, Entre Facas e Segredos, Puñales por la espalda, Veitset esiin - Kaikki ovat epäiltyjä, Вади ножовете, Ke Dam Len, Στα Μαχαίρια, Knives Out - var det mord?, Knives Out - Mord ist Familiensache, Knives Out New, Knives Out, Na nože, ナイブズ・アウト, Knives Out - Ein Mord zum Dessert, Cena con delitto - Knives Out, ナイブズ・アウト/名探偵と刃の館の秘密, Достать ножи, Knives Out: Todos São Suspeitos, Vadi noževe, Na noże, À couteaux tirés, Morning Bell, Tőrbe ejtve, Noz v hrbet, Ножi наголо

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  • sandra-akelis
    sandra akelis

    This film is just awful. It’s just really boring. Didn’t enjoy it at all and what is going on with Daniel Craig? His voice/accent is just terrible. I would not recommend this film.

  • vsiliauskas-gerda
    vsiliauskas gerda

    But the movie was just plain boaring, formulaic and predictable. Fair acting and little character development.

  • melinda-wilson
    melinda wilson

    Rian Johnson is terrible at his chosen profession. This movie is predictable and it’s attempts at humor are juvenile and fall flat. It felt like it was 4 hours long as I found myself wanting it to end about 30 minutes into it. Not worth your money or time.

  • michael-pope
    michael pope

    I thought it would be a witty dark mystery about Daniel Graig as a PI who solves a murder mystery in a mansion. But was wrong. The film has almost no mystery. Much of it takes place outside of the mansion. It focuses almost entirely on a hispanic maid in order to make a painfully obvious political statement about how entitled white people mistreat immigrants. That’s it. That’s the whole film. There aren’t reversals more than props planted and then hinted at later. Plot convenience and terrible writing. The film doesn’t even make sense. This felt like a bad draft. My head hurts now.

  • univ-prof-stine-jessen
    univ prof stine jessen

    The first 30 minutes of this movie were really, really good. The cinematography is gorgeous, the dialogue snappy, the editing engaging. But it all fell apart once the first twist is revealed and Rian Johnson starts getting self indulgent.I really don’t like that he likes to have meta lines about how stupid his writing decisions are as if that justifies them. For example, we get the most borning car chase in cinema and when it’s over one character says “that has to be the dumbest car chase I’ve ever seen”. Seriously, I’m not even kidding. The detective sounds like a Foghorn Leghorn parody and they point it out at the end of the movie as if that makes it any less ridiculous! The writing gets flat out stupid at times because Rian Johnson is a moron. There’s a scene where the detective claims that the case is like a doughnut with a hole that needs to be filled by a doughnut hole. No, I’m not kidding. Rian Johnson is this stupid! Our lead character can’t lie or else she vomits uncontrollably. No, that’s not from a Simpson’s episode, it’s from the latest Rian Johnson picture.I was at a sold out showing and more people clapped at the end of the Dora the Explorer movie! Sorry, this was yet another messy Rian Johnson script filled with too many characters and random plot developments.

  • sylwia-siatka
    sylwia siatka

    So, this is a bad remake of Clue… but…”The bad scores are because of Star Wars fans” And, honestly I am sure that some of them are… but once more we see people attacking anyone that doesn’t give a Rain Johnson 10 out of 10.”The bad scores are conservative trolls” And once again we see people, and Johnson, attacking anyone that doesn’t like this film.Once again people are throwing a fit because other people don’t like the exact same thing they do.But to be honest, again, I can see that. This is overtly political, and by “overtly” I mean that they are screaming through a megaphone, at just about every opportunity, to inject their politics into it.Other than that, it is kind of like Clue… if Clue was very careful not to insult some people in their jokes, and very focused in an attempt to insult others with a sheer and unadulterated prejudice. And that kind of makes for a very awkward film where the jokes are so self-aware they can’t help but fail.So, basically that is what you are getting, Clue with jokes aimed at the politically correct and a hearty injection of politics. And that is all you are getting.But, hey, if you haven’t seen Clue, you might like it. And, if you share the politics and think they should be shrieked in everything, you will totally like it.The rest of us are just going to watch Clue.

