Father and daughter Casey and Heather Twain own and operate Paradise Ranch, a combination working/5-star dude ranch outside of Big Sky, Montana, the dude part of the ranch which is just about to open for the season. They decide to hire actor Avery Ford for a promotional event to mark the opening, Avery the star of the “Aim to Please” series of westerns, which Casey, a once famous cowboy in his own right, loves. What the Twains have failed to tell Avery or his agent Candace is that the ranch, whose 5 stars are based solely on authenticity and not luxuries, has been losing more and more business each year, where another failing year will mean the loss of the ranch, which has been in the family for generations. The PR event is a last ditch effort to have a good enough season to pay off their creditors. An amoral developer named Guthrie is just waiting for the ranch to fail so that he can buy it for a song and turn it into condos, despite he coming from a ranching background himself. In addition, Heather has never watched any of the “Aim to Please” movies and has no desire to do so. And what Avery and Candace fail to mention to the Twains is that he is a yoga practicing, electronic device addicted, vegetarian New York City slicker, who is scared of farm animals, even horses, and who doesn’t even own a pair of jeans, let alone cowboy boots or cowboy hat. Avery too needs the work as the “Aim to Please” franchise has most likely ended due to lack of interest, with the fifth and latest movie now released three years ago. The reality of all the lies quickly come to light shortly after Avery’s arrival at the ranch. However, Avery assures the Twains he can muster his way through the event, as he does get paid to make believe in his day to day life. Out of circumstance, Avery is forced to stay at the ranch for what is anticipated to be a week longer than planned, which irks both him and Heather. But the longer he stays, the more he falls in love with the rural life and Heather, who the feeling for Avery is mutual. The question becomes whether Avery’s feelings are just a passing phase, especially if it is a choice between Heather and what looks to be the revival of his acting career.

Also Known As: Любовь в раю, Bienvenidos al paraíso, Ljubezen v raju, Paradise Ranch, Love in Paradise, L'amour au paradis

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