Lyon Gaultier is a deserter in the Foreign Legion arriving in the USA entirely hard up. He finds his brother between life and death and his sister-in-law without the money needed to heal her husband and to maintain her child. To earn the money needed, Gaultier decides to take part in some very dangerous clandestine fights.

Also Known As: Lionheart: El luchador, Oroszlánszív, Самоволка Soviet, Lionheart - liian kova kuolemaan, Leon West, Wrong Bet, Verkeerd gegokt, Lavlje srce, Corazón de león, Firar, Levie srdce, Coeur de lion, A.W.O.L.: Absent Without Leave, Лъвско сърце, Full Contact, Leão Branco, o Lutador sem Lei, Lví srdce Czech, Leon, A.W.O.L., O Legionário, Lionheart, Lwie serce, Lion - the Streetfighter, Lionheart - Scommessa vincente, Inima de leu, León: peleador sin ley, Lion Heart - Too Tough to Die -

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  • aaron

    Pls upload an English file of Lionheart (1990)

  • suzana-antic
    suzana antic

    (62%) Without doubt one of my favourite early(ish) Van Damme movies that is so much more like Street fighter the video game than the actual Street fighter film. This is nuts and bolts late 80’s early 90’s action B-movie fun right from the very beginning. Van Damme is on physical top form with some impressive moves from the many fights featured, the story is good simple action movie stuff, and even though this is clearly a lowish budgeted film it’s always watchable and entertaining. Performance wise this isn’t anything of course worth speaking of, but Harrison Page is good fun as the sleazy manager, while Deborah Rennard gets plenty of screen time wearing some of the periods’ more curious fashions. Overall any true of Mr Damme should certainly check this out.

  • terrence-fuentes
    terrence fuentes

    I grew up as a fan of JCVD but watching this over again now in my late 30’s I’ve got to say this is truly a good movie with good musical scores to accompany the emotions. It’s not easy to understand the efforts in fighting to keep a family above grounds especially if you haven’t a family of your own to provide for. Lionheart helps us to remember that there is still beauty in life worth fighting for even when life isn’t fair and fills up with such ugliness. It’s what we make of it, either we hide away in the dark or run into the light even if it means going AWOL. This is truly a movie I would keep close to heart, to fight when that’s all you can do to keep all that you have left.

  • julian-baker
    julian baker

    A powerful beautiful movie who deals with the real street fighting in a modern day of a gladiator fights for the money and the amusement of the rich. Lionheart is one of the best martial arts films from Van Damme, which it is mixed with martial arts, action and drama. It is a beautiful movie, Jean-Claude Van Damme’s best acting performance I have seen. His character has a good heart, like he gives money to the poor people. It is my eight personal favorite Jean-Claude Van Damme movie. Another childhood movie I grew up watching it as a kid.Lionheart stars: Jean-Claude Van Damme, Harrison Page, Deborah Rennard, Lisa Pelikan, Ashley Johnson, Brian Thompson, Voyo Goric, Michel Qissi and Abdel Qissi. It was Written and directed by Sheldon Lettich and co written by Jean-Claude Van Damme.This is a solid decent movie about a real gladiator fights in which are no rules, no judges, no rewards, but real fights real actions only for the money. When a Soldier’s brother is killed by a drug dealers in L.A. Van Damme escapes from French Foreign Legion in South Africa illegal. Now in America New York and L.A. Lyon is forced to earn money by fighting in modern gladiator fights for money in order to support his family.Fun facts Jean-Claude Van Damme was always late on the setting for the filming the film. I don’t know what was with that. Brian Thompson from Cobra said that but on his next movie The Order, Jean-Claude Van Damme apologize to him. I am a huge Van Damme fan I love the men I love his movies. Jean-Claude Van Damme is a nice guy, he loves dogs like me and he is an animal lover and I love that by actors. He is also a dangerous opponent to work too. I love Van Damme kicking ass like that Scottish opponent on a cars almost kills him. Fighting his next opponent in a pool defeating him but pulls him out of thewater. Van Damme punches Sonny (Jeff Langton) in the balls awesome fighting sequence in the movie ever. Van Damme fights with a guy in a indoor court kicks him so hard with his leg in stomach that his opponent fly’s trough glass- spectacular kick-ass scene.I watched this film as a kid I love this film to death and also there is Billy Blanks in cameo scene in the opening sequence in which Van Damme makes a flying spin kick with his leg and kicks Blanks so hard, that he falls on the ground. I love this film to death one of Van Damme’s best films from his golden years. The end fight between Lyon and Attila (Abdel Qissi) it is one of the best fight scenes in the film. I love the soundtrack by Bill Wray – No Mercy. Deborah Rennard did a good job playing Cynthia stone cold, ruthless promoter of fights. I love the filming settings how they filmed I love everything about this film. Michel Qissi from Kickboxer co started in this movie With Van Damme as Moustafa one of the Legionars after Van Damme. Harrison Page as Joshua Eldrige as Van Damme’s mana German did a good Job protect in Lyon like in Rocky Mickey was protect in Rocky from bad buisnes. Abel Quisi as Attila did incredible Job playing the toughest opponent Van Damme ever fought before. I love Adel Quisi I wish he could do more movies.Lionheart is my favorite Van Damme martial arts film, when the streets are a jungle, there can only be one king and Van Damme is the king of the jungle a real true martial artist. I love -Claude Van Damme I am his biggest fan of all time I love him