  • luiz-miguel-cavalcanti
    luiz miguel cavalcanti

    Knives Out is a new crime drama directed, written and partly produced by Rian Johnson, the director of Looper and Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi.In the film, the successful crime novelist Harlan Thrombey (Christopher Plummer) is found dead on his estate. Harlan recently had his 85th birthday which makes all the guests of his birthday party a suspect of the murder. Detective Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) is now trying to investigate what happened and who is responsible for the death of Harlan Thrombey.This film is a new murder mystery film such as the 1985 film Clue, the film version of the board game Cluedo. As a viewer you try to discover together with the detective who is responsible for the death of the murdered character. Unfortunately, as a viewer you get more information about the murder mystery at a time than the characters in the film itself. So as a viewer you already know a little more than the characters and you can start to get ahead of the story. Rian Johnson tries to confuse you as a viewer with astray. Many of these traces are unfortunately not appropriately or clearly brought forward in the film, which means that final disclosures may seem somewhat unclear. Because of this lack of clarity, the film comes across as somewhat lengthy. With the film they try to explain everything to the viewers at the end, but this goes against the self-examination for which fans of murder mystery films watch such films.The cast of this film consists of many great actors and actresses such as Daniel Craig, Jamie Lee Curtis, Don Johnson and Christopher Plummer. Daniel Craig uses a separate accent in the film all the time, which sometimes makes him look more comical than really as a serious detective. Of the cast, Ana de Armas comes out best in the film as the maid of the deceased. As maids, she plays a major role in gathering information about the murder mystery, because she knows all the family members and worked for them. Furthermore, Michael Shannon manages to provide a few comic moments in the film as the youngest son of the deceased.

  • furio-de-angelis
    furio de angelis

    Saw this with a friend at an advance screening, so at least we didn’t have to pay for it. This film felt like it was trying oh so hard to be “fun” and “hip” but ended up falling flat. The plot gets convoluted, and confusing at times. The device of having Ana de Armas’ character vomit when she lies was pretty dumb. At two hours and 10 minutes, it’s at least 45 minutes too long. It wasn’t awful (if it was, we would’ve left), but left us both feeling “meh.” It was fun watching the actors wolfing down the scenery, and so was not too unpleasant way of passing the time. But this isn’t a movie I’d recommend to anyone.

  • anezka-kadlecova
    anezka kadlecova

    After hearing the reviews I was ready for an amazing movie. This is not it. It is boring and is one of those subverting expectations movies.. where every 10 minutes a new shock happens. This makes for a disjointed movie but not a good one. You can tell from the cast that the liberal elite wanted to make this a great movie but it is clear no one knows what that is anymore. Rent Clue.

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  • mihael-matijas
    mihael matijas

    What a waste of a stellar cast. The trailer shows almost all the scenes that the famous people are in together. The rest of the time you are watching a little known Cuban actress who is apparently the star of the movie. It’s hard to believe that this is the same writer/director as Brick, which is one of my top 10 favorite movies. This movie doesn’t have nearly as much sly humor as that movie. It’s not particularly witty and it’s not really a sendup of the genre, either. Not a complete waste of time, but not what I was hoping for either.

  • dr-aytoz-gulzadiye-arsoy-arslan
    dr aytoz gulzadiye arsoy arslan

    What an excellent film by Rian Johnson; definitely feels like the film he was destined to make. Writing that is slick as hell, sublime performances (most notably Daniel Craig who brings his A-game in a wonderfully charismatic turn), superb editing and wonderfully atmospheric music – all tied together by masterful direction. Will probably be among the most fun you have at a theatre this year and fans of Agatha Christie and old murder mystery stories will have plenty to love here – a nostalgically entertaining time!

  • irina-akulenko
    irina akulenko

    Saw this at the festival circuit and was left completely unimpressed. An all star cast like this is usually a red flag for me that the story is going to be weak and I wasn’t surprised. The Dialogue and characters are all super pretentious, and don’t speak like real people so it’s hard to care at all what happens. The twists feel cheap and unearned and sometimes it feels like things that are setup are never paid off in satisfying ways. Overall, AVOID THIS AT ALL COSTS! Major Pass!

