When an American teenager gets bullied at her school in Southeast Asia, she fights back–and gets sent to a reform school. But the “school” is more like a prison, and the young teenager must fend off predatory guards and menacing gangs to survive.

Also Known As: Hapis, Locked Up

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  • leeann

    You should not ever watch this movie cuz there’s no action in it there’s shift black and white just to let you guys all know it’s just not a good movie If I had a choice to watch it I want you that’s not good

  • khara-demetrelou
    khara demetrelou

    This was originally titled as Jailbait 2 a follow up to Jared Cohn’s 2024 film according to Kelly McCart’s resume

  • johan-ali
    johan ali

    Bad acting, terrible accents, unnecessary scenes, and terrible ending. I had too many questions by the end of the movie. Terrible movie but funny in the wrong reasons

  • erin-dennis
    erin dennis

    Mallory a young teen is imprisoned in a juvinile deliquent prison in SE Asia and is physically and mentally abused, and forced into prize fighting. typical acting expected from a B list movie and typical of the grind house genre of 70’s prison spoliltation movies.

  • michael-potter
    michael potter

    Love the accents.. This is a softporn comedy. Again love the accents

  • bayan-dilcan-aynilhayat-ertas-bilir
    bayan dilcan aynilhayat ertas bilir

    I guess some people are shocked by the nudity… I’m sorry, I should have written it as “shocked.” As in, they are pretending that they sat down to watch it and weren’t expecting a Women in Prison exploitation film.Everyone else, however, caught this on Netflix because it was a Women in Prison exploitation flick and they were expecting both a significant amount of nudity, but also some violence and some horribly low production standards and locations…… and that is EXACTLY what you got out of this. So, I really don’t know what the low scores are all about, it delivered exactly what it promised to deliver. And it did so without any pretense, without pretending to be something that it was not.So, you get exactly what you expect walking into this, nudity and violence… and if you were somehow expecting anything more, I just want to ask one question “why?”

  • emma-barker
    emma barker

    This is not a new idea: american youngster stuff in a world where she needs to fight for survival… guess i jump to far in the movie. Even though this is some “already seen on tv” baseline for the movie, the way the movie was written and shoot is not that great. Considering they are supposed to represent a prison for young women/teenager, this movie seems to be just an excuse to show naked women and abuse people with questionnable age reference. It’s basicly a soft porn for a quarter of the movie.If you have time to loose, this movie is good for loosing that. If you want a good time, choose something else.

  • brent-shannon
    brent shannon

    I had the pleasure of attending the world premiere of this movie at the Downtown Independent in LA. I came out feeling very impressed with the movie, it was a serious gritty drama that lead you down a long dark path to a climactic resolution set against the mesmerizing location of a cold and corrupt prison in Thailand.The direction by Jared Cohn was beautifully done, you felt that there must have been a great chemistry between director and lead (played by the very talented Kelly McCart, one to watch for), as many of the scenes must have been very challenging to perform.This was released on the same day as the screening as a Netflix Original movie, a very well deserved placement, I’m sure it will do very well.

  • dddhaal-vivek
    dddhaal vivek

    This movie was really good not the best….. The ending could have been different which would have added more to the story.. for ex: Uncle & guard lady could have been in on framing her father for the money. And they (writers) could have build off of that.