  • eghish-adilyan
    eghish adilyan

    I often find myself bemused by some real harsh reviews of the better Van Damme films since they always deliver what is expected. Why for instance would someone who has seen Kickboxer, Bloodsport or Timecop go into a viewing of Lionheart and expect it to be the Citizen Kane of kung fooery ?. Jean Claude Van Damme movies pretty much do what they say on the tin, along with Seagal, Norris, Sly and the big Austrian Oak, there is a market they have cornered, and although I wouldn’t be so foolish as to say that all their respective output is viable quality entertainment, i do say however that in amongst the collective output are films that shine quite brightly, and sadly many viewers seem intent on ignoring the quality pop corners and collectively call the output garbage.Lionheart is one such film that is sadly undervalued across this site.Lyon Gaultier is serving in the Foreign Legion when he hears that his brother has been fatally set on fire during a drug deal gone wrong, his superiors in the Legion are less than sympathetic to his request to leave the service to visit his dying brother, in fact they choose to punish him by way of getting his mind right, Gaultier is having none of it and deserts. On arriving in America, skint and with no home to call his home, Gaultier spies a bare knuckle contest and sees this as an opportunity to make some cash to hopefully get to L.A. to see his brother, this brings him attention from Cynthia, a glamorous pimp of underground no holds barred fights. Along with his self appointed manager, Joshua Eldridge, they agree to fight for Cynthia’s syndicate as long as Lyon needs the money. Sadly Gaultier’s brother dies and leaves his woman and child with a ream of debts and the prospect of being homeless, this drives Gaultier on as he desperately wants to help the pair of them out, but hot on his tail is the Foreign Legion heavies who are intent on bringing him back to serve his time in the service, can Lyon complete all he hopes to achieve before being taken away ?.Containing great fight sequences and beating a true emotional heart, Lionheart more than fulfills the genre viewers needs, 7/10.

  • riina-raag
    riina raag

    AWOL also known as Lionheart shows us Van Damme just on the cusp of hitting stardom. By this time he had a loyal following for what were low budget martial arts films that got a loyal following on VHS and did well in the fledgling satellite movie channels market.Lyon Gaultier (Van Damme) escapes his post in Djibouti with the French Foreign Legion when his brother is set on fire by drug dealers in LA. His brother’s wife rebuffs him and and two agents are pursuing him to drag him back to the Foreign Legion.Once in the USA he stumbles into the underground fight scene which he quickly becomes successful at and soon enlists a street hustler as a manager, Joshua (Harrison Page) who gives him the nickname Lionheart.His success attracts the attention of a fight promoter Cynthia (Deborah Rennard) who gets Lyon for several no holds barred street fights. However it seems the real action is on the side bets and although he is her champion she is not averse to betting against him.Lyon in the meantime is trying to get money together for his sister in law and his niece for which Joshua is used to inform them that its proceeds from an insurance policy.The film has several good action sequences allowing Van Damme to display some of his signature moves. You have fight scenes set in an underground car park and more memorably in a half empty swimming pool. The combat scenes are well choreographed with even some humour thrown in in the final segment.The storyline is rather so-so and the script is just about passable. If in doubt the writers put some cursing in. Van Damme’s acting would get better in time but here its still weak. You can see how even a few years later Dolph Lundgren would out-act him in Universal Soldier.Still there is enough fight scenes allowing Van Damme to excel at what he does best. Rennard best known for years as JR Ewing’s loyal secretary Sly in Dallas provides sassiness as the scheming fight promoter.