  • univ-prof-josefine-norgaard
    univ prof josefine norgaard

    Knives Out is entirely built around a pretty clever twist that comes early own. Once that’s out, it slowly putters out of ideas until dragging itself back to the mansion where all is revealed … to be an average episode of Murder She Wrote.Editing, cinematography and acting is all top notch throughout. But bent on delivering its one twist and nothing more, the story has left the characters without fleshing any of them out. Everyone is such a paper-thin stereotype that quite a while it feels inevitable they’d eventually turn out to be something more but instead they all end up being just as completely one-dimensional as they first appeared. Poorly written characters also ruin heavy-handed attempts to say something useful about immigration and privilege.

  • joanna-birch
    joanna birch

    Gee, do I really need to watch a mystery movie to hear that immigrants are good and alt-right people are Nazis? Give me a break. Maybe writer/director Rian Johnson was trying to give some cultural context to the picture, but unfortunately the culture he is reflecting is his Kalifornia leftist echo chamber. Aside from the distractive injection of immigration open borders advocacy, the film is a competent ensemble mystery comedy, easy on the comedy. In fact, if you aren’t really looking for it, you may miss the humor, it is so innocuous and low-key, pretty much reflecting the state of comedy in America these days. Mustn’t offend anybody with our humor, except of course rich white conservatives, who have no feelings, being pure evil. The identity of the killer (who is of course rich and white) is kept well hidden for 95% of the running time, and for that, I give Knives Out 5 stars. It would have merited perhaps 7 stars, had Rian Johnson taken a few more chances in the comedy department, and withheld his dopey open immigration politics.

  • kelemen-l-istvan
    kelemen l istvan

    After seeing the trailer, the first thing you notice is the fantastic ensemble cast, but you might not expect this movie to be that comedic to be honest, more of a Thriller vibe. This movie decides to be a satire for the first 30mins, a silly comedy for the next 90mins and throws in some Thriller minutes for the fun of it, like playing Cluedo with Go-Stones, its a mess ad all over the place!This murder mystery “reveals who the killer is” halfway through the movie and still keeps on going, because it changes its premise after the first half, and now decides to be a different movie.All that being said… this movie is entertaining, for over 2 hours and reminds me how funny Daniel Craig can be. While the movie still suffers from the typical ensemble cast problems, it almost satirically plays with its own flaws and doesn’t take itself to seriously.It’s absolutely not a movie that you will remember in a few months, but its a light-harded comedy that will make you laugh a few times and that’s what a comedy is about after all.I’m not sure if this is a movie you have to experience in the cinema, but it will be the perfect movie for a lazy rainy Sunday once it hits the streaming services!

  • courtney-henry
    courtney henry

    I was so hyped for this movie after seeing the star studded cast and the rave reviews online. A movie with Daniel Craig, Chris Evans and Jamie Lee Curtis, I couldn’t ask for more. However, the pacing is slow and the “big twist” is quite underwhelming. The jokes fall flat and aren’t done well, I was expecting some great thrilling mystery and bust out laughing jokes but it sadly was a dud.

  • marijana-sever
    marijana sever

    This movie was boring and predictable. Clue is worth watching, this is not. Jokes did not land. I am baffled by the high reviews. Save your money, this is a movie to wait to watch for free if you are looking to pass a few hours. Highly over rated, definitely over hyped.

  • jacqueline-rice
    jacqueline rice

    Beautifully filmed and thought out very well which to me is good enough! Great ensemble cast that did excellent acting among adding hilarious parts in many scenes. Absolutely love Daniel Craig and Ana De Amas did awesome! I’m sure Knives Out has mixed opinions but I am very glad I got to see an early screening.

  • lona-kjaer
    lona kjaer

    So what you are telling me is movie critics who got to see the movie early decided to make stupid reasons to rate this movie a 1/10 yeah I don’t think so, when a movie isn’t out yet and people who are seeing the advance screenings are critics, fake reviews stick out like a sore thumb. Do not trust the reviews because of idiots who try and taint the movies, you didn’t like last Jedi get over it. Please actually go see the movie and decide for yourself don’t write fake reviews just to taint a movies image, especially if it’s easy as to sign in to write a review.

