John Smith is an amoral gunslinger in the days of Prohibition. On the lam from his latest (unspecified) exploits, he happens upon the town of Jericho, Texas. Actually, calling Jericho a town would be too generous–it has become more like a ghost town, since two warring gangs have ‘driven off all the decent folk.’ Smith sees this as an opportunity to play both sides off against each other, earning himself a nice piece of change as a hired gun. Despite his strictly avowed mercenary intentions, he finds himself risking his life for his, albeit skewed, sense of honor….

Also Known As: Entre dos fuegos, Le mercenaire, Poslední zustává Czech, Paskutinis iš gyvuju, Posljednji preživjeli, Son adam, Welcome to Jericho, O Último Matador, Ostatni sprawiedliwy, Ancora vivo, Герой - одиночка, Последњи осветник, Supravietuitorul, O Último a Cair, O teleftaios epizon, Ο τελευταίος επιζών, Герой-одинак, Последният оцелял, ラストマン・スタンディング, Gundown, El último hombre, Entre Dos Fuegos, O Último Homem Durão, Dernier recours, Last Man Standing, Zadnji preživeli, Az utolsó emberig, Posledný ostáva

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    So, what’s up with none of the videos playing? I’ve tried several on different browsers. It’s been like this for days.

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