  • alicia-warren
    alicia warren

    Van Damme risks his life 4 his brother(i think) family. Great action, like when he fights the Scottish guy. The end fight with a beefed up Andre the Giant look-a-like was a great do or die battle. Its a tear-jerker in the end. I didnt cry but i can see why it is. A must have.

  • marko-sulg
    marko sulg

    This movie is a great movie. It is entertaining, and its subtle commentary on the America of George Bush the First is very insightful. The homeless suffer while the corrupt rich laugh at their agony – sometimes we don’t want to acknowledge what this country has become but that doesn’t make it less true.Jean-Claude and the rest of the cast do one helluva job at telling a great story, a good morality tale.

  • mr-mohammad-doyle
    mr mohammad doyle

    “Lionheart” is mostly routine genre fare: a series of mildly spectacular (if thoroughly predictable) fight scenes, linked together by a tiresome (if honest) “emotional” plot. However, I’ve always found Van Damme much more likable than most of his “antagonists”, mostly because the violence in his movies never goes over-the-top, and his likability makes this humdrum picture acceptable.

  • veres-anita
    veres anita

    I’m going to write this review in a using a new form that I’ve invented, known as process of watchability. I’m going to single-handedly point out every reason why it is impossible to not watch this movie. Are you a man? Do you like people getting kicked in the face? Do you like Van Damme? Do you like watching him punch a Scottish guy in the privates in front of a crowd of bloodthirsty yuppie scum? What about avenging your brothers death by participating in a series of streetfights, eventually earning the love and respect of your sister in law? Telling the French Foreign Legion where they can go stuff it? Hot rich ladies with early 90’s haircuts? Lets be serious here folks, what is in this film that makes it unwatchable? Van Damme (also a co-writer) is actually given a REASON for his Belgian accent, he does Van Damme kicks on a lot of people, and avenges his brothers murder. Perfection, sublime.

  • mereana-craw
    mereana craw

    Foreign Legionnaire Lyon Gaultier (Jean-Claude Van Damme) in Djibouti receives news of his dying brother. His heartless commander punishes him and he battles his way out of the base. He’s a deserter hunted by the French government. He’s a stowaway on a ship to America. He is surprised to find himself in NY. Joshua introduces him to underground fighting to pay for the trip to his brother’s family in LA. By the time he reaches LA, his brother is already dead. His sister-in-law and her daughter are left with large medical bills. Cynthia runs the fights and he returns to the fights.The story is pretty clunky. The writing is at a high school level. The dialog is pretty bad. The acting is pretty bad, too. Van Damme may actually be one of the better actors in this thing. Ashley Johnson gets her debut movie role and she’s probably the best actor in the whole movie. This needs to kill it in the fights but they don’t stand out. There is a fun one with a Scot in a kilt but it’s not really enough. The fights are mostly edited poorly and lacks excitement or fun. The final fight could be good but it’s put together weakly.

  • jayden-van-der-loo
    jayden van der loo

    Like other reviewers said this movie is much more of a drama movie then action. I saw this when I was 14 year old and loved action movies, but I didn’t expect this to be as emotional(especially the ending scene)This is about Lyon who escapes from Africa to return to his family. His brother was killed, and his wife and Lyons Niece have little money so Lyon has to fight on the street in order to get money to them.Harrison Page is amazing in this movie he and Van Damme have awesome chemistry together. His character is kind of funny(goofy) but have a very good heart. Cynthia is a bitch, but she cracks me up especially when she gets so angry when Lyon refuse to sleep with her!Fighting scenes are good here, especially the last fighting scene and the one in the Pool, but I feel I’ve grown away from that sort of thing I now watch for the emotional effect it has on me. SPOILER !!The ending scene makes me cry every time I see it (4 times so far over 10 years) and I don’t usually cry at movies very easy. When Lyon has to say goodbye to his family and his friend says “You have a good heart Lion don’t lose it” and they hug as the tears flows from the eyes of Harrison Page I just lose it !! and the great twist at the end when the car stops and Lyon runs to hug the little girl wow !! It has to be the most emotional ending scene I’ve ever seen in a movie and I’ve seen many so called “tearjerkes”This is without any doubt the best movie with VD and also one of my fave movies of all time, so I bought it on DVD as my VHS was totally worn out LOL ! Van Damme is good in it and one can wonder why Harrison Page isn’t a bigger star then he is after his powerful performance !Watch this if you like Drama/action movies.

