Little by little, humankind has come to understand that vampirism is not only a real medical condition caused by a transmuting virus but also that the dreaded blood-suckers of fiction are living among us. However, in an attempt to publicly reconcile relations between species, vampire ambassadors embark on a daring media campaign to reassure the world that hunting mortals for sustenance is so passé–and what better way to prove it–than allowing an in-depth exposé on their painfully ordinary existence. For such an important task, an intrepid three-member crew of documentarians are invited to spend a week with a typical vampire household–but, soon–minor slips of the tongue will quickly crumble the friendly facade. But really though, who said this was a good idea?

Also Known As: Living Among Us, Zoun Anamesa Mas, Живущие среди нас, Ζουν Ανάμεσά Μας

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    brian hackett

    This site is obviously shut down. Why not take it down off the internet permanently?

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    Can’t load any of the movies..

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      What happens with this site?