Joanna accuses her husband, Michael, of being attracted to his co-worker. Wanting to make-up before he goes on a business trip, she assumes she over-reacted. But when they are both away from each other for one night, Michael ends up testing his loyalty to Joanna and his attraction to Laura. And Joanna tests her honesty to Michael when her ex-boyfriend Alex suddenly appears in New York for the day.

Also Known As: Apenas uma Noite, La última noche, Last Night, Sólo una noche, Una sola noche, Zeszlej nocy, Last night - kohtalokas ilta, Etmol balayla, Una sola noche South, A Última Noite, Hthes to vrady, Χθες το βράδυ, La nuit dernière, Eilne öö, Last Night - Nur eine Nacht, Paskutine naktis, Son gece, Aventura de-o noapte, Tell Me, Прошлой ночью в Нью-Йорке, Tegnap éjjel, Sinoci, Last night

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