  • scott-spencer
    scott spencer

    When I sat down to watch the 2017 movie “Locked Up” from director and writer Jared Cohn, I was a bit worried given the low rating the movie had scored here on IMDb. But still, I enjoy watching movies, and believe that any movie should be given a chance. Just because critics don’t necessarily like a movie, doesn’t mean that I won’t.I gave “Locked Up” a chance, and it was actually quite enjoyable. Sure, it was generic in terms of prison movies go, but still, it was pretty good entertainment. The storyline, while generic, was straightforward, albeit predictable. But you know what you get when you sit down to watch a prison movie.I liked the pacing to the movie, and it had a nice progression throughout the course of the movie. There is an abundance of fighting, where we watch the inmate girls fight one another, and there is also a bit of character development and some drama thrown into the mixture. Being a prison movie, I suppose nudity is a given, and the movie had that as well – for better or worse, and for being as tacky as nudity in movies tends to be.The fact that the movie was taking place in a Thai correction facility actually was quite nice. When I first saw that in the movie, I was a little bit skeptical. But it was actually a nice setting for the movie and added a whole lot of flavor to the movie. Especially with the police corruption, gambling and the inmate hierarchy. So thumbs up to Jared Cohn for that part.”Locked Up” was particularly enjoyable to watch for me, as I enjoy watching movies where I am unfamiliar with the acting talents. And I must admit that I knew not even a single actress or actor in this movie, so that was a good thing. People were doing good jobs with their given roles and characters for the most parts.All in all, “Locked Up” was a nice surprise of a movie, and it was quite enjoyable. I am rating it a solid seven out of ten stars.

  • alexander-kiisk
    alexander kiisk

    Kelly McCart was AWESOME in this and so was the rest of the cast. So much emotion and action kept the story going it keeps you glued to screen. Ignore the low ratings and judge for yourself, I really liked it a lot.

  • zdenka-prelec
    zdenka prelec

    05/10/2019 I forgot that I’d watched this movie before. Not as bad as some reviewers would lead you to believe. I watched every minute of it and it held my interest right up to the end, regardless of how far fetched the storyline was. Watch for yourself and decide. Bon Appetit

  • daniel-zorko
    daniel zorko

    If you watched this thinking it was going to be a normal movie than you will be disappointed. Locked Up is part of the Girls Behind bars genre of exploitation flicks. Usually about attractive women that get locked up thrown in with lots of nudity and some softcore lesbian scenes or whatever. The story is usually the same about some new girl trying to get adapted and some cruel prison warden or some other cruel female inmate that wants to give the new girl a hard time by being mean to her. Really all these movies are the same and I just gave the plot away to about 90% of them. If you like those guilty pleasure kind of flicks you’ll like this I sure did. Cute girls in bad situations. The story and plot or whatever you want to call it in Locked Up was actually better than most girl behind bars movies.

  • janghyeonjun

    I watched it to the end (it was hard)and can honestly say this was the most ridiculous movie I’ve seen in a VERY long time.The storyline would’ve been good but it completely failed to follow thru.Everything about this movie was completely inconceivable.If you want to see senseless nudity and can turn off the common sense part of your brain then you “might” be able to watch this.Jail can be brutal but nothing about this movie was realistic.NOTHING.

  • yasmin-goncalves
    yasmin goncalves

    There is so much wrong with this film that it’s not even funny, supposedly the star gets sent to a women’s prison in south east Asia, OK it’s Thailand, but why does everyone, administrators, guards, prisoners speak English? The warden (a corporal) makes it clear that she is in it for the money and the guards go along for the money and they get to help themselves to prisoners when the warden needs to make a point. Thirdly, the guards carry guns when they are around the prisoners, and then the warden hands a problem prisoner a knife, in what reality is this going to turn out good for the warden? So once you get past all those problems the story is built around how many times can we get the star to take off all her clothes and give us a good view of her bits? So if you want soft core porn that tried to be a good women in prison movie then this if for you. If you are looking for a good women in prison movie like they made in the 70’s you need to keep looking. As others have said, Bad script, Bad acting, but it is not really too long if you have nothing else to do.

  • alexander-maslov
    alexander maslov

    Not a bad movie, fairly entertaining. Too bad the lead actress wasn’t better looking but oh well. I’m sure the prisons there are much worse than even what’s portrayed here. Pretty accurate how they arrest westerners for ransom tho.

  • erika-dokhoyan
    erika dokhoyan

    Locked Up starts off well but steadily goes down hill after the first fifteen minutes. The main character gets sentenced to two years after standing up to her bullies and upon arriving appears to be in a friendly, well kept establishment. Within minutes, this turns out to be a cover up to hide what the prison and its staff are really like. From here onwards, the execution is poor. There are no likable or complex characters with very little information about any of their backgrounds. All of the women locked up just appear to be clones of each other with none of them having any real individual character traits of their own. The dialogue is very basic making it impossible for any real chemistry or relationships to build up. The fight scenes are also a snooze fest – it’s a women’s prison, give me a proper bitch fight! The main character transitions too quickly from a weak scared young girl to a strong and confident tough nut. Overall, this type of story would have been better told in a TV series instead of an 84 minute film, it all feels too rushed and leaves you unsatisfied with the sudden ending.