  • juhani-nousiainen
    juhani nousiainen

    After having seen all of Johnson’s movies except for The Brothers Bloom I expected something a little bit more from Knives Out. A more mature, cold film with it’s tounge in cheek is what I wanted after previously enjoying Brick and Looper so much. I was at least very happy to see it put a curious twist on the murder mystery genre. The story takes a very different path than I expected. Sadly, it seems as though they could have gone in harder with this twist, it goes back to the usual motions after a while.As it is this has to be Johnson’s most accessible movie yet. It’s a star-studded cast filled with old reliabales and also some newcomers. Though I don’t feel as though the actors were given very much time to properly shine it’s all very lovely and nice. The high saturation and crazy colorful sets should grab the interest of most viewers aswell, though I do find the cinematography quite formulaic.If you’re looking for a nice family film you can take your children or parents to you’re sure to have a blast. If you’re looking for anything like Johnson’s earlier work or something more artsy however, you’ll be disappointed.

  • mette-andreassen-karlsen
    mette andreassen karlsen

    Sometimes I am shocked when I see a great film…only to see it has an incredibly low overall score on IMDB. This is definitely the case with “Knives Out”….a great film by writer/director Rian Johnson that I strongly recommend you see. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if this one receives some Oscar nominations…it’s that good.”Knives Out” is like an Agatha Christie novel set in modern day America and with American characters. But it’s not just a homage to Christie-style films but a genuinely good and unique film in its own right. Kudos to many of the actors…particularly Daniel Craig. I thought Craig was miscast as a Southern American detective….but he carried it off wonderfully.Overall, I have no complaints…nothing I disliked or would do differently. In fact, it was so good I nearly gave it a 10….and I completely enjoyed the movie.

  • virag-z-rozalia
    virag z rozalia

    “Knives Out” is a perfectly entertaining, perfectly agreeable little film, a star-studded old-style murder-mystery that’s good fun while it lasts. The actors involved all seem to be having fun and the plot keeps you engaged, even right up to the reveal when you will, as can often happen with these things, find yourself saying, “Oh, so that’s…hang on, that doesn’t make any sense”. For indeed, plot and motivation holes abound and ultimately you’re left with a decent film (although some might find the lie/reflux plot point a trifle irritating). It’s fun enough, the kind of film best watched after Christmas lunch with the family, but it’s not a game-changer in any way.

  • hans-holmqvist
    hans holmqvist

    I actually wish would do away with the star-rating portion of their website because it doesn’t give an accurate rating for films and this film is a perfect example. Everyone knows that there are many bitter Star Wars fanboys rating this film low because they are still so bitter over Rian Johnson’s The Last Jedi and as a result, they are going to try to ruin any of Rian’s future films. They really need to just get over it and get a life, already. DON’T believe the Star-Rating of This Film Because It’s Mostly from Bitter Star Wars Fanboys Rating the Film LOW ON PURPOSE!, obviously. Anyone who has actually seen this film would be brain-dead to rate it low or to not give it a good review because this film is so freaking entertaining! I could see it again and again. It’s so different than the crap that has been in the theaters lately. It’s fun, it’s thrilling, it’s wacky, it has so many twists and turns that it always keeps you guessing. And for the cast, what a freaking cast! I couldn’t even tell you who the MVP of the cast was. They were all fantastic. We need more films like this and less big explosions, stupid plot films. I for one, will give this the true star-rating it deserves! 10/10!!!!! Bitter Star Wars fanboys, you can keep being immature and rating it low, but it isn’t going to change the fact that the film is great and I’m going to encourage every single person to go out and see it pronto when it hits theaters!

  • rafael-fernando-banuelos-lozano
    rafael fernando banuelos lozano

    Reading through the reviews (and assuming that’s where the current 6.8 score originated from) I have only one thing to say: How miserable of a person do you have to be to give this film a 1/10 review just based on your hate towards the director because you can’t take what he did with The Last Jedi…? Get a life!

  • samuel-gates
    samuel gates

    Best movie of the year, love everything about it, what I’m seeing is that some trolls that still can’t get over TLJ are bombing the review when they haven’t seen it, now for those that have and give it a 1 well that’s fair but have some reasons why, not just bc it’s Rian Johnson, like stop it’s childish