Sticking to great comedy in a way no one else can, Mel Brooks plays a wealthy business man who finds himself getting suckered into a bet with a rival business over the worst slum area of L.A. They both want to develop on it and both own half. Mel agrees to living as a homeless person in this neighborhood. If he can make it 30 days without his wallet or anything else, then the rival will sign over his half of the property. It’s full of visual gags, one liners and even some heart warming scenes. Mel’s character learns a lot along the way.

Also Known As: メル・ブルックス 逆転人生, Smród życia, Porca de Vida, Life Stinks, Σκυλίσια ζωή, Das Leben Stinkt, Det våras för slummen, Che vita da cani!, Life Sucks, Löyhkäävä elämä, Животът е гаден, Život je odvratan, Chienne de vie, ¡Qué perra vida!, Livet är en stinkbomb, Skylisia zoi, Kokuşmuş Hayat, Viata pute, ¡Qué asco de vida!, Que Droga de Vida!, Az élet büdös, Жизнь дерьмо Soviet

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