  • isabela-de-neves
    isabela de neves

    He’s the best Hollywood Actor for action movies in history !!! Just look at him in this movie!!

  • yvonne-ward-mills
    yvonne ward mills

    This is easily Van Damme’s best Movie.So much better then the double pump triple twirl kick Movie’s like Kickboxer and Bloodsport,though this Movie does contain some of those moves as well.It’s a wonder why Van Damme didn’t do more of these types of Movies.From start to finish this Movie had the family feel,and I thought Van Damme acted very well,and in my opinion had an excellent supporting cast,mainly Harrison Page,it could be argued that he was the real star of the film and again I must wonder why his career didn’t take of after this.A very underrated actor who has somehow flown under the radar of Hollywood.Even if your not a Van Damme fan rent this movie,you will be pleasantly surprised.

  • william-park
    william park

    Lionheart is yet another Van Damme-movie with a lame story and great fight-scenes. Van Damme escapes from the French foreign-legion to find the people who killed his brother. When he comes to America he starts fighting for money, which he gives to his family. As said before, the story isn`t that good, but it is head and shoulders above the terrible “Black Eagle”. Lionheart is a great B-movie that is worth renting. 8/10

  • steinar-brekke
    steinar brekke

    When i saw this film i was just 15 and it touched me how Leon wanted to fight for his brothers wife and kid.The films fight scenes are well staged and when i watched the film again recently i was surprised by how much i enjoyed it.Thats the thing,its a really enjoyable film,you can harp on all day about how Van Damme isn’t the worlds best actor,how the sound mix is wobbly and the film looks as though it has been churned out for TV but its a good story well executed and that is the long and short of it.Van Damme has gone on to make many a film in a similar vein but i felt it was on this production that he came off best.The trainer played by Harrison Page helps lift the film too. 8/10

  • leon-radin
    leon radin

    Lionheart (or A.W.O.L. – as i tend to refer to it) in my opinion is possibly Van-Dammes best film…. and yeah I’m biased! It has a very decent storyline which is realistic – especially as its set in America and features some well know actors such as Deborah Rennard, Brian Thompson and Harrison Page.film moments . . . the fight between Gauliter and Sonny is seriously intense and even though I’ve watched this film on numerous occasions since 1990 it still is a great scene to watch! favorite parts of the movie is where Gaultier is insubordinate to his Commanding Officer and also the bookie at the Attila fight… “One minute to post my friend” great stuff! and for those interested in purchasing a copy Viva Video Inc. have recently released Lionheart on VCD!

  • ivy-van-dijk
    ivy van dijk

    One thing about this movie is the plot. Basically Lionheart is fighting to raise money for his dead brothers wife and kid. There’s not much to the plot but its rare.The fight scenes are OK. The best is the fight at the end.(man did Lionheart go off) What establishes Lionheart is his character: he’s a rough survivor but he’s caring.In this film there’s are no shootouts, sex scenes or explosions. Thats what separates it from most Van Damme movies. But there is a graphic scene of a man being set on fire SO BE WARNED.The end is sad in happy kind of way. This is definitely a must see.

  • tammy-andersen
    tammy andersen

    Well, I wasn’t expecting such a dramatic movie, but this one reallymade me cry, especially at the ending scene. The movie begins inDjibouti, where a legionary camp is placed. The casting is wisely done.Especially the guys which were following Lion in US. Deborah Rennard isvery cool. I think she deserved better in Hollywood. Harrison Pageperfectly fits in his role. And Van Damme… Maybe he should have mademore drama movies, he proved he is good at it. You should have this on, if you are a fan of Van Damme, I think it is his best movie, even better than Bloodsport. Well we’re expecting more drama movies from Van Damme.

