In Milan, after visiting dear friend Tommaso Garani that is terminal in a hospital, the writer Giovanni Pontano goes to a party for the release of his last book, and his wife Lidia Pontano visits the place where she lived many years ago. In the night, they go to a night-club, and later to a party in the mansion of the tycoon Mr. Gherardini. Along the night, Giovanni flirts with Valentina Gherardini, the daughter of the host, and then he receives a proposal to work for him in the area of communication and write the history of his company. Meanwhile, Lidia flirts with the playboy Roberto.

Also Known As: Die Nacht, Dare e avere, A Noite, La noche, Noaptea, La notte, Die Nacht West, Noč, The Night, Ha-Lyla, Ночь Soviet, Gece, Noc, Yö, La nuit, Ніч, 夜(1961), I nyhta, Нощта, Natten, Η νύχτα, La Notte, Az éjszaka, 夜

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