Police inspector Léonetti, a tough, efficient policeman, has been sent to a second-rate police station after being reprimanded. There he is given a partner, young and beautiful Jeanne Dumas. The duo are soon assigned a very difficult mission: to find a man whose evidence is instrumental in convicting a murderer. They start searching throughout Paris…

Also Known As: Polisen söker mordvittne, En jakt i Paris, Laatste bekend Adres, Tödliche Frist West, Der Kommissar und sein Lockvogel West, Последнее известное место жительства Soviet, Takaa-ajo Pariisissa, Ultimul domiciliu cunoscut, Pariisin pirut, Poslednja adresa, Die letzte Adresse West, Címe ismeretlen, Último Domicílio Conhecido, I speira ton Parizianon, Zadnji znani naslov, Nader adres onbekend, Último domicilio conocido, Ultimo domicilio conosciuto, Son şahit, Dernier domicile connu, Last Known Address

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