Famed practical joker Henry Russell leaves 50,000 pounds to each of his four surviving relatives. But his will has one last joke – they each have to undertake a task completely out of character within a month. As each sets out on their objective they find that quite apart from the promised riches, they are unexpectedly getting a lot out of the challenge. All except caddish Simon Russell, that is.

Also Known As: Смях в рая, Nevetés a paradicsomban, Rires au paradis, Latter i paradis, Veijarin viimeinen tahto, Laughter in Paradise, Gelächter im Paradies East, Śmiech w raju, Risate in paradiso, Uma Bela Piada, Wer zuletzt lacht West, Смех в раю Soviet, Râs în paradis, Skratt i paradiset, Gelächter im Paradies, Risa en el paraíso

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