1648. After the Thirty Years War, Germany is a wretched, plundered land, still ravished by the Black Death. Urchin Krabat gets separated from his beggar friends and finds refuge on the flourishing estate of the black miller. the hard worker gets initiated in his secret magic society. Only afterward he learns its terrible dark secrets, which spell death and/or solitude for the boys and their beloved village girls. A surprising friend offers a daring way out.

Also Known As: Крабат. Учень чаклуна, Le maître des sorciers, Krabat - Aprendiz de Feiticeiro, Krabat y el molino del diablo, Крабат. Ученик колдуна, Krabat and the Legend of the Satanic Mill, Meester van de zwarte molen, Prisioneiros da Magia, Krabatas: burtininko mokinys, Uczen czarnoksieznika, Krabat - Moara satanica, Krabat, Krabat: Disciple of the Dark Mill, Krabat e il mulino dei dodici corvi

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