  • miranda-lomsaze
    miranda lomsaze

    In the Jean-Claude Van Damme martial arts movie “Lionheart,” audiences get to see a side of the Muscles from Brussels not seen in previous action films like “Bloodsport” (1988) and “Kickboxer” (1989): Van Damme acting and fighting like there’s no tomorrow. I must be crazy for giving “Lionheart” such a high rating based on “acting” from Van Damme but if one can get past the phony Hollywood theatrics and the like, you can see what is very easily the best of Van Damme’s early work simply because he isn’t trying too hard… yet.For the most part in “Lionheart,” the flashy, impossible athleticism of the Belgian-born martial arts sensation’s earlier works has been shunned in favor of straight-up no-holds-barred brawling, which is essentially what this picture is about. After his drug-dealing brother is set on fire in Los Angeles, Lyon Gaultier (Van Damme) deserts his post in North Africa with the French Foreign Legion and high-tails it to the United States to reconnect with his brother’s wife and five-year-old daughter, with two agents in hot pursuit with orders to bring him back at any cost. Once here, he happens upon a bare-knuckle brawl underneath a bridge and immediately stuns the natives when he dispatches his first opponent with surprisingly little difficulty.At this same match, he also meets Joshua (Harrison Page), a street-wise hustler who becomes Lyon’s self-appointed manager and gives Lyon the nickname “Lionheart.” Soon enough, Lyon’s brawl becomes the talk of the tight little circle interested in such senseless “human cock-fighting,” and shamelessly amoral rich-woman fight promoter Cynthia (Deborah Rennard) signs on Lyon as her champion for several no-holds-barred street fights. The arenas themselves are as ridiculous as they could possibly get – an underground parking lot, a racquetball court, a half-filled swimming pool, and a tennis court – but they get the job done in serving shameless blood-sport for the rich who are thirsty for guys beating the living daylights out of each other. At the center of it, of course, is determined Lyon, who puts aside his own reservations about fighting for the rich and focuses squarely on putting money in his family’s pockets.For all its scenes of combat and many, many missteps, “Lionheart” is very easily the best of Van Damme’s early martial arts movies simply because it’ll give fans of the genre what they want: maximum Van Damage and, boy, does he damage some of his sparring partners and take some damage of his own. The fight choreography (by Frank Dux, the real-life character Van Damme played in his earlier “Bloodsport”) is brutal and realistic, with little flash & glitter. It’s intense stuff that really captures the beauty and brutality of no-hards-barred combat.The script, which mostly consists of four-letter words, is obviously the weakest point here. But how can you possibly expect a script authored by Van Damme himself and director Sheldon Lettich to be Academy Award-winning material? What people want to see here is fighting, although there are some heartfelt scenes between family that could probably warm the hearts of those who care to see such drama.More gladiator combat spectacle than dramatic actioner, “Lionheart” takes us to the Lion’s Den and never looks back.8/10

  • meredith-cameron
    meredith cameron

    Before we head off down critical trail, lets be charitable. This is a Van Damme flick – more or less its own genre, certainly sufficiently signposted for the unwary to avoid if this is not their comfort zone. Now I have to admit to a certain bias – we have almost every film Van Damme has ever made, and for the most part, on simply an entertainment scale, Jean Claude delivers the goods. (Even as late as REPLICANT)This offering – known pretty much EVERYWHERE but the US as WRONG BET (By far the better title when you watch it) is value for money. You wanna see classical acting? go study Laurence Olivier’s HENRY V. You fancy mind bending sci-fi…hell, Kubrick’s 2001 ain’t never gonna be topped. You want to laugh yourself senseless? go watch a Renny Harlin flick…but you want to see some serious hurting on screen…let Van Damme loose.I am tiring of the incessant complaints that Van Damme can’t act! Did he ever say he could? How many of his detractors could do any better? Could John Wayne? did anyone ever want to SEE him being anything BUT John Wayne? JCVD does a half decent job here I have to say and it strikes me as a case of “let him who is without sin” etc etc when it comes to assassinating his thespian talents.This film has plenty going for it……namely action, conviction and courage. In the genre in which it finds itself necessarily categorised, I believe a 7 is in order!

  • zlatoslava-shinkarenko
    zlatoslava shinkarenko

    Lionheart is one of Jean-Claude Van Damme’s best films! Van Damme was good, classic 80s series Sledge Hammer star Harrison Page was very good.The Qissi brothers were very good and loved Abdel’s character Attila!He is such a great one as I like many things about him!Brian Thompson was good as always Voyo Goric was here and look for Tony Halme AKA Ludvig Borga near the end in the big fight!The movie is never boring and boasts lots of action and great music by John Scott!If you like Van Damme and fighting films then check out Lionheart!

  • katrin-harm
    katrin harm

    Lionheart is clealry one of the best movies Van Damme made in his early days. The film had good fight scenes and a nice plot. Harrison Page as Van Damme’s boy provides a lot of good one-liners and Van Damme kicks a lot of ass. I give it *** out of ****.

