The Dutch East Indies, in the late 19th century. Capt. Hanson of the “Batavia Queen” is preparing to embark on a salvage expedition. His mistress, Laura, knows the location of a ship belonging to her late husband, a shipwreck concealing a cargo of rare pearls. A diver and a diving bell are aboard ship. But a government agent coerces Hanson into accepting a shipment of convicts for the ship’s hold. The wreck lies dangerously close to the erupting volcano on the island of Krakatoa, where Laura’s young son attends the convent school…

Also Known As: Krakatoa, a leste de Java, Al este de Java, Krakatoa à l'est de Java, Jawa no azuma, Krakatoa: East of Java, Krakatoa, O Inferno de Java, Krakatoa - Das größte Abenteuer des letzten Jahrhunderts West, Krakatau öster om Java, Krakatoa est di Giava, Krakatoa - Büyük macera, Volcano, La est de Java, Krakatoa East, Krakatoa: Al este de Java, Krakatau plahvatus, Гибель на вулкане Кракатау Soviet, Krakatoa - tulivuorisaari, Feuersturm über Java, Na wschód od Jawy, Krakatoa, al este de Java, Krakatoa, anatolika tis Iava, Krakatoa, istocno od Jave, Krakatau, Krakatoa, øst for Java

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