A demon who seeks to create eternal night by destroying the last of the unicorns and marrying a fairy princess is opposed by the forest boy Jack and his elven allies in this magical fantasy. Two different versions of this picture feature soundtracks by either Tangerine Dream or Jerry Goldsmith.

Also Known As: A Lenda da Floresta, Легенда Soviet, Legend of Darkness, Agada, Legenda Czech, Efsane, Legenda, Die Legende West, Θρύλος, Legende West, Legenden - Mörkrets härskare, Leyenda, Легенда, Legenden, Legend, Legende, A Lenda, Thrylos

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  • rango

    Very visual but no my cup of tea

  • a-real-person-looking-for-a-different-movie-site-now
    A real person looking for a different movie site now

    I liked this site better before it got all glitchy with ‘driver fixer’ ‘toomi’ and all the other garbage it automatically starts when ever I try to click on a movie

  • t-a-l-o-s

    Watch the directors cut it is by far better than the initial released version. Those who love the film seem to understand it’s not for everyone. Aside from that there is a following of people who just outright despise it. I’ve seen people even make up names just to offer more criticism as someone else. It goes far beyond people who just like to grumble. When a person offers review they tell a little bit not just of what they’ve seen but also themselves. Art is supposed to show us ourselves, what do you see in the reflection?