After six beautiful years of relationship, the loving couple of Luisa and Alberto decide to move to the province along with their young son, with the intention to have their second child away from the city’s hustle and bustle. However, a crisis is just around the corner, as life in a small village in the middle of nowhere is not as easy as it seems, and as a result, Luisa and Alberto’s already lukewarm sex life is starting to pay the price. On the other hand, Alberto’s older brother Juan, has already nestled himself in the warm embrace of the 20 years his junior new girlfriend Natalia, still, struggling to keep up, while at the same time, Sara, Luisa’s always single sister, is now dreaming of walking down the aisle with her newfound boyfriend. In the end, interpersonal relationships are always challenging, moreover, in the search for love and a better future in life, one can sometimes be distracted for a while.

Also Known As: As Ovelhas Não Perdem o Trem, Las ovejas no pierden el tren, Las ovejas nunca pierden el, Τα Πρόβατα δε Χάνουν το Τρένο, Овцы не опаздывают на поезд, Le pecore non perdono il treno, Sidetracked, Ta Provata de Hanoun to Treno, Глуха линия

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