  • rein-piho
    rein piho

    Van Damme is at his best here, it’s a good film that moves at a steady pace and is almost like a Rocky/Street Fighter type film. The characters are played well and the right actors and actresses are picked for the right roles. Van Damme’s trainer is great and the silent Van Damme is defiantly the best. The plot also unwinds at the right times and at the right pace. You should give this film a go.

  • karl-griffin
    karl griffin

    This is one of the few films by Van Damme that stand out in my mind when I think of his ‘career highlights’. All of his films are formulaic actioners, but Lionheart is one of his better films. His character is more layered here, which makes this more of a drama than most of his others. We as the audience can feel for his character and, as a result, root for him as he tries to evade his past and help what family he has left. A nice little action film, with Van Damme forced to act a little here. For his capabilities, he is convincing as Lyon. Harrison Page is very good in the film as the ex-street fighter turned confidant, and almost steals the show. A highlight of Van Damme’s career.*** out of **** stars.

  • joe-roberts-sutton
    joe roberts sutton

    Lionheart (1990) was a real street fighter movie, It was also one of my favorite best Van Damme childhood movies. Beside Hard Target, Kickboxer, Universal Soldier, Bloodsport, Death Warrant, and Double Impact. This is in my opinion the best Van Damme movie since Bloodsport. I Love this movie to death, the movie, is sorta a spin off of Rocky, but it is completely different from that. This film has a heart, it is an underdog action drama about a men, who goes in to the gladiator fights and uses his martial arts to raise money, for his brother’s family. Lionheart is about a legionnaire who escapes from France to come to US after he find’s out about his brother who drug dealers torched him, on a fire alive and that he died. To support his family he goes in to a street fights into a illegal full contact sport for money. Definitely Van Damme’s best promising action movie. I love this movie, this is the second movie I saw on VHS when I was a child. It is my childhood movie and I enjoy this movie so much to death! “When the streets are a jungle…there can only be one king.” Jean-Claude Van Damme stars as a soldier drawn in the world of modern day of gladiators fighting for the amusement of the rich in this fast-moving action thriller. Upon receiving news that his brother in Los Angeles is seriously injured Lyon Gaultier (Van Damme) deserts the French Foreign Legion from a remote outpost in North Africa. Fleeing from two of the Legion’s security force who have orders to bring him back at any cost. Lyon relecutantly turns to the illegal, bare-knuckles underground fighting circuit to raise the money he needs to help his brother’s family. This riveting action-adventure combines the raw power and charisma of Van Damme with the exciting world of no-holds-barred street fighting.That is the main basic plot about this film. It does involve gladiator underground bare knuckle fights. Lyon the character Van Damme played wasn’t only a Lionheart, he was also a good hearted human been. There wasn’t any sex scene in this movie, Lyon gave money to a homeless mom and her daughter who where living on the streets. He never wanted to take any advantage of any woman. This is the first time Van Damme played a Legionnaire, 8 years later he started in Legionnaire (1998) in which Peter MacDonald (Rambo III) directed. Legionnaire was another Van Damme movie I grew up as a child. Honestly I like that movie and I love Lionheart to death! Van Damme is the king of the lions for me! The fight against Attila is one of the most epic fight scenes, I’ve ever seen. That fight to me personally felt a realistic. The punches and blood felt real. Another thing: I had no idea that Ashley Johnson who played Nicole Gaultier, Lyon’s nice turned out such a beautiful babe! I didn’t know she even played in Mel Gibson’s What Women Want. She is the same year born as me, and she is gorgeous, wow. Brian Thompson played again a villain in here, but different type of a villain in this movie. He played Night Slasher in Cobra (1986) my favorite Stallone action flick. The man is very underrated actor, just like Gary Busey he is very underrated of playing the villain characters. Of all Van Damme’s tournament movies this is one of the best up there with Bloodsport and Kickboxer. I love Kickboxer. I put Lionheart between Bloodsport and Kickboxer because of the awesome fight scenes, multiple fighter each different from each one another, Attila was a great final fighter. I love Tong Po fight more but this and Sandman fight in Death warrant comes very close. I love the soundtrack at the end fight. A Van Damme classic. This movie get’s a 10 by me as a Van Damme classic action martial arts film, I have always enjoyed this movie.