Bunuel’s first feature has more of a plot than Un Chien Andalou (1929), but it’s still a pure Surrealist film, so this is only a vague outline. A man and a woman are passionately in love with each other, but their attempts to consummate that passion are constantly thwarted by their families, the Church, and bourgeois society.

Also Known As: Das goldene Zeitalter West, Zlatno doba, La bête andalouse, Kulta-aika, Âge d'or, La edad de oro, Золотой век Soviet, The Golden Age, A Idade do Ouro, Aukso amžius, Zloty wiek, Aranykor, Zlatý vek, Gullalderen, Guldalderen, Guldåldern, Das goldene Zeitalter, Hrysi epohi, Zlatý vek Czech, A Idade de Ouro, L'età dell'oro, Златният век, L'âge d'or, L'Age d'Or, Vârsta de aur, Age of Gold

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  • anita

    It was the only page where I found this old odd movie. And with subtitles! Thank you~