  • colette-de-la-martel
    colette de la martel

    When they did the casting call I’m 90% sure one of the requirements was you had to be unable to act yourself out of a paper bag.

  • abdulahat-zorlu
    abdulahat zorlu

    When I first heard of this movie, it was definitely something that sounded like I’d enjoy. I can deal with nudity, I could care less if movies have it. However, I felt the nudity in this was over saturated. I was also taken very off guard by the sex scenes, which includes the gang rape. While penetration was not shown, you know what’s happening. The nudity and sexual content was just too much, and really felt like this was more of a porno. I understand wanting to showcase the corruption and problems, but it was just too much.I enjoyed the story and the idea, but feel the nudity could’ve been toned down and the sexual content implied only.

  • megan-perry
    megan perry

    Story is weak. Acting is bad. Seems like a halfhearted attempt at using a “deep” subject to slip in as much nudity as the editors could massage out. I enjoy a cheap thriller with a healthy amount of bare skin as much as anyone, but this one just lets down. Recommend you spend your free time on anything else.

  • jaanus-luik
    jaanus luik

    Having watched it on Netflix not too long ago, I really can’t see what all the fuss is about. I will assume that most people who hated it had their expectations a little too high. The film features an entire cast of unknowns, obviously. It stars Kelly McCart as Mallory, a young American girl living Southeast Asia who is sent to prison after a self-defense attack on a bully. It’s not until 7-10 minutes in as the plot gets going. But when it does, things get, there I say, pretty crazy. I did not expect this to throw as many punches as it did (literally), and boy did it show; again, literally.Now, many have criticized the film’s writing, as well as the acting, and I can certainly see why. The premise (as interesting as it may sound) ain’t nothing new, and this is coming from someone who saw Jailbait about a year ago; and as I’ve stated before, the plot doesn’t really get going until 7-10 minutes in. The acting (while not good, per-say) is, in my honest opinion, not terrible.All in all, this flick ain’t nothing special. if you’re one of the seekers expecting a form of substance, prepare to be disappointed, as you’ll find very little of it in this. If you are, however, a movie buff seeking entertainment, this flick is definitely for you, because the true saving grace is the lead actress’ (there I say) astonishing figure.

  • pavla-nemcova
    pavla nemcova

    The first few minutes I thought this was going to be a horrible movie..And it is..But I still watched it all and once you get used to every new character and their attempt at English..It’s not the worst.. Maybe play a drinking game and drink everytime a bad accent states ‘ I gonna kiiill Yuuu Biiiitch! ‘

  • mats-lindgren
    mats lindgren

    This movie is just bad. Nothing much to it. Bad script, bad acting. No logic in whole movie. Just dont watch it

  • alexandra-beck
    alexandra beck

    I don’t know what the first two reviewers class as a good movie or what they have been eating but this movie is the worst pile of horse plop that I have ever watched. From start to finish guys…………….plop, plop and even more plop. I suppose if you have a spare evening in, maybe you can drown yourself in the toilet, hang yourself from the attic or maybe watch this movie and believe me the first two are a lot more tempting than having to put up with the pile of plop they call Locked up. Ha ha ha ha. pure bunkum.

  • chad-davis
    chad davis

    This movie has all the ingredients to be the next great lesbian cult film. Naked women fighting, bad acting, bad script and low budget. That’s as good as it gets.

  • miss-diane-robinson
    miss diane robinson

    Not a bad movie overall but I wish I had known the amount of nudity shown. I was not prepared for the sexuality on this supposed thriller. Other than that I felt the movie had a good, original enough concept. The acting was average but still captivating enough for me to get through the movie with interest. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this movie as a thriller but if you’ve seen as many on Netflix as I have then you may as well cause it’s one of the